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6/90/boiling. Brita tap.

dry: spices, roast
1st: thin, bitter. woody and slight sweetness in aftertaste
2nd: similar w some vegetal.

Didn’t write anything else, but I remember being very disappointed by this. Too light of a roast (surprising given that I’m assuming their customer base is mostly SEA-based?) and base material seems weak, but maybe this is to be expected at this price point. Similar in price to baiyun rougui from DXJD, which I found similarly disappointing. I have yet to try the other oolongs I purchased from Kangiiten, but if this is any indicator, I will stick to their incenses in the future.

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on the lighter side of roast. drank the two packs one after the other with a friend today. 120ml gaiwan, 8.3g packs, only switching the water. the first one was using a 1:1 mix of 82 TDS brita filtered tap and poland spring origin, while the second was just using the brita tap. following the instructions of 8, 9, 15, 24, 30 for both, it was clear that the second run extracted faster. for the first one, the watery taste didn’t show up until the 5th steep. it was also slightly sharper in taste. for the second one, the watery taste had shown up by the 4th steep, but overall taste across the steepings was softer and more rounded. the first run had more dominant florals in the smell, whereas the second was more carrot like in smell. there was a milky smell at the end for the first, and in the second, that shows up earlier. I enjoyed this, but I am still not great with evaluating oolongs, and was not sure that I caught all of the floral notes that were included by kangiiten.

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