33 Tasting Notes


I brought this out to keep awake and when the smell hit me I felt like I was in heaven. I wanted to devour this tea! I did not care! Even if I did not enjoy it! Sadly, that feeling faded.

After waiting for it to steep, my initial taste warranted nothing. I had no taste of sugar or cake or any type of dessert. It tasted like, well, hot water. Only after I added a dreaded cube of sugar – as honey was not on hand – did I finally taste a hint of sweetness. I was disheartened. I was excited to have a tasty tea that could keep me up but the lack of flavours makes this miss the cut.

It is not bad, not by the least but I wanted more and this did not deliver.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 45 sec

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This was part of a three set of samples I got from DAVIDsTEA. I have never really had a green tea and I was excited to try this in hopes of expanding my palate. Though my hopes were sadly dashed. I thought it was how I steeped it but no matter what I tried, one thing kept coming back…

It smelled like dead grass that had been toasted. It was making my stomach turn. I relented and took a sip and found it abominable. I couldn’t stomach it and the taste lingered. It tasted too much like cut, deceased grass on a hot, muggy summer day. I had to stop and accept defeat. This tea is not for me. Luckily it was a small packet but now I wonder if Green Teas are for me.

If I couldn’t bare this… What about others? At least this tea gave me thoughts to ponder…

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 45 sec

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Well, the chinook that had been blowing for a few days came back with a fierce vengeance. The wind blew bitter and it snowed unlike I had every seen while the night came, blocking paths to my workplace and erasing my footsteps as I went. I could only think of brewing up this tea as it described my night perfectly.

I had my doubts when I inhaled it. It didn’t smell like a tea I would want to consume at night but I needed the caffeine and away it brewed. When I took a sip I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like one of my old standby remedies for when I am ill – Cinnamon on dry toast. I actually believe this tea would pair perfectly with it as brings me comfort as my remedy does. That said, the tea did help me keep awake during the night so it got extra love points from me for it.

I think I will keep buying Stormy Night, but only a bag to keep through the year. It’s nice but not something I would splurge on… Unless I was ill all year.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
33 tasting notes

I opened this on a freezing Winter night hoping for something delightful when… Well, something went wrong. My stomach turned when I inhaled the aroma. It was overwhelming and too sickly for me to handle and I honestly contemplated whether I had gotten the right bag as this is highly praised… But I did.

After brewing it and steadying my nerves I found the tea a lot less pungent than the bag but too odd for me. It tasted like bark. Not in a bad way mind you, I definitely got a taste of autumn in it but it mostly tasted woodsy and lacking and I found myself disappointed at how things had turned. It proved that I cannot judge a tea on aroma alone but it still didn’t make my grade.

I’ll probably finish off the bag if I can but no rebuy will be scheduled for it in the future.

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After losing my laptop and a very good reading magazine, I gave up having an enjoyable evening and brewed this to try and warm me. I did not have high hopes as it did not smell very appealing but low and behold this tea surprised me.

First with my cup sparkling. That was lovely to see. Second with the taste. I did not find myself having to adjust it at all. The little sugar balls that come with it do a fine job of making it sweet and the rest goes down like a pleasant black tea should. I will admit it doesn’t wow my britches off but for a night like this when a chinook is in full swing and the stars are out it makes me feel comfort. That’s usually what I ask for in a tea. There will be a tin on my shelf of this… Just in case another night proves miserable or a chinook decides to rattle the trees.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 45 sec

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drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
33 tasting notes

I started brewing this and noticed that it smelled like what I suppose a warm bath outdoors on a breezy spring day smells like. That said, the first sip I found awful. The second and subsequent sips grew on me and now I’m comfortably sitting here enjoying something I thought I never would as lavender irritates my senses.

It’s not overpowering and there is a distinct coconut aftertaste but I’m not adverse to it at all. If I ever need a light, quiet drink I will definitely bring this out. Not enough to warrant a Tin Buy, but enough for me to keep in a small bag on my shelf for those Spring days.

185 °F / 85 °C 6 min, 45 sec

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
33 tasting notes

This was my very first tea from DAVIDs and I bought it on my birthday to boot. I was very surprised by it as I had it with my ice cream cake and it was just delightful in every way! It was a wonderful hot counterbalance to my cold cake and I honestly am reluctant to have it again unless there is cake beside me since I cannot imagine not pairing them together!

I will definitely be adding this to my cupboard… but only on my birthday ;)

Boiling 7 min, 45 sec

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This was my first try at Murchie’s and I must say I had to add a lot of honey to it to counterbalance the bitterness that hit my tongue. Nevertheless, it is not a bad tea but it is not a very memorable tea either. I know I’ll drink what I have on me but I’m positive I may not go back an order more since it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Regardless, at least the package I got with it is lovely and did keep me quite awake for the rest of the afternoon.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
33 tasting notes

Well, this is one of the first teas I made a note on that I did not enjoy. I was very excited at the prospect of this since I have a love affair with honey but the entire thing I found way overpowering.

I assume it was the blue cornflowers that might have agitated my sinuses but it could have been the overall. The tea was way too overpowering with its sweetness and the aroma bothered me too much since it was, well, very overpowering. I do love the concept and ingredients for this though and I’m hoping that with what I have left I can maybe pair it with a dish… but for now it will sit on my shelf unused and unfortunately not be attempted to have more purchased.

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec

If it bothers your sinuses it may not be worth trying again, but I’d recommend giving it a go with a much shorter steep if you’re up for it. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes and see how you feel. Sorry it’s not for you! :(

Vanilla Beans

I’d be willing to give it another go with a shorter steep since I have a few cups left but if that doesn’t take then I think I’ll ‘retire’ it.

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Well, this tea, though improperly steeped thanks to a power outage, may have not been very good at 9pm last night due to it indeed giving you an energy boost… I find I quite like it just the same. It’s not my favourite tea by far but I know it’ll be a grand pick me up in the afternoon.

It does smell very much like chocolate but the taste never is overpowering of it, which is delightful. It doesn’t need any additives to be enjoyed and there’s a few recipes out there including it as an ingredient making it earn a place on my shelf. Quite outstanding.

155 °F / 68 °C 5 min, 30 sec

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I’m 24 years old and female. I used to be in university as a History Major but I gave it up to be a Laboratory Technician at a coal mine. My days are long and switch to nights many a time but I always bring 3 bags of tea with me to enjoy and have fun with.

When I’m not breaking my back over coal I spend my time in my room with my two cats playing video games until the sun comes up and watching a variety of movies, most of which are Disney or are animated in some way.

When it comes to tea, I have a fierce loyalty to DAVIDsTEA as they treated me right and garnered my respect. For the most part I am focusing on them but I take other Canadian Tea companies into mind and hopefully can expand my cupboard with them.

I currently have no tea rating guides but if I indicate I bought a Tin or will store a Tin constantly on my shelf, it usually means I will be hopelessly devoted to it.

My other interests include collection Starbucks cups, listening to Deadmau5, and watching far too many BBC shows.



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