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It’s recommended to soak the flowers in warm water for five minutes before use to remove excess salt. Of course you can save the salt water to add into the tea once it’s brewed.

Directions are rather simple: Two Flowers and 195F/90C water.

Dry Leaf: Shriveled petals and leaves. Vibrant pink petals, brown steams and leaves. Grains of salt apparent.
Wet Leaf: The petals opened up to reveal pale pink coloring. The stem and leaves are showing a hint of green.

Dry Leaf: Fruity vinegar (plum and cherry), floral. Slight mineral(?)
Wet Leaf: Same as the dry leaf

Tasting: Salt with hint of plum vinegar. Floral and light cherries.

Flavors: Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Floral, Flowers, Salt, Vinegar

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec 2 OZ / 50 ML

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First time doing this, so pardon my messiness. If you have tips or advice for me, please message me them.

Side note: I didn’t rinse this tea.

Dry Leaf: Dark green leaves mixed with pale/golden green stems and leaves. Pink flakes resembling dried petals.
Wet Leaf: The dark green leaves darkened and became extremely flexible. The pink flakes has lost a lot of the pink coloring and puffed up a bit. The stems look paler.
Liquid: Pale golden greeny, cloudy

Dry Leaf: Grassy, slight floral, cherries
Wet Leaf: Wet Grass, slight bitterness, floral undertones

Steep #1: Brewed for a minute.
Light grassiness, asparagus after taste with delicate floral notes, smooth liquid, faint cherry tartness, light-neutral astringency. Over all the flavors are rather light which makes it refreshing. There’s no overpowering notes.

Steep #2: Brewed for 30 seconds.
No changes in the color of the leaves or liquid as well as the smell. The flavors are ever so slightly toned down but still noticeable. Seems more floral this time. The astringency is still the same as the first steeping. The smoothness of the liquid seems a bit more watered down. More cherry notes are coming out in the after taste.

Steep #3: Brewed for 2 minutes.
No changes in the color of the leaves or liquid as well as the smell. Like with the second steeping, the flavors seem even more tone downed. There’s a slight tarty floral with cherries taste to it. The astringency is still as strong as the first steeping. The grassy notes have moved to to the after taste now. Making it seem to dry my mouth more. The liquid seems to gain some the smoothness back as it thickened up a bit.

I have steeped this tea more than three times in the past but it get so watered down after the third one that it’s not worth it, in my opinion.

Flavors: Asparagus, Astringent, Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Drying, Grass, Green, Tart, Tea

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec 2 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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A hardcore gamer that constantly needs her cup of tea.

Started my tea journey back in ’15 when I started on loose leaf for the first time. Early of ’16 I stumbled upon GongFu Brewing and stayed with it.


Florida, USA

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