I love my tiger, made a video about him in action, hope its ok if i share it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t5erYpg0Fc
As you can see it changes dramatically! It is certainly the centerpiece of my tea tray and my favorite companion. Bought it at our local chinatown here in Costa Rica, and of all my tea pets, this one is my favorite, mainly because i’m a feline lover, Quality is superb, no apparent mold imperfections of any sort, a bit disappointed since i thought he was Zisha Yixing but turned out to be resin, so i recommend owning at least one yixing tea pet to raise it properly, since i don’t think this one will be properly raised being resine, other than that the quality is awesome and has way more features than a Zisha pet would have, it s heavy for its size and very detailed and above all, beautifully crafted, a gorgeous little sculpture that tea and cat lovers will find very attractive, he tiger in chinese culture represents life and embodies the drive to achieve and make progress, represents prowess, ferocity, beauty, and valor.That’s why he is on top of coins in this sculpture, it will take care of whats yours and be a watchful protector of those surrounding you. Apart of your particular beliefs it is nice to own a brave tiger to take care of you!, and this tea pet certainly accomplishes all that outstandingly. Super recommended!

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Addicted to collecting tea pets and gongfu teaware, also an avid cyclist and the pursuing of dream



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