652 Tasting Notes

I wasn’t kidding when I said i was going through old teas. My last review for this was four years ago, and here i am still with a tiny baggie of it.

Good news – I didn’t oversteep this time! I think i enjoy Darjeelings. I would like to make a point of trying some more in the future. This was a nice cup to start my morning with.

Where can I get a super delicious Darjeeling?? Any recommendations? (where shipping to Canada isn’t hilariously costly)

Maddy Barone

I’m not a huge fan of Darjeeling, but I believe What-Cha has some quality Darjeelings. I’ve ordered from them before and I like them a lot. They are an English company. Of course, I’m in the US so I can’t speak for the shipping to Canada. http://what-cha.com/brands/India.html

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Sip down! I’ve been teleworking a few days a week lately and set my computer up in the kitchen, so I’m VERY close to all the teas and therefore have been drinking them like crazy. I’ve got the patio door open most of the time because SPRING…but it also makes me cold and I’m too stubborn to close it (again, because Spring)…so drinking tea warms me up. Also trying not to drink coffee everyday, which subsequently means more tea!

In doing all this I’ve been working on getting rid of older teas and small quantities I have left , this being one.

I hate the smell of this in the bag. Maybe it’s due to age but it smells very chemical and plasticky to me. I dumped the dry leaf I had left in my steeper to get rid of it in one shot. Tastes better than it smells for sure, but I’m glad to move on to something else!

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I saved the empty bag of this tea which I recently finished, because I wanted to always remember how much I loved it. Pastry teas are my jam. Too bad it’s limited edition. I really should start making notes as I actually drink the teas…would you believe I can’t remember how it tasted a week ago??

I guess I can throw out the bag now.

As an aside, I’m pretty sure AQQT makes / has made most of my new favourite teas. Love this company.

ETA it’s my 650th tasting note!! Huzzah!! Hey Steepster just FYI I’d come around way more often if you’d make an app……


Way to go!


If she has the ingredients, she can do a special order and make more of a blend. I think it’s a 4oz minimum.


Good to know, thanks Dustin!


Well pastry and jam can certainly go together :P

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Hello, I’m just popping in to say I enjoyed this tea….just drank the last little bit and want to make an official record of my opinion for future reference since I’m not likely to recall this later. Given that I can barely remember what movie I watched three nights ago…you get the gist.

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drank Tiramisu by CitizenTea
652 tasting notes

Sipdown that was sitting in my cupboard for probably a year. I didn’t care for this at all. I find it sour instead of desserty. Also coffee and apples? Not sure how those two things can be expected to combine to mimic tiramisu.

I’m glad it’s gone now.

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Another sample from Teavivre, the first oolong I’ve tried!

I always approach oolong thinking I am not a fan, but I forget that I have always enjoyed the green type, but not the roasted/dark sort. Not sure of the terminology for that, sorry.

This tea was packed amazingly well, and when I opened it the bag was full of little rolly twirly balls of oolong. I made a cup at work, and it was nice to watch it all unravel as it steeped.

I really enjoyed this. It’s floral and sweet and I was struck by how “creamy” it tasted. A nice thick mouthfeel. I never thought I’d say this about an unflavoured oolong, but I might have to put this one on my wishlist!

So glad to get to try all of these delicious teas!

As I was drinking this one I thought I should probably quit my job and move to China and beg someone at Teavivre to teach me everything about tea and give me a job :)

So, I guess that means this is quite the tea!


haha, welcome come to China!

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Another Spring 2017 green tea sample from Teavivre!

Of all the three greens I have tried so far, I found this one the greenest, least buttery and least sweet. I first steeped some in my Contigo to take to the movies and was surprised the lack of amazingness compared to the others, but thought maybe it was the mug not the tea, so I tried again at home.

It’s still good, but I didn’t get the sweet bready flavour burst with this one. A bit too vegetable like without the butter and sweetness I enjoy.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to try it, because it’s helping me decide which ones to wish list!

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drank Wedding Tea by Harney & Sons
652 tasting notes

Very silly old sample but I did enjoy it, despite the waning flavours. I think it would be tasty and I’d like to try it again sometime, which is why I’m logging it, even though I’m so so sick of the Harney teas I still have, like Boston and Tokyo and Tower of London. Note to self, never buy 4oz of any one tea ever again because you are a fickle, fickle lady.

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Another delicious green tea sample provided by Teavivre!

I brought this one to work because the Brew Guide said 194 degrees and I figured it would be less easy to ruin it using the crappy kettle at work than one that required a lower temp. Also because drinking tasty tea at work makes my day a little bit brighter!

I probably oversteeped this but it still wasn’t bitter. I found it mellow and sweet and still has the umami type brothy flavourful appeal that these fresh greens seem to.

Still need to do a great comparison between all of them to test myself on noting the differences, but as of now I’ll give this one a great big thumbs up for sure. I’m so spoiled now, freshly picked green tea leaves?! Yes please!! Forever!


This one is lovely.

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I’m pretty sure Teavivre is the company that made me love green tea for the first time in my life. I used to think I hated it, because I was buying terrible dusty bagged tea and oversteeping it with boiling water.

Then I was introduced to Teavivre, including their fresh Springy green teas which still to this day embody everything I think a green tea should be. So when co-workers Ares having a discussion about how gross green tea is, I go dig in my stash and bring out a random Teavivre green for them to try, to see how good it can be.

I still wouldn’t say my tastes are refined enough to notice a huge difference between all the different varieties of green tea. That being said, when I received my samples that Angel/Teavivre recently generously sent me, this was the first one I went for.

Nothing in the world is as fresh as these teas are when you crack open a bag for the first time, the smell is so appealing to me, there’s something slightly bready about the smell of this one, and the taste. Umami is a good word. Whatever it is that my tastebuds want, this tea has that quality for me. I really enjoyed drinking all of one sample bag over the last two days and I’m glad I have another one. I think I will try to do a comparison with the greens later. I slightly oversteeped this morning because my three year old was distracting me, but it was still delicious. I think 4-5 minutes is the magic steeping time.

Bright green leaves, yellow when brewed. Fresh, nutty, vegetal, very green taste but also sweet.

So happy to receive these samples, looking forward to trying the others!!

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name change alert – going from whatshesaid to ohfancythat


I love tea. I love my mini-me daughter, my husband, my dog Wally, Netflix, shopping, and tea. Some other stuff too, but these are the most important!

Some favourites -

My new favourite tea company is A Quarter to Tea. I love the flavouring used and how it doesn’t seem fake, and the combinations are so delicious. Right up my alley.

My favourite teas are black, I love Laoshan Black and Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black tea from TTC. Also many of Teavivre’s black teas.

Butiki teas RIP, I loved how the flavours were subtle and not fake tasting and didn’t overwhelm the tea base. Trust that I am dramatically mourning the loss of this company!

Teavivre, Whispering Pines and Mariage Freres are some more tea companies I appreciate. Along with Davidstea as it was the ‘gateway drug’ to my tea addiction. Though I’m mostly over it now, I’ve definitely moved on from the artificially flavoured teas and am trying more quality straight teas!

My ultimate goal is to try as many French teas as possible – and to finally find a source in Canada for Mariage Freres so I can buy Wedding Imperial, and Black Orchid for sure.

I would like to try any Taiwanese Assams that exist in the world!

Also continuously on the hunt for Fauchon – La Naissance. If anyone has some of this I would pay for it!!! It’s my number one all time favourite tea.

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada

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