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Brother to the coffee??? Wow!!!!! um yummy I think I’m awake now. I’ll post more later.


You early bird! Got to try Butki tea soon.

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Superb Tea, right now I just don’t have much to say about it because my mind is preoccupied with other things, I haven’t seen Lance since Thursday when he went into the hospital for hip replacement and worried for my mother.
I will get to see Lance tomorrow(at his moms, where he is recovering) but I stayed home on this hospital visit because I’m just not in a proper emotional state right now and he needed stress free time in the hospital, I’m stressing very badly.
I’m worried for my mother’s brain surgery on Monday to remove a tumor and hope it is a success and if it is then we have to pray that it’s not cancer, Please those of you who pray, Pray for my Mom :)
Its a really good Tea tho I’ll give it a proper review soon just wanted to log it and I guess I wanted to let you guys know what’s happening in my life right now.

Tommy Toadman

it does remind me of some other tea i’ve had recently but I can’t place it at the moment, Dong Ding Ming Xiang or Honey Heritage maybe not sure.


I’ll keep your mom in my thoughts! Hope everything works out!

Tommy Toadman

Thank You :)


Definitely praying, starting right now, Tommy!

Tommy Toadman

Thank you :)


Prayers your way Tommy! Trust in God he knows what is best in the long run.


You and your mom are in my prayers!


wishing a total recovery for your friend and mom

Tommy Toadman

Thank You all :)


I’m sending over good vibes! I will keep Lance and your mother in my thoughts.

Butiki Teas

You’ll be in my thoughts. I hope your mom and Lance recover quickly.


Prayers lifted for Lance, mom, and the Toad man.

Tommy Toadman

Thank You all for Prayers, I’m headed to the hospital now for mom’s surgery.


Keep us updated!

Tommy Toadman

I just posted a new update in the discussion :(

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“I enjoyed this one with milk and sugar not because it needed it but because I just wanted to because it was really good, I like teas this way sometimes I just don’t like having to bring out the cream and sugar and all cuz I’m picky and that is a whole different setup from my “usual” but this one really just almost taste like a chocolate flavored Tea with milk and sugar, Really I have had “Milk Chocolate” Flavored Teas that just come nowhere near this one"
Please view my blog post here for a longer review and a “rant” about mean peoples on the interweb, Please don’t view my blog on this one if you hate a rant or are a mean peoples or get offend by a few potty words :)


This sounds right up my alley! Thanks so much for the review. The only tea that is worth it, is tea that you will drink!

El Monstro

I like this tea a lot, and prefer it to a lot of the highly rated, more expensive stuff. I’d laugh in someone’s face if they attempted mocking me for it.

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I don’t think this is the one I got current, mine looks more orangish to mr and the number ZY77 but the same name, Anyways WoW! this one is good very bold and strong not as bold as an Assam or a breakfast tea but it was plenty bold enough stand alone tea with slight hints of chestnut.this tea was begging for sugar and cream and i was in the mood for it, it was like chocolate goodness such a good tea, I want more just to drink with cream and sugar.

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This tea is really good to me I probably just never had one like it.I am going to attempt to log a review of this one based one my hand written notes, it will be short so I don’t go astray too much like I’m sure I will in my blog, if i post it.
Anyways hard to tell is this tea Green Or white tea cuz i kinda pick up characteristics of both so it kinda confused me, Any way here is just some of my notes please with for the entire blog soon bear with me going through some horrible shit right not and gotta stay medicated, Any some from notes~~ Damn got two and a half pages omg it sill I’ll try to make it short sorry :)
First lets say this tea makes me happy, very happy for some reason unknown, kinda like my Black Pearl do, just makes me feel good :)

Read my whole review and photo here please :)

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This tea is very pretty, the name is fitting because the golden tips in the Yunnan black tea are very appealing and with a good imagination the appearance cold be reminiscent of seeing gold flakes shimmering in the dirt.
1st SESSION~ You saw it on video there if ya watched, Probably not as long as suggested but still great. The Tea liquor was very thick and bold enough to probably take milk very well with hints of cocoa and slight spice tone, little bit malty almost reminiscent of a Assam, Very solid black tea, no harsh astringency but the pleasant astringency that I’d expect from a such a bold black tea not bitter at all in fact very smooth and mellow, easy to drink. Would be a perfect morning tea or a great afternoon tea to me in fact I decided I wanted to try it like a with some milk and sugar like I would some breakfast Teas so I postponed this post until Saturday after I’ve tasted it that way. Also I got 3 nice Strong steeps(which were quite consistent to me in taste/flavor), by the 4th steep it was still good but fading a little in flavor enough to not warrant a 5th try.
2ND SESSION~I used 1 and 1/2 Perfect Scoops~from Teavana~ the session I used the same and had 1 scoop extra so I put it in too since I was going to use milk and steep time was as directed(i did not time the first session).
With Milk & Sugar it stood up very well, I was just as I expected it would I knew it would be a great breakfast tea that way.
It became very creamy and much more smooth, it was as if cows were made to give milk to this tea lol. With milk and sugar the cocoa hint kinda changed into a little milk chocolate note it was quite enjoyable also that slight spice which was so slight it was almost unnoticeable really stuck its head out and started swimming in the milk and was now quite noticeable and with that little milk chocolate note it played very well.
Please Veiw my entire blog post on this tea here and check out my photos, Don’t forget to google+ it :) Thanks

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Today is the day that I tried this with a little sweetener, Lance shared it with me too, it was really good but thats about all else I can say :)

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I got a 2011 and a 2012 and bewed them exactly the same with Lances help, These brew up very pale and have a wonderful young Raw puerh taste/flavor, anybody who drinks puerh knows what i’m talking about, Sweet slight astringency, very little bitter, some greenish toasty notes but Not grassy at all, the 2011 version may be slight stronger in all these notes and may have a better “Raw puerh” flavor. They both give a very nice feeling after drinking, a general feeling of well being :) I like these a lot.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)
Really???? Blah Blah Blah lmfao!!!



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