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This thing is great! It heats water up quite fast and holds its temp fairly well. I’ve been using this or about 8 months now(I don’t review items i have yet to put to good use, unless its poor quality is what keeps it from getting used)

Heats Fast about 10 mins for boiling water in a freezing cold room (just above 32F/0C)
Holds Temp for 30 mins with the hold temp optionand with the lid closed for a decent amount of time given the lack of insulation (compared to a hot water dispenser by zojirushi)

Loud in small rooms, I use one of these for my job and the room is quite large so its barely audible, but i have one in my bedroom for personal use and it out shines my television somedays. Truly this is my only complaint that can be counted against the product the only other con is that it “pops” the surge protector i have it plugged into in my tea corner but that can be fixed with a better protector.

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This thing is great for hot beverages as long as you dont steep your tea in the thermos itself and then cap it (I did this and the tea went sour before it was at a drinkable temp)

For cold beverages this thing is phenomenal, I had a drink with ice one night in spring drank all the beverage and had some ice left over with about an 1/8 inch of water from it melting and in the morning(9-10 hours later) I still had ice and just over a 1/4 inch of water.

10/10 would recommend to a friend who listens well or coffee with cream drinkers
8/10 for a coffee drinker/ tea drinker that likes HOT beverages but sips them
6/10 for a "run out the door and Steep’ person (just too hot for too long)

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