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I brought this one to the hospital with me, i’ve been drinking it up for the past few days because hospital tea sucks. i’m gonna have to order a new when i get out of here.
As usual damn good tea.

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So I wasn’t going to write up anything about this one I was just going to drink it….Then I got tea buzz and I wrote a 5 stars review in my head….Now It’s gone and I don’t know what to say or think or feel…I think feel good tho lol.

This is one of the most Extreme Tea Drunk Buzzy feeling that I have had in a long time, maybe ever.
It reminds me of my earlier years of tea drinking, I stayed tea drunk often both accidentally and on purpose and I really enjoyed it, This time was an accident but I am still enjoying it.

Really tho the force is so strong with this one, it will hit you like a ton of bricks, at one point I wasnt sure about it myself, i was really like WTF!! there for a minute, Very Intense!!

I see you 2 still have this one in your cupboards here on the steepster, taste it, i need to know how it made you feel lol

Gonna go drink more and enjoy my bliss :)

Thank You MzPriss, I think you sent me this one a while back and I’ve been sitting on it.

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I really like this one, it is very nice to me, It’s kinda complex, very thick dark tea with No astringent or bitter at all, extremely mellow. Its Earthy and kinda spicy(slight peppery spice) and slightly sweet(brown sugar/molasses) at the same time, slight woody kinda sandalwood notes, it was a fruity note going to like raisin or dried fig, almost savory at times even with a camphor type note over all of that. This is a Puerh that i would Highly recommend, its nice enough for beginners also. So Extremely thick and black this one is yet so extremely smooth and mellow.
I didn’t find the anise in this one like others did :(

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I really wish i had more of this, it was just a sample…gonna have to buy a whole cake now, its so good

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I thought I had something to say about this one already, i guess not just a test lol
Any this shit is good, i want another one, Why I gave a 51 on it 6 years ago I have no clue it gets a 90 now. i think this was one of those cheap puerhs that i liked, i must have really liked it eventually and may not have written about it…revisiting old teas is fun once you have forgotten about them for so long.
I prefer to steep it dark, nice earthy, woody kinda malty taste, Very smooth and slightly sweet.
I want to get my hands on one of theres from each years that I can, Sold out on YS but I’ll look around.

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This one is pretty damn good, sweet and smooth, dark and rich, earthy with some cocoa and vanilla notes, it just Awesome, thats all.
I’ve had this one for a while,I’ve been going back and re-tasting some puerhs that ive had for years, I think i’ll keep this one out and drink it up since its so good And I see it is still available so I can get more if I need to.
At 12$ this is a Really Good puerh to buy and drink often I think, I’m totally gonna drink this up now.

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I was looking for this one online because i still have it, i know it came from Puerhshop listed as 2007 when i bought it 7-8 years ago, Now it is 90’s??
Vendor not really sure tho, Don’t believe it.

Maybe 2007 maybe not, probly not 90’s, idk..maybe just a generic wrapper on 3 different teas, oh well….Still taste like Dirt.
I like it tho, used to drink it all the time, glad i saved one.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

i think i lot of teas i have from Puerhshop may not really be what they are supposed to be

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Sample today from Umi Tea Sets, its really damn good too :)
It’s best serve it up in your aroma cup if you have one so that you can enjoy the fragrance, it is quite nice, a very sweet floral aroma idk what but sweet like honeysuckle, I like it.
The taste is also slightly sweet like cane sugar almost and quite floral like drinking a flower also vegetal, mineral, no bitter or astringent at all its actually quite “juicy” with slