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drank Golden China by Pickwick
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This tea claims that it is a black tea, with green tea jasmine (first time I’m tasting this kind of blend) which it most likely is, but green tea and black is steeped best imo at different temperatures so that is a bit of a challenge if you want the flavours to be at their best.
I decided to steep the golden china completely like a black tea (because I generally like black tea the best, and I make bad decisions on a regular basis) at around 95° C for aprox 3 minutes.
The result of this was a brown tea that tasted very earthy and slightly bitter (put nicely, less nicely it was like dirt), I then added half a teaspoon of sugar to see if that would bring out some more flavour and it was still very earthy, but a bit more woodsy and with a sort of nutty note. And maybe the slightest hint of jasmine (but that could be my imagination)
In conclusion this tea isn’t good, it is actually pretty bad for a pickwick tea, and I won’t get this particular blend again, but the idea of a black of tea with jasmine is attractive to me and I wonder if there are others more succesful than the pickwick. And to be fair the pickwick might be better steeped at a lower temperature than I did in this instance to see if it will be better or bring out more of the jasmine in the blend. Especially the fact that the tea got bitter makes me think that it was steeped at too high a temperature in this instance, and maybe for too long as well.

TL;DR it is a bad tea, not worth the money.

Flavors: Bitter, Dirt, Earth, Nutty, Wood

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