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I’m a bit behind on some of my tasting notes. Life has been busier for me lately, but once I’m a little more settled in with a routine, I’ll be more regular with sipping and writing. I couldn’t seem to get it together tonight to pick a tea and all my mouth was saying was “something tart, please!” so there really isn’t a better choice than hibiscus in that department.

The color of this tea is beautiful. It’s dark with a deep berry color. Definitely something you wouldn’t want to drink over a white carpet! The scent is pretty much one dimensional, but that doesn’t come as a surprise as it’s plain old hibiscus in the tea bag. It does smell a lot like a really sour, flowery sort of grape.

Sipping… well, this is a bit more complex than I expected. It actually tastes a lot like wine. There is a savory note at the beginning, the obvious tartness, but then a sweetness that reminds me of raisins. I think this is definitely something you need to be in the mood for unless you truly love hibiscus. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and is more enjoyable alone than in a blend because it’s not taking over the entire cup.

I’m happy to have given plain hibiscus a chance, but it’s not something I’d like to drink regularly.

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