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drank Spring Break by TeaScapes
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Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #11

This tea smelled divine. However, the sample I got had just finished steeping and very hot, which hid the flavors. After letting it cool a bit, I started getting hints of fruit but nowhere near as strong as it would have if it had been cooled and sweetened a bit. I think this would be a lovely summer iced tea, but hot, it missed the mark for me.

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drank Magnolia Oolong by TeaScapes
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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this Oolong.

I do love Magnolia Oolong, and this one is a beauty! The first two infusions were very good with a fair amount of magnolia essence to them, and a buttery and vegetative background. I found that the flavors smoothed out nicely by the third and fourth infusions, which allowed for a softer vegetative taste, a hint of butter and a very smooth, sweet magnolia taste. The fifth and sixth infusions remain quite smooth and pleasant.

A very good Magnolia Oolong.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this herbal blend. As it is 4:00 am, I don’t want anything caffeinated, but I did want a little something to curl up to as I continue to wind-down. This is perfect.

I have said in the past that I’m not crazy for chamomile, but I am beginning to get it through my head that it isn’t the chamomile I’m not crazy for, but the yellow, powdery substance that is stuffed into teabags and stocked on grocery store shelves. That chamomile is yucky, this chamomile is tasty! The snappy cinnamon compliments the apple-y tones in the chamomile. The strawberry is a soft flavor, and I might like it to be stronger, but, as it is it is still really good. The rose is more of an afterthought, but, it is gentle and sweet.

I really enjoyed this cuppa… and now I think I’m ready for bed!

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drank Black Celebration by TeaScapes
27 tasting notes

Serves as a great tea for jolting your senses but the overwhelming flavor was too strong for my taste. I appreciate the aroma and tons of flavor in each sip, but I prefer lighter tasting teas. If you love strong, bold, spiced flavors then this tea is perfect for you.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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This is a stunning Earl Grey variation. The flavors of almond and vanilla meld so beautifully well with the Earl Grey. It is absolutely delicious.

The flavors of almond, vanilla and bergamot work so well together. It is sweet, nutty, creamy, smooth, and citrus-y all in one sip.

Thank you SO MUCH TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this one. I love it!


Wow, that sounds like my dream tea!

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drank Passion Fruit Green by TeaScapes
4843 tasting notes

This is AWESOME! It tastes fresh and light and exhilarating! The passion fruit flavor is strong but not overly aggressive. The green tea has a delicious buttery note.

An excellent tea – even better iced!

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drank Black Celebration by TeaScapes
4843 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea!

Dry, this tea looks more like a fruit or herbal tea than a black tea. There are huge chunks of fruit, herbs and spice. Brewed, this tea tastes a bit like a cross between a fruit & herbal tisane and a black tea. It starts out with a mild spice and the cinnamon gradually builds. After a few sips, it becomes a little zestier! A nice fruity background. I can taste the hint of almond in there, and that nutty sweetness is a nice contrast to the zippy taste of the cinnamon.

This has a lot going on, but it is a nice change of pace, and as this morning has been somewhat chilly, the warm spice of this tea is a welcome taste.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea!

Yum! Good stuff! Very minty, but enough chocolate is there to curb some of the minty bite. More chocolate would be better but, I am always of that opinion. I do not taste the rooibos here much at all which I don’t mind at all. I taste mint, I taste chocolate, I taste hints of apple. Creamy and tasty!

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I’m really pushing the envelop today, folks! I’m branching out and sampling stuff out of my comfort zone! I’m not too fond of Chamomile unless the other ingredients impress me! I will say this much…the little bit of cinnamon that is coming thru is a nice touch and helps calm down the intense chamomile. Sure, the chamomile is still present but not as much as I thought it would be. Next…the strawberry notes are barely there and I would LOVE to taste a little bit more but understand their reasoning for this…it’s not supposed to be about the strawberry! The rose somewhat works hand-in-hand with the chamomile to bring that floral bouquet type taste. This is a nice twist on Chamomile and for that I am enjoying my cup! It’s not my preference in flavor combos but a good calming and floral mix that certainly surprised me! Pretty Good!


