I’m drinking this right now. Taste wise, this is a let down to be honest. I was expecting something better with the natural flavors added to it. It smells as it should given its ingredients but taste wise it’s very herbal, grassy with just a hint of sweetness, although it doesn’t linger and leave its place to the typical dry taste of the raspberry leaf. There’s a tiny hint of tartness when you take a sip, and the nettle in it is quite noticeable, too. Not quite what you’d expect from something with “natural white chocolate mousse” in it!
With that being said, I’m always on the look out for blends that help me have all the good ingredients without the unpleasant taste of herbal teas. I wish I liked them. I don’t.
Raspberry leaf is incredible for women. I had it before my pregnancy to help with my periods, during my pregnancy (especially at the end) and after it to put everything back into place in my body.
I didn’t drink it with my 1st pregnancy, but I did with my second. I gave birth from start to finish in 4 hours and a half to a 10 pounds baby boy. It really strengthens your pelvic floor, which in turns makes contractions much more powerful. I will keep drinking it every night now to help my body. It’s very healthy.
So thanks David’s Tea for making this tea palatable. I HATED it on its own, and now its tolerable. It makes me relaxed, too. So unless I find something better, I’ll keep buying it. The nettle is also an amazing source of many nutrients and minerals. Don’t buy it for the taste, though, it’s not as good as it sounds!

Flavors: Dry Grass, Herbaceous, Plants, Tart

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