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This can easily be called the worst tea I have ever tried. It tastes of a disgustingly sweet vanilla. I taste a bit of milk. However, there is no tea taste. Just from taste it would be impossible to tell it was a black tea at all. The sweetness just adds to how bad it really is.

You might like this tea if you enjoyed watching Two Girls One Cup because it feels like warmed vomit going down your throat. I don’t think anyone would(or could) drink this completely.

If I was stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no way to purify any seawater and all I had to drink was a gallon of this tea I would simply drink as much seawater to make my life end short so I would never be put into the situation where I actually contemplate drinking this pathetic excuse for tea.

On my first sip I spit back into the cup hoping it would just go away. On my second sip I took the down it quick and don’t think about it approach. On my third sip my gag reflex kicked in and I decided I might as well pour it down the sink.

So in recap, DON’T drink it.

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drank Orange Spice by Bentley's
2 tasting notes

It really is mediocre to the point of almost being bad.
On first sip it tastes spicy with a faint orange tang. Halfway through I realized it just was not cutting it. This tea is gross if you don’t give it enough time intervals between each sip. In other words you can’t drink too much of it.
It does, however, have a tangy orange peel aroma to it.
So in recap, you might as well put it in a jar whenever you want to smell the orange musk because drinking just makes you rethink why you bother drinking tea at all.

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