18 Tasting Notes

>The leaves have a heady aroma,
>yielding a cup with flowery aromatics,
>a pleasing level of tannin and a light, crisp finish.

all of these seem to be true.

it also reminded me of the last year’s jungpana ex- ff.

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>The cup is exceptionally smooth,
Does the “smooth” refer to the lack of thickening related to pectin and oxalic acid or something?

I’m not sure about this description at all.

>with interesting muscat and fruity nuances,
Somewhere over the muscat? I will try the China one for this.

On the other hand, its unique fruity nuance was more apparent to me, which was close to a sort of acid taste somehow.

>along with the balanced pungency of a top quality first flush tea.
pungency… maybe?

>The cup from the China jat is slightly sweeter,
I think so, too.

At the same time, this clonal may be “just” sweet. The sweetness of these two was quite different to me.

That’s supposedly because I can’t distinguish sweetness from China characteristic.

> while that of the clonal variety is slightly thicker.
Probably…? Is this that important factor, by the way?

>For comparison, consider buying a sample of one and a packet of the other.
No need for comparison, indeed. Buy the China! lol

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>exceptionally smooth
It’s a bit different from China darjeeling, say Castleton’s or Margaret’s Hope’s.

I like its “exceptionality”.

Both of China jat and clonal variety have a repeated sweetness which is as if your tongue tastes sweet every time saliva passes through salivary glands. lol

I’ve also experienced the same kind of “repeated sweetness” with coffees of SCAA 85pts above before.

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>a distinctive muscatel character
umm… not the grape one, I suppose. But there certainly exists something unique flavor/aroma in your breath.

>and delicate sweetness.
it’s quite obvious.

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>with aromas of spice and fruit, and flavor nuances
of dark grape, spice and wood.

Anyway, I don’t care if I’ve really experienced a kind of muscatel or not, which was a faint “flavor nuance” at very least.

( ゚∀゚)o彡°dark! grape!

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A Japanese (Darjeeling) tea newbie,
and drink some specialty coffees(SCAA 85pts above) and green teas, too.

also becoming a big fan of French, Italian, and American red wines.
(a bottle in a month at most. compared with teas and coffees, they’re very expensive.)

Being not familiar with nihonsyu, beers, whiskies, and the other alcohols, I have some favorites.

Overall, I’m a total stranger in drinking.

still not sure how I’m going to review teas. Even though you can see some qualities in a cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it’s very tasty or you’re fond of it.

大红袍 Dahongpao
鳳凰単叢 Fenghuangdancong

鉄観音 猿子採 Tie guan yin
白毫銀針 BaihaoYinzhen/Silver Needle?
碧螺春 Biluochun
龍井茶 梅家塢
祁門 Keemun Hao Ya A
凍頂烏龍茶 Dongding Wulong
東方美人 Dongfang Meiren


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