47 Tasting Notes

drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
47 tasting notes

I won this tea in an fb contest. but now I have so much of it! This was my first time trying it- very bitter, I didn’t think I steeped it more than 3 minutes, but I must not have been paying attention. The chocolate smell is very strong- many of my office mates walked past and asked why they were smelling chocolate! I don’t really smell chocolate covered strawberry, more like a fake chocolate smell that reminds me of scratch n’ sniff stickers from when I was a kid. I’ll have to try this again with a shorter steep. milk may help as well.

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drank White Peony by Rishi Tea
47 tasting notes

i like to drink this one in the afternoon- it’s light and gentle, feels like it is soothing my just-gorged-on-leftover-v-day-chocolates tummy. working well for me today.

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drank Schnozberry by Joy's Teaspoon
47 tasting notes

This is a very pretty tea, perfect for Valentine’s day! I made a lovely picture with it for my blog
Unfortunately I think I’ve discovered that I’m not a huge fan of Rooibos. Of the few that I’ve tried, I just don’t enjoy the flavor that seems specific to Rooibos. But I will keep on trying! I do love the idea of this tea.


The schnozberries tastes like schnozberries?


I love the picture!

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I think I over-steeped this tea, but it is still smooth. Just a bit too bitter now. It has caramel and malty notes. I will have to make another cup and try not to brew it too long!

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Thanks Ricky for this tea! It smells very smokey right out of the package. Must have quite a bit of Keemun! This tea is perfect for today- I have been alone with my small kids for a few days, and I’m exhausted and also feel a cold coming on! This tea is perfect to wake me up, and also comfort. While trying to watch the kids and steep tea, I over-steeped and it was a little bitter, so I added some milk and a tiny bit of sugar (things I don’t usually do). It actually worked well! It is not astringent at all. I definitely taste the Keemun, also some Assam. I’m not a huge fan of milk in tea, but it’s working for me today. I can’t wait to try it when I don’t over-steep!

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what a great tea! gorgeous leaves!! the dry leaf smell reminds me of very strong dried fruits, such as dates and raisins. maybe a little goji berry, too? I also get a whiff of sweet tobacco, like what my father used to smoke in his pipe when I was a girl. The taste is very interesting, slightly caramel-y, and i’m also getting goji berry, and date! this taste is really robust and complex, yet also smooth and a little earthy. I love it!

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This is a very pleasant oolong. It is very smooth, slightly floral, and very woodsy. When I smell it, I feel like I’m sitting in a cozy log cabin, drinking my oolong tea! It is also slightly sweet, and light. I don’t get any spicy notes, I’m wondering if my water temp was not hot enough. i used the hot water from the office machine since I’m at work. I will need to try this again at home, when I can get the water a bit hotter. I’m curious to see how the taste will change! This is a nice tasty basic oolong.

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busy, full time working mom, tea lover. partial to robust, strong black teas, nothing floral, or heavily flavored. I love discovering new teas, and tea shops in the NYC area. I blog about all things tea at http://www.tea-happiness.com/


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