Satya Tea - Liquid Wisdom

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Sipdown 9 of 2016. 1/2 pouch from QueenOfTarts stash sale. Received 2/2014 – Finished 1/2016.

The smell of this tea was amazing. It made me think I was going to me drinking some awesome coffee flavor, but the taste just didn’t sit right with me. It is old, I will give it that, but meh. Not a fan.

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The dry leaf of this tea smells like a dark chocolate bar with a hint of coffee. I am a big coffee drinker, so this smells quite good to me: dark, sweet, strong. After water has been added, it seems like the tea comes out quite a bit more and lends more of a sweet, roasted note. There is still a touch of chocolate in the background, but the tea itself is really the strongest.

Sipping… This is quite nice! It reminds me quite a lot of coffee with a hint of dark chocolate. I’m also picking up some caramel notes and a bit of wheat from the tea. This tea has a richness to it that I appreciate, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the coffee/dark chocolate flavors or if it’s because of a weird ingredient. When I think about buying more, the idea of finishing off more of this tea seems a bit daunting… strange because I don’t entirely get the sensation of, “this tea is too much, just a few sips is good enough!” I’ll give this tea another try to see if I can flesh that out a bit more.

This is quite a unique tea that is nothing like I’ve sipped in the past. I think it would be a good choice for coffee lovers or for those who like darker, deeper flavors in their tea.

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