I made this one the way Lance would like it(since it was for him)with some sugar before I even tried it straight and OMG! it is delicious, was well worth the long wait.
Im enjoying a few of these Verdant teas for Lance today since He missed them.
This one made Lance’s way is chocolate(milk chocolate) and caramel and rocks and minerals and kinda floral maybe.
We’ve had many teas like this one but not this particular one from Verdant, others were a little more bold and robust, This one is more gentle with subtle notes and very relaxing, a perfect tea for enjoying in the afternoons. I usually like these types teas a little bolder but this is damn near perfect! I think its the timing, great afternoon tea.
I may it Lances way with a little milk too for a not so strong “builders tea” that may be nice.
The chocolatey notes of this one was very interesting because it was actually like milk chocolate not the usual dark chocolate or cacao notes, it was very good with sugar like this, No lie, Yummy!

Damn, this Tea is really good all the way around, I made it my way this time, 15sec steep in yixing no suga, its excellent! Very very smooth, a little, citrus bite, very subtle malty note and Caramel lots of caramel notes, the type of caramel notes that reminds me of whiskey, I like whiskey, I really like this tea tho.
I think I have a buzz,maybe from the sugar of doing it Lance’s way first or maybe a nice little teabuzz, either way its good.

Definitely try this one sweet if you tend to like sugar in your tea(some folks do, lance loved suga in his tea) but also Definitely drink it straight also, its like day and night, pretty damn good tea.
I could really get into a habit of sipping this one straight everyday, in fact I think I will make this my everyday 4 oclock tea, I’ll drink it everyday until it is gone and maybe by then I’ll have gotten paid from the new job and will have ordered some more.
I wish we had tried this earlier,Lance would have drank this one up for sure.
Some teas just hit the spot!

I’ll do a better review soon when I spend a few afternoon with this one.

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus, Floral, Malt, Sweet, Whiskey

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)
Really???? Blah Blah Blah lmfao!!!



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