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drank Sencha Mint by Cozy Leaf
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A Mint Sencha tea with a little bit more, but after tasting it, the added ingredients of elderflowers and calendula petals seemed unnecessary. This is a nice minty tea but certainly has a lot of flavor contributed from the sencha base. So for those that like their mint with a side of green tea, this might be something for you. Check out my full review here:

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This is a nice and relaxing blend. The lemon notes are soft and sweet, more like a lemon-y curd type of flavor than an in-your-face tart lemon note. It’s a little bit tart and a little bit sweet. There is even just a hint of lemon-y bitterness to this.

The lemongrass adds a touch of buttery taste to the cup and I like the smooth flavor it brings to this tisane. A nice, cozy type of tisane.

Here’s my full-length review:

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drank Citrus Medley by Cozy Leaf
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This is very nice. I like lemon…usually LOTS and LOTS of lemon in types of tisanes like this…but the lemon is more mellow than I thought it would be and I do like it quite a bit still. Maybe that is what they mean by SOOTHING. Regardless this is a satisfying cup. I need all the soothing teas I can get today to relax my nerved up mood…ug.

This helped.

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