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drank Black Chai by La Route Des Indes
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Received this from Amanda, thanks!

So this one is definitely interesting. It has big pieces of different spices. It seems like it would be nice and strong. And yet it’s quite mild. The whole time I was drinking it, I was trying to figure out what the smell reminded me of. It turns out, it’s pho!

I used to go to this pho restaurant in California, it was wonderful. I guess some of the spice in this chai were also used in the broth for the pho. It’s interesting, but I’m not sure how I feel about a pho broth latte

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When I was measuring it out, it reminded me of it too because of all the star anise. The vendor I bought it from was more into selling spices I guess. But I would have thought that would make their chai really good!


That’s what I was thinking! As much nice looking spices as there was in there, I was expecting a much spicier flavor.

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Thanks Amanda!

This one was a little strange. It tastes like Chai but it’s also smoky and a little fruity, even. The aftertaste is crusty and smoky tasting…a little bitter and astringent. Perhaps it was human error – but this one didn’t really work out for my palate.

Regardless I am sure happy I was able to try it! Thanks again Amanda :)

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drank Black Chai by La Route Des Indes
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I picked this tea up at a street market in Montmartre. They had teas and spices, and the chai stood out the most to me. It was full of cardamom, cinnamon stick, and other dried spices I couldn’t immediately recognize. I got 50g I think, I can’t keep track of everything I bought while in Paris anymore.

It’s not too spicy, but that might have to do with my steep time. I taste the black tea flavor just fine, so I’m not sure what the problem is. I made sure to get a lot of the good stuff into the teapot. It does have the flavor of cardamon and cinnamon for sure, but everything else tastes muddled and it’s hard for me to tell. Next time around, I’ll steep it a bit longer and see if it helps.

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