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drank Kabusecha by Nakamori Seicha
1269 tasting notes

This review is part of one of the courses you can take online. I’ve mixed them all together and now I know not which course it came from.

For those interested it looks like Nakamori-san has a website here:

-Aroma: Sweetgrass, grassy, slight umami, rounding sweetness
- Appearance: Long, needle-like, some broken leaf, dark green

-Aroma: Umami, Mouth watering
- Intense Umami and some grass

Silky mouthfeel.

The second infusion brought murky liquor and astringency.

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drank Kabusecha by Nakamori Seicha
321 tasting notes

TTB sample on a rainy (yet warm and humid!) afternoon. This brews up a very lovely pale neon green—almost chartreuse. The Global Japanese Tea Association website describes it as “a dense liquor with lots of umami” but I’m not really getting either of those descriptors. I have such a hard time describing delicate green tea… it’s maybe a little grassy, maybe a little vegetal, but to me it just tastes like a fresh, clean green tea! I don’t know what else to say! I get no particular notes in the taste or aroma. I like it well enough. It’s tasty. The end. XD

Flavors: Grassy, Vegetal

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