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drank Earl Grey Supreme by Big Tea House
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I haven’t always been a big fan of Earl Grey blends. It’s the pesky bergamot shaking its tiny fist at me demanding to be recognized above all the other flavors. I like the flavor of bergamot in general, but I don’t care for it when it’s being a tea-bully.

Earl Grey Supreme is a really well balanced blend. The bergamot is there but it’s not all up in my grill, and I can actually taste the organic black tea too. This one is a keeper for sure!


I agree about the Earl Grey – too MUCH bergamot is totally overwhelming!


I’m not the only one? Stupid bergamot…


I’m really not a fan of E.G. but my boyfriend loves it and says the Harney blend is good.


A lot of Earl Greys are too strong for me and taste like cleaning fluid. I do like Earl Grey Supreme by Harney and Sons a lot, though.

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