In 2017, as my health declined, I began to investigate teas as a means of treating symptoms. I stumbled upon a blog in early 2019 whose author mentioned Pu-Erh, which led me to further investigation (as my mind craves research), which led me to getting a cheap brand off a health food store shelf, which got my attention, which led me to Yunnan Sourcing to try the “real” stuff, which let me to a 2015 Menghai Factory 7542 Raw, which I steeped to the point of such bitterness I might as well have been using Lipton. As YS didn’t offer a description of its qualities, I searched for one and landed here and immediately discovered the water was too hot and the steeping time way too long to get the intricacies of its complex flavour map.

I have a degree in linguistics, certification in ESL, study many languages but Sanskrit is my favourite. And – now – have an obsession with Pu-Erh tea. :-)


Michigan, USA

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