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This has a unique flavor profile to it.

I picked up on some of the honey wheat they talk about in the description. The flavor notes are bright, light (when compared to a dark and malty tea,) and not flustered by oversteeping it seems.

A bready malt is within the body, nothing overpowering but reminiscent of nibbling on sweet crust. There is just a hint of astringency but again it all ends in a mellow flavor.
At the second steeping I can pick up more of the sweet dried fruit flavor.

Honestly for the reasonable price I scored this brick, it’s a solid tea with diverse flavor and a great body. I was surprised by the results!
There are notes containing the phrase Puerh in one of the description. Although this tea does from from the Yunnan province per the packaging I cannot confirm if it has “true Puerh” characteristics in the body.

Martin Bednář

"Rail"Road tea… that was what made me most curious at first :D (I am railbuff)
And it looks like a tasty tea too!


@Martin, I would say give it a try! This box was scored for less than $10USD on eBay with an “expiration date” for 2023. Great value for 48 cups of tea when steeped twice.

If nothing else the packaging is cool. There are other variations with different types of tea bricks but this is the plain black tea version and it stands on its own in flavour profile.

Martin Bednář

Any link please? I can’t see it anywhere…


Sure thing @martin! I got mine from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233294698823

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