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Hay is for Horses but better for Cows, Toads can eat it but i think we’d rather drink it, This one taste sweet and like Hay with an almost buttery smooth mouthfeel, Saying taste like hay is not a bad thing at all it’s really damn tastey, many white teas i’ve tried have had slight haylike taste just not so much as this one and never in a bad way.
The dry leafe has a sweet almost floral aroma to it that is very pleasing, my sample got crushed in the bottom of a box because i had to box up all my teas and move them around into another room due to renovations and when I pour some out in my hand the little pieces of leafe feel very soft and fuzzy like goose down in a soft pillow.
Some teas feel really good when you hold it in your mouth and swish it around some, this is one of them.
I did decide to try this one with a little sweetener added and it was delicious, reminded me of the taste of honeycomb cereal from when i was a kid.
Very good tea, I’m really starting to like white teas more and more these days :)


Honeycomb cereal – excellent descriptive term. Not every one ‘gets’ white tea. Curious, do you drink a lot of Assams? I love white tea but am not a big fan of heavy black tea like Assam.

Tommy Toadman

I do like Assams and darker teas Blacks and Puerhs so I’m trying to drink more whites and greens and such so that I’m not stuck on the darker ones, I’m enjoying the whites so far :)

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drank Jasmine Trip by Daoli
557 tasting notes

I’m not really big on flowery teas or Jasmine teas either Unless I add it to the tea myself, I find that most of them have either too much or too little jasmine but that’s not the case with this one.
This has a most wonderful jasmine scent when the leafe is dry and a nice earthy puerh scent with a touch of jasmine when steeped.

The flavor is just perfect, the Jasmine is prominent without being too much and masking the flavor of the tea itself.
I’ve had many jasmine green teas that just aren’t my thing and honestly usually a jasmine puerh isn’t either don’t get me wrong I think they are quite nice sometimes but chances are that I wouldn’t purchase one for myself, if i did purchase one it would most likely be this one tho and I would only drink it when I wanted something special or if I have had company to share it with.

I haven’t been able to add a tea to steepster with a photo in a while now, it just won’t work for me sorry :( Photos on my blog tho :)

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I really like this tea I’ve been drinking it for about a year now, I bought many of them and just got a new one in October and I’m really glad I did because now the only place I can find it is at Lostdogcoffee.com for $30 when I have always gotten it at Puerhshop.com for just $9.92, I think lost dog bought up all that puerhsop had and jacked the price up to 30$ for no reason because I see other teas on lost dog from puerhshop at jacked up prices and even they use puershop’s very same photos, that really sucks big balls to me :( Anyways I guess this will be the end of Panchen for me when this one is gone cuz I sure aint paying $30 for it now. Its WAS a really good puerh at a really good price and it taste nice too.
I see this one listed on steepster twice for some reason

Emily M

I hate when tea vendors do that. =(

Tommy Toadman

Me too, thats just the way it is tho :(


I will search around and if I find one I will send you a link.

Tommy Toadman

Thanks mrmopar :)

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Thomas changed the name of this one recently from DMS Santhikiri Fanzhi Oolong to DMS Bai Yai Oolong . Is one of my 2 favorite teas :)

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Delicious, The taste of this one is the reason I fell in love with puerh in the first place i think, it reminds me of some of the very first puerhs I ever tried.
It is earthy and bold yet smooth and clean tasting. The taste to me at first is slightly sweet and almost doughy like a flakey pastry dough almost like a crossant.
later steeps are surely reminiscent of sandalwood and have a slight pleasant bitter to it, its a nice puerh to me.
I enjoyed this one very much :)

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drank Black Manas by Teajo Teas
557 tasting notes

This one is nice, The the aroma of the dry leafe is fruity and slightly minty like the scent of juicy fruit and doublemint gum together at the same time.
We fist tried this one early this morning with breakfast and it was really just perfect for breakfast, usually when we have an Assam for breakfast we bring out the sweetener and milk because thats the way we like our breakfast tea and it really held the milk well it was creamy, smooth and malty with slight astringency and was so delicious that Lance had 2 cups which is rare for him He said it’s better than coffee in the morning lol.
I went on to try it straight with nothing added and it taste better to me that way it was malty and mild with a slightly bitter astringency to it which I enjoyed and it had a fruity note that was like that of raisins in fact it was like raisin bread toast or something, very delicious. It was not quite as strong as I was expecting it to be when I had it straight but I usually go for really strong brewed ctc type Assams AND this one held milk very well which was probably why I was expecting it to be a little stronger with nothing added.
Damn good tea!

