60ml porcelain gaiwan, porcelain cup. I’m drinking indoors, in the air-conditioning, which seems to do funny things to my sense of smell and hence my taste, lately… but it’s just too warm to have the windows open right now. 5s rinse, few minutes’ rest, beginning with flash steeps.

Dry leaf is lovely. Long pieces that are loosely acquainted. Smells strongly fruity and sweet.

Damp leaf smells sort of spicy/peppery after a rinse. First steeps are… light, some clean vegetable flavours. Just a very light hint of astringency. The liquid feels soft, with just a hint of viscosity. Some vaguely floral sweetness after. Third steep starts to climb around the sides and back of my tongue with some drying.
A few steeps later (lost count), the inside of the gaiwan lid starts to smell like a mild green bell pepper spice. The flavours shift more floral, more drying astringency, still with a clean vegetal backdrop (hints of sencha), and a smooth feel to the liquid. A soft fluffiness has invaded my hearing, and a slight buzzing in my body that feels grounded.

The aftertaste is rather long, and my tongue actually feels tingly at the tip.

This is just… good. A very nice tea to have on a quiet afternoon. There’s a lot to it that I am unable to articulate. The flavours are well-rounded. Glad I ordered myself a sample and have a few more sessions with it. :)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

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