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drank Original Cola by Revive Kombucha
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Repping my town here.

Vanilla extract so strong it tastes like medicine. The black tea taste is very prevalent. Sweet. It’s lacking some effervescence, as well as alcohol. Alcohol-containing kombucha brands have more POP. Where da funk? I wanna get funky!


I have yet to try kombucha. Am I missing anything?


Probably not, haha. Acquired taste.


Unless you like fermented and vinegary things?


You just enjoy that without me.



Mastress Alita

I can’t have it as (like alcohol) the fermentation process it goes through is a huge migraine trigger for me. :-(


I can’t say you’re missing much. As a source of bacteria it’s good but nothing a bottle of probiotics can’t replace.

Lexie Aleah

I tried this one recently as well and felt the same about it. I think the Live Soda brand does better pop flavor-inspired kombuchas.

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