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Opening the sample packet was like opening a box of gourmet chocolate truffle liqueurs. The smell of boozy bittersweet chocolate permeated the air. The aroma of the brew smells exactly like hot chocolate. One sip and O.M.G.! Chocolate bliss! The chocolate flavor is not overwhelming. It is smooth and well rounded by a woody aftertaste. The chocolate lingers on your palate long after the sip. This doesn’t need additives it is enjoyable on its own. But with sweetener and milk, it is mind-blowing! If I didn’t know this were a tea, I would think this was hot chocolate. Choco*Late is the most authentic chocolate flavored tea I’ve ever experienced and dare I say the best I’ve tasted so far. It is a perfect decadent dessert without the guilt. It tastes so good that you forget it has zero calories and caffeine! I think I may have found my holy grail chocolate tea.

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I had a box of neglected Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride sitting in my cupboard so I thought I’d give it some love today. How shall I describe the smell? Dry and brewed it smells exactly like the inside of a donut. Just a plain donut not even a sugar glazed one. When I took a sip I had to do a double take because I tasted nothing but hot water. I thought I forgot to put a bag in but I did.

Now I remember why I don’t reach for this tea more often. Instead of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, they should call it Donut Dough. I am debating whether I should chuck this in the bin. If I gave it to someone, they would probably hate me.


do you still have this ? i would like to try it :) i wont hate you !!

Olfactory Obsessed

No I threw the box out unfortunately

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I’m really not having any luck with the ATR samples. First was the So Coconut. Now with Brioche. I am so bummed because Brioche sounded so mouthwateringly enticing. Reading about this tea is what turned me on to ATR in the first place. And reviews have touted its ability to conjure images of French Patisseries. I don’t get the pastry smell everyone has been raving about in the dry leaf. All I get is plain ole black tea. I see the sliver of almonds and the safflower. Where’s the aroma and flavor? This is a fussy high maintenance tea. Steep too long you get bitter. Steep not enough you get watery. I just don’t get any flavor out of this brew. 2 teaspoons, 1.5, 1? I still don’t see myself on the streets of Paris eating croissants. Sad to say it just reminded me of Lipton. The flavor in here is very subtle, it’s like squinting to read the fine print. Milk and sweetener brings out any semblance of flavor but it’s barely there. Maybe its just my sample, maybe not, maybe I’m not doing something right. I’m on the fence giving this tea a second chance considering its price.

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They weren’t kidding when they called this So Coconut. While I was steeping, people could smell this miles away and were asking me why it smells like coconut! The aroma of the dry…leaf alone was in-your-face fresh roasted coconut. Coconut dominates this flavor profile, forget about the tea it is all about coconut! The fragrance of the brew was surprisingly coconutty. You can even see a slick of coconut oil formed over the surface. The taste was more like infused roasted coconut water than tea.

The aftertaste was soapy probably due to the oil extracted out of the coconut shreds. After every sip, I imagined I was drinking suntan lotion and it was grossing me out. I tried to mask the soapiness with milk and stevia but the suntan lotion just got creamier. This would be heaven for coconut lovers which I am not. Maybe they didn’t give me enough tea in my sample. But dang, it’s coconut def con five level! Too much coconut and not enough tea for me. It’s not a terrible tea. You can tell ATR does not skimp on ingredients, they are high quality and all natural. The coconut flavor is authentic as if you cracked open a coconut. I’ve read reviews that this is amazing iced, maybe I will try this way.

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I’ve never thought of tea as having an aesthetic, but this tea is so cute! The dry leaf has tiny orange pumpkins peppered throughout the leaves along with chunks of pumpkin meat. The liquor is a beautiful deep amber. And the smell…it smells like pumpkin pie filling with an underlying malty plume of smoke from the black tea. Much like a pumpkin pie brulee. I would gladly wear this as perfume. The smell of the brew is a mouthwatering caramel and creamy pumpkin, the spices take on a supporting role. The flavor is to die for, the liquor runs creamy and smooth across the palate tasting a bit sweet, molten caramel and pumpkin meld together dancing with the soft music of autumn spices. Enough of me waxing poetic. This tea is baller, yo! If this were a latte it would be nothing short of orgasmic.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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Lime Gelato from Davids Tea. Lime Gelato is a fruity green tea. When I opened the sample, I was immediately taken by the aroma. It smells just like key lime pie and the liquor stays true its fragrance. It follows through on taste. The lime is distinct but not tart and there is just a whisper of sweetness. This is a delicious, light refreshing tea and I can easily drink gallons of it. It tastes like a watered down lime sorbet. I imagine this tea would be amazing iced. Full tin worthy for sure!

Daisy Chubb

mmm I love this one! So creamy and tart!

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When I opened the packet, I was really scared. The smell was a cross between an Indian grocery store and a Chinese herbal shop. It was strong, spicy medicinal, and pungent. I only steeped it 5 mins for fear that the flavor would be as strong as its scent. Surprisingly, the brew had a very light aroma of spice. The pungency is barely there. The taste is nice and light. I get the tiniest bit of heat from the peppercorns with each sip. This is a very delicate chai. It’s pleasant but not something I’d run out and buy.

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Feeling sluggish so I reached for a mate this morning. The dry leaf smells…Holy Cinnamon, Batman! with an underlay of bitter chocolate lingering in the background. While steeping it smells just like Mexican Hot Chocolate. The color of the brew is surprisingly light and the taste is full and robust. Cinnamon and chocolate are well balanced. If I close my eyes, I wouldn’t think I was drinking tea but Mexican Hot chocolate. It’s spicy, warm and chocolatey. Even better with a hint of honey and a drop of milk. I may just get a full tin of this!

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Reading rave review after rave review, I had to go out and get this tea. The smell of the dry leaf is amazing and so many plump blueberries in here. Very fruity and sweet like blueberry candy. Yum! At first sip, however, I was wondering what the big deal was because all I could taste was water. But with each sip I took the flavor kept getting stronger and fuller. I can taste fresh juicy blueberries, real not artificial. It had just a hint of sweetness and the black tea gave it an interesting bit of smokey flavor lingering in background.

What is amazing about this tea is the after taste. After I glugged down my mug of tea, the blueberry flavor lingered in my mouth and it tasted as if I grabbed a handful of blueberries and shoved them in my mouth! Seriously!

Don’t expect the blueberry to hit you right away while drinking this tea. As a matter of fact, the blueberrry is strong in fragrance but the brew itself is like sipping diluted blueberry water. It is the after taste that is incredible.

I found sweetening the tea a bit brought out the blueberry flavor a little more.

Yes, this is tin worthy for me! Drinking this alongside a blueberry muffin or scone would be perfect!

Sidenote: I also love picking out the blueberries after steeping and eating them. Delicious!

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My obsession with perfume brought me into the tea world. Hence my name, olfactory obsessed. I find they are similar except tea is drinkable.



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