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Hot, straight, and very frothy! This was a free sample in the door bag from the Montreal Tea Festival, and it took me a while but I finally had the chance to whisk it up. I even did so in the matcha bowl I bought at the festival!

I don’t really _love_the taste of straight matcha unless it’s very smooth and creamy, and this matcha definitely is quite smooth but the flavour is a bit more of that cooked asparagus/seaweed kind of taste that I’m not a huge fan of. I actually finished the matcha bowl because I didn’t want to waste the matcha since it was perfectly good – just not a flavour profile that resonates particularly well with me. Even if it had been half as oceanic, I think I could have appreciated it a lot more.

Still, it’s always good to get out of my comfort zone. Plus, with this being a free sample anyway I’m especially glad to have tried it!

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drank Konacha by Sakao Enterprise
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I’ve had very little experience with Konacha like I have with other greens, it seems.

This was very very fine and plumped up quite a bit once infused. It smells like cooked spinach and celery. The taste is a little bitter but slightly creamy and brothy, too.

The more I sip the more I realize it’s pretty thick, too.

This is satisfying and meal-like. A delight!

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Ahhhhh! Wonderfully smelling roasted and popped rice. Very veggie-like with the green tea and matcha. a gorgeous lime color. Absolutely delicious genmai with matcha! Brothy and soup like. The flavor is exceptional! This is a fantastic genmai with matcha! Awesome!

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I grabbed a small cup of this and will pass on the rest to Liberteas and Azzrian

I do like the Hojicha in this! It’s it’s woodsy yet green tasting. It’s nutty and toasty. The popped rice is wonderful too! Larger than most popped rice I have seen in genmai.

This is much like soup! Quite brothy! I really REALLY like it!

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