And another one gets added to my shopping list!

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This smells MARVY! :)

The Passionfruit and mango go with the green tea perfectly! It’s sweet and fruity but still tastes true and tea-riffic!

I’ll tell you what! I’m VERY impressed with TeaScapes Teas!!! YUMMY!

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drank Magnolia Oolong by TeaScapes
6768 tasting notes

2nd infusion…
still smells like magnolias but there is a hint of something different this time around too – it is almost reminiscent of ‘frosting’ like on a cake. It’s very surprising and yummy.
The taste…
Even more flavorful than the first! A floral-Sweet – very nice!

Peggie Bennett

I love magnolia! I have a bagged magnolia pu-erh from Numi. Delightful! I’m going to have to try this one! I think the magnolia would be even better with the oolong!


I think it was…went great with this oolong! :)

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drank Magnolia Oolong by TeaScapes
6768 tasting notes

Slightly floral and slightly sweet. This is a great Oolong. I’m going to do multiple infusions. This is lovely!

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Let pretend you are sitting at a small table with the following in front of you…

Mint Chocolate Girl Scout-Like Cookies/Thin Mints Graham Crackers Apples & Caramel or Apple Butter


That is the combo of scents I am getting from this one! LOVELY!

The taste is interesting! I can taste the mint first then the apple. I can taste a little bit of the orange and chocolate – more chocolate in the aftertaste, however. Because of all of the other flavors it does mask the rooibos flavor but I think that is ok! I actually like it that way! This is pretty good!!!

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My first reaction to this flavor was “OH” and not necessarily a good one! Mostly because I wasn’t prepared for that flavor…

You know when you take a big swig of something – what you think is – Dr. Pepper and it ends up being orange juice or something completely different?? Well that is why I was so taken back by this…I was ASSUMING it was something completely different!

After that initial shock…I was blown away by the spiciness of this one!

By the 3rd sip everything started making sense and the taste and my taste-buds starting to finally become friends!

I can taste the spices, the orange, and then the cinnamon – specifically – it reminds me of a fireball type cinnamon, then the cranberry and peach. Towards the end of the sip I can taste the papaya. The apple is a bit more hidden than most of the other flavors but that’s ok with me. The end of the sip on to the aftertaste is a fruity-spicy one…more spice than fruit tho.

This cup is NOT lacking color, aroma, or taste – let me tell you that! This is a beautiful dry blend and the more I sip it the more I like it but it was quite shocking at first – especially because I wasn’t prepared for that flavor! It’s intense!

I’m not complaining…I do like this!

Just a heads-up on the cinnamon! If you like fireballs you will probably like this. If you aren’t into spices or cinnamon or fireballs…just wanted to warn you!

This is sure to warm any tummy! Nice bright mix and toasty-warm cuppa!

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This one didn’t last long in my stash! SIPDOWN #1 of the day!

More almond than earl grey but I really like it and the vanilla is a nice finish!

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The first time I did this one I used almost double amount and I like that better – this is good with suggested amount too, just not as strong and lighter on the vanilla. I really like this regardless!

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WOW. Just WOW.

This is unlike anything I have EVER smelled and it’s powerful and has attitude!

DRY – I can smell Almond right off the bat! Right after that scent follows the Earl Grey! YES! I can smell both – both together and separately! It’s very intense!

After infusion – the almond tones down quite a bit and the Earl Grey comes thru nicely.

The color of the infused liquid is that of a medium brown…maybe a tad lighter.

The taste is out of this world! I can taste the bold black tea wonderfully! Then I can taste the nicely done Earl Grey flavors and THEN the Almond barges thru! The vanilla slides in towards the end and smooths it out pleasantly.

This is such a FUN tea! I think it’s just GREAT! I’m very impressed with the aroma, flavors, and creativity of both! This is a winner in my book!

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