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I’m not sure if the “Company Name” would be Three Rivers or what I got this one at an Indian store across town, Its not a chai or anything like that it’s just green tea, i tasted it made straight in the gaiwan and it taste similar to maybe a gunpowder green tea to me,slightly smokey with a pleasant bitter, but when I make it a certain way with a little milk turns Pink somehow.
I had to look online for an better way to make it rather than follow the jar instructions because instructions on the jar was obviously for making a really large amount at once AND the english was so bad I really didn’t know the amounts of water to use.
So I found way to make a smaller amount and I had to show lance and ask him “what color is this tea?” and he confirmed to me that it was Pink tho it looked more reddish to me.
Interesting, i’m really not sure how the Pink colour come about but it does, I also wonder if it is something they did to the tea or can ANY green tea do this when made this way or maybe a white tea?
I’ve googled pink tea and how to make pink tea and I see similar type methods of making it and some of them use Baking Soda to make it turn pink and that confuses me, I didn’t use baking soda.
I poured 300ml filtered water into saucepan with 1/2 teaspoon of the Kashmiri Tea and brought to a boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes, I then added 100ml of cold filtered water to it and brought it back to a boil once again, then I added milk 1 tablespoon at a time until it turned pink.
When it turned pink i added some sweetener and sipped it like a breakfast tea, It didn’t taste bad or super good to me tho i did like it, it just tasted like a strong green tea with milk in it which was something I haven’t had before so it was different.
I’ll drink it sometimes for breakfast if I want something different, I’ll likely not add anything to it to make it a chai tho because I think I like it just plain pink with only milk :)


Strange! It was pink? I haven’t heard of that before.

Tommy Toadman

Yep, it was neat, I wish I had it on Valentines day lol


Sounds fishy, lol.

Tommy Toadman

Ok So I tried this with another green tea and it also turned pink, so there is nothing special about this particular tea, just somehow some green teas can turn pink when made a certain way with milk added I guess, I still don’t understand why tho :)

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Sipping on this “Liquid Love” this evening, It’s a really good relaxation tea for after church on sunday. Got the doors and windows open enjoying the cool breeze from outside and lounging on the couch sipping tea, nothing to do not a care in the world just the sound of the wind and delicious tea, This is nice :)


that sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Butiki Teas

Love “liquid love”! :)


Cheers Tommy, that’s what I’ve been sipping on all day :-)

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The taste of this one is wonderful, to me it is slightly woodsy at first with bold notes of cocoa ,maltyness and maybe caramel, kinda malty and just really super good.
The second and third steep were the best, they were malty and tastes of so much of cocoa it was almost like it was a flavored tea or something and caramel hints with some roasty toasty characteristics of a darker oolong and the flavor was lingering in the mouth with a slight bitter.
by the fourth and 5 steeps it had lost the maltness and caramel hints but the woodsy note is back and the cocoa notes are still there, on the fifth steep a slight “whiskylike” note somehow came about.
Read more and see a few on my blog please :)

Tommy Toadman

I want to get more of this tea, I think it would be superb sweetened with a touch of mint added, mmmmm.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I just ordered this one today so excited to get it. Though it’ll be a while before I drink it. If you saw today’s blog post you will see what I mean.

Tommy Toadman

No Tea for a week, I couldn’t do it. Good Luck! you’ll love this one when you do get to try it :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Thanks Tommy. I am concerned for my survival as I am highly addicted.


This sounds very interesting.

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drank Daoli Flower Trip by Daoli
557 tasting notes

This one tastes pretty good, I’m not really big on flowery teas myself tho

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)
Really???? Blah Blah Blah lmfao!!!



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