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Sipdown (1029)!

Just finished off my last two giant leaves of this “tisane” while doing some very late night data entry. I don’t mind grinding so late at night though – I feel most productive in the evening, and if it means I get to sleep in a little longer in the morning than I’m especially find with that trade off.

This is such a beautiful flavour – light, refreshing anise and a hint of citrus. I’ve definitely fallen in love with avocado leaves (especially Grandpa style) through finishing off this bag, and while I don’t need any more herbal teas right now (my sample drawer is too full to close) I will definitely keep a restock of this in mind, and look for other places I might be able to find avocado leaf tea. It’s truly unique!

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Had two mugs of this one yesterday – one straight up and one with lime wedges!

Nearly sipped through all of my avocado leaves now; they were a gift from a coworker (from her family’s spice shop) and they’re the perfect tisane for grandpa brewing because you can just shove a leaf or two in a cup and they’ll steep this softly sweet anise flavour that is refreshing and coating/soothing. They’re easy to drink around and never get bitter either, so it’s a very no fuss thing to steep!! Lime or lemon slices optional, but definitely a nice touch…

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-MkxDegz-E/

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4y9LJU6BGA


Wow, I guess this is a new thing! I saw yesterday that Harney and Sons has an avocado tea and an avocado and hemp tea with moringa. Haven’t tried any yet, though.

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Grandpa Style.

So this is kind of an oddball – I got these avocado leaves from the spice store in the Jean Talon market that a coworker’s family owns. Avocado leaf tea was making the rounds this year and various tea festivals, and I was really curious about the concept so I asked her to bring me a bag of avocado leaves so I could try steeping them to see if the taste was pleasant or not. Normally, I believe, these avocado leaves would be used for cooking – kind of like a basil leaf!?

For starters they’re huge – I picked two medium-ish sized ones from the bag and tossed them into a Nordic mug with near boiling water and just drank the infusion grandpa style. However, even the medium ones were about the length of the Nordic mug! Crazy! Kind of to my surprise, I really enjoyed the taste – and so I kept the rest of the bag. They’re pretty delicate, but not flavourless – just like having a softer mug of a soothing/calming herbal tea. The taste is probably best described as a gentler type of anise/black licorice note? Which I’m on board with – I love anise/black licorice. It’s also a little, tiny bit citrusy – like having hot lemon water with black licorice.

I loved them – and I really like the idea of having another herbal-y tea for evenings in my rotation.

Martin Bednář

I could not find any Avocado leaves available here. Only a beer with it (among lots of different ingredients).

Mastress Alita

I can’t stand avocado, but the description of black licorice with citrus sounds right up my alley. I’d probably like the leaves!

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drank Matcha by Épices de Cru
80 tasting notes

I’ve been enjoying this matcha for a while, prior to reviewing — in smoothies, iced matcha drinks, matcha lattés… Nothing revolutionary here!
Verdict? It’s quite buttery for a matcha, and quietly bitter.
Also, I found lightly sweetened matcha drinks to be awesome before running. All those electrolytes and carbs? In check ✓. Now just do it.
(Meanwhile in Northern Québec I’m still trying to get the art of whisking down.)

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