210 Degrees F, Gongfu, 5 seconds + 3 seconds per infusion

I believe this to be a good quality tea, it just wasn’t the one for me. It’s a very serious tea. Very low on the sweetness and fruit notes. Its rather spicy, it has this muskiness to it that immediately reminds me of raw pu-erh. Its like being in a forest with a bunch of sweaty lumberjacks wearing cheap aftershave. Not my thing. On the plus note, I probably got 10+ infusions out of it.

Season: Spring 2018
Origin: Wuyi, Fujian, China
Picking: Unknown
Elevation: 600 M

Eyes – Dry Leaf: Dark brown, purple large rolled leaves
Nose – Dry Leaf: Heavy roasted, charcoal, leather, sugar, fruit, fresh pear
Nose – Wet Leaf: Initially a strong tieguanyin note, butter, fruity sweet notes definitely took a back seat and so did the roast, almost smells like a lightly roasted tieguanyin with some fruit and floral notes, pomegranate maybe.
Eyes – Liquor: The liquor is noticeably cloudy, which is strange. golden amber brown.
Mouth- Texture: Thick and soupy
Taste: Wow, spicy, a muskiness very similar to some pu-erhs I’ve tasted. Don’t know how to describe the taste other than manly aftershave but not perfumey. Roasted note is still there a little, fruit notes minimal, sweetness very minimal. To me it tastes like a pu-erh with a tinge of dan cong oolong fruitiness. Very interesting tea, but not necessarily my (cup of).
Nose – Empty Cup: Burnt sugar
Mouth – Finish: Smooth, light astringency at the end
Eyes – Wet Leaf: Large dark olive green leaves
Effect: I swear this one is getting me a little tea drunk like aged pu-erh does, rushy, getting a light sweat on. I tend to not like the effect raw pu-erh has on me though.

Flavors: Floral, Leather, Musty, Pear, Smoke, Sweat

5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I like tea a lot. I tend to stick to pure teas that are unflavored and I’m usually having a gongfu session. I find that writing up reviews with tasting notes makes my tea drinking experience much more enjoyable and forces me to slow down and appreciate the experience more.

95 + Absolutely fantastic, usually a special treat tea.

90 – 95 Outstanding, probably a tea that I will keep on hand all the time.

85 – 90 Very good tea that I would be very happy to drink daily. Would Re-order.

80 – 85 Pretty good tea that I enjoyed drinking. Probably wouldn’t re-order.

75 – 80 Not great, I can drink it but It’s not something I would reorder.

70 – 75 Bad, Barely drinkable.

0 – 70 Is this even tea?



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