Wow, I don’t think I have experienced this combination of favors before in a tea. I’m so glad I ordered this, but I’m not so glad that I ordered only one ounce!

As I filled my 4 oz. gaiwan with 4-5 teaspoons, I could smell a mix of Big Red Robe with a dark fruitiness in the dry leaves. Since this came from the WuYi region, I was very curious as to how similar this would taste to Verdant’s Big Red Robe, which is known for its robust taste and vibrating texture.

After the rinse, I closed my eyes as I took the first infusion to my lips. When the tea hit my tongue, I literally thought I was drinking a whole milk cream with a distinct vanilla and sugar flavor. I was so convinced I just had to open my eyes and realize I was drinking a non-flavored Shui Xian. I couldn’t believe it. I also have been consistently noticing the notes of banana in the aftertaste, which I am quite fond of.

I am currently on my fifth steeping, and the favors have shifted a bit. The vanilla is more pronounced in the front, without the sugariness of the first two steepings. On this cup and the one before, I also started picking up on a particular flavor of marshmellow or perhaps the waffle cone (as mentioned on Verdant’s site) on the aftertaste with the banana. It tastes a little nutty as well.

Before I steeped this stuff, I watched David’s video on brewing it. One thing he mentioned is that it is a much lighter WuYi roast than it’s BRR counterpart. This is true, and I love it for that! As much as I loved Verdant’s BRR, I felt it’s strong flavor and texture fit cold seasons well, but not as much for warmer, brighter seasons. This Shui Xian fills that gap perfectly. This tea is great for cold nights, sunny seasons, and relaxing evenings after a long day at work. Given the vanilla flavor, this would definitely be a nice treat for a couple enjoying a date night, too!

Now where this tea reaches the stars with flavor, it’s texture is also on the lighter side. However, I did not find this to be an issue at all as this stuff is just so dang easy to drink up. I’m sure with an open mind and a curiosity for sweeter-tasting teas, you’ll be happy when drinking Shui Xian as it takes you to a sweet, tranquil state of mind.

205 °F / 96 °C

I just got mine today!

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I just got mine today!

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I started drinking tea in February 2011, so I’d say I’m still pretty new to all this. What with all the flavors and health qualities of tea, I’ve fallen in love with the hobby!

My favorite teas are blacks from China’s Yunnan Province, but as I try more and more oolongs I notice that I’ve got a big taste for Wuyis and Dan Congs.


Columbia, MO

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