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Still not sure what to do? So many options available to taste…

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A bit of a backlog here – I mixed up some of this before I took off to pick up my daughter after choir. I drank it hot instead of cold this time, and with this flavor, it’s really good that way.

These are really power packed and energizing!

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I need to go clean the kitchen floor, so I need some energy. I can already feel a little more energized as I just finished a glass of this (just stir it in a glass of water and stir or add it to a bottle of water and give it a good shake).

It doesn’t taste as much like green tea as it does one of those powdered drink mixes, but it is still tasty… it has a pleasant berry taste. I would rather it taste a bit more like green tea, I think, but, it’s doing what I wanted it to do, which is give me the energy to clean the floor… so I guess I better get moving!

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I needed a little energy boost today so I stirred up a glass of this. Tasty, bright orange flavor. It doesn’t have much green tea taste to it at all – it tastes a bit more like orange Kool-aid. But, it does taste good, and I like the way I feel after I’ve had some of this. It is very energizing.


hmmm, this sounds like a successful version of Dreamsicle!

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I have had the yawns all day today. And I couldn’t seem to get them to go away – until I started drinking this. This is a very energizing drink. It tastes pretty good too. But most of all, I don’t feel like I’m about to conk out at my desk.

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Color: Yellowish-Grayish-Light Brown

Smells a little like Cappuccino and a little like Vanilla…neither scent is very strong.

Taste: You know…I was skeptical on this one…but…it DOES taste like Cappuccino!!!! I was shocked! Yup! And the vanilla is noticeable! I really do feel like I am drinking an ICED Vanilla Cappuccino! No doubt about it!

What an interesting green tea based product and flavor! Neat!


The thought of combining cappuccino w/ green tea make me shudder… glad it’s better than it sounds!:)

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Smells like Raspberries.

Song Association
Gotta LOVE Prince!!!

This has a Raspberry Mocha type taste to it. I guess that could be compared to the cream part. It’s pretty good…full review coming soon on SororiTEA Sisters!


She wore a…

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Actually did this in 18-ounces of water

Song Association: CRUSH by Jennifer Paige

This is a grayish-pink color with particles still visible from the powder…nothing I can’t handle tho.

It’s a mellower aroma of a variety of fruits that is fairly easy on the nose!

The taste is VERY yummy!!!! It’s fruity without being tart! It’s like a fruit salad of flavors! I can taste all sorts of fruits in here! Several berries, watermelon or various melons, perhaps, it’s very good! I like this a lot!

A nice energy boost in the afternoon!!!

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I am having a glass of this with my dinner (ham and potato au gratin), and this one may just be my favorite yet. Either that or that I’m liking these the more I try them.

It looks more like fruit punch than green tea, and it actually tastes more like fruit punch than green tea. But that’s ok because that’s what I’ve come to expect from this company. It is designed more for the people who want to drink green tea (for the health benefits) but don’t really care for the taste, and I get that.

I like it because it has a pleasant flavor and I feel really energized after I drink it. And it tastes really good with dinner too!

PS: Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this!

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Before adding this powder to my water I thought it smelled like Chocolate Covered Cherries…

Afterwards it was basically a sugary smelling Black Cherry.

The taste is a little tart but that makes sense considering it’s Black Cherry Flavored…it DOES taste like Black Cherry! As for the cream connection…I guess I can also make that out a little…it is sort of reminiscent of black cherry ice cream, a little.

Where as this specific flavor isn’t my favorite from Green Tea Pros it’s still pretty good. And I am VERY excited I got to try it!

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This is feisty!

smells mostly mango but there IS some Cherry there!

Tastes like both mango and cherry…the cherry is that of a more bitter cherry than sweet but still very good. Nice combo!

The aftertaste is a little weird at first but then evens out. Kind of reminds me of cotton candy…at least the beginning of the aftertaste does, that is.

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This is REALLY REALLY YUMMY! I started drinking this yesterday but didn’t have enough time to log. I ended up saving the other half bottle for today and am drinking now. It’s IS Pink in color and smells like berries and a hint of grapefruit and/or lemonade. It’s incredibly sweet and fruit without being tart and tasty. YUM. It’s is NOT chalky. It tastes like berries – moreso strawberries, I think…and I am still picking up on a pineapple and lemonade type taste. There is NO funky after taste and it’s very thirst quenching. A wonderful change-of-pace and a nice pick-me-up!

This one really surprised me and I think it’s a great product that uses green tea in it that isn’t traditionally a tea-tasting product for the sake of tea but still gives you the benefits of green tea!

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I received a sample of this and it sure does taste like Pineapple and the strawberry comes in underneath! It’s a dark tannish color and I like the taste but if you aren’t prepared for it it does seem to slap you in the face at first! LOL

I’m very excited to try some of the other flavors!!!

I added the packet to 16-ounces of water COLD
It suggests 8 to 16 ounces but I doubt I would ever try any less than 16 ounces because it IS VERY flavorful!!!!


Oh now THAT sounds amazing!


It’s super healthy and different so I thought I would try it…it’s not vegan tho…it has milk powder…sorry vegans!

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