drank Citrus Sunburst by Tiesta Tea
45 tasting notes

This came as part of a Tea Sparrow subscription box and has been sitting on my shelf for a while. Decided to try it hot even though the ingredients seem like it would be a great iced tea.

I’m usually not a fan of herbal teas because in my experience, they tend to have a lot of herby-tasting things. The ingredients on this looked safe though – mostly fruits.

The smell of this is really fruity and sweet, like strawberry/grape jello. Then, of course, my brain tells me to expect juicy sweetness, but was met with an initial sip of tartness. I let it cool a bit and decided to give it another try before getting the sugar, and surprisingly the tartness is gone. There’s even a bit of sweetness. It’s definitely very citrusy, and I can imagine this would be excellent as an iced tea, slightly sweetened. Guess I will save the rest for warmer weather, which unfortunately is at least a good 8 months from now.

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