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So this is different beast. Not variety of beef but buffalo. How do I know. You don’t just buy 300g without sampling. All I had is aged version. Well, picture looks different. It is not just younger variety. It is different year. Was 2007/2008 rehearsal for 2020/2021. I can see roughshod stalks. It smells grassier. It tastes creamier. The other one was all most artisan. It was subtle and strong. Reminded med of my first being dou oolong from dragonteahouse. I mean, it was oily. It was 45 USD for 50 gram. I didn’t get it. I wanted fully roasted pesticide version. My body was craving GMO fix. Organic bread is tasteless. Where is my chemical soup overdose. Anyway, I am cheap quality junkie, apparently. Maybe it is my body subconsciously trying to cope with lack of ambition when it comes to earning power. How dare you smiling when you haven’t achieved anything we want you to feel guilty about. How do we manipulate you if you don’t feel guilt.


So, the context. Package from purple cloud house in auburn got to Dublin in a week for 20 EUR carriage with ups and been with customs since. I guess they are trying to calculate duty based on the most premium one. Curious-tea introduced Thai 1995 liubao and Irish revenue decided to take v.a.t. on both value AND courier charges. How cute. Someone is going for early retirement in that legalized recketeering division. At least they are learning about heicha in the process. So whiskey can be auctioned.

So aged version sailed from Switzerland to Ireland under customs radar, guessing being 100g only. So what’s the sweet spot, 200g ?

Strangely, it reminds me of golden flower brick. The viscosity. Brick was like sandy water. I am thinking what happens if I age it in white jade gaiwan. A.I. corrected me twice with an island that shares name starting with “t” instead of “g”. Gin n tonic. Supersonic. And shandemic.

Because I remember 803 wild version from chawang back few years ago and then having it recently. It almost tasted over-aged. Maybe I aged. Maybe it is vaccine. Can I have one against slow deliveries please. I mean mRNA that would make me smile 4 months until all the bugs haveva bite at my porcelain.

Alternative to steaming tea inside preheated iron pot is putting empty frying pan on gas stove, leaving it there for a minute until starts smelling like everything you ever cooked in it, taking it off flame, adding tea leaves until kettle boils. It tastes now like singed sunflower seeds.


Boiling 8 min or more

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That was very powerful. I mean, I didn’t expect it, suspected from the look of leaves but there was no smell to confirm it. I think I only had similar effect from really old shengs from specific areas. The was no tracking as came thru swiss post and took few weeks but no customs tricks. Looking forward to restock with cheaper version from 2008 as that seems the year there is lots of tea from different sources. I am actually thinking I remember really old Thai liubao that was as sneaky. Now, how do I compare it with Vietnamese material.



I’ve had a sneaky tea. I would describe as narcotic. Not opium poppies but a manufactured like opioid pills. Did this have a narcotic feel?

Sierge Krьstъ

I would say yes, similar to good hash that normally sends me dreamland but the one I was shared was branded “new York diesel” and that think kept me clear all night. This one is more bone buzzing, kind of antidote to vaccine. GMO hash,,gmo vaccine, gmo banana.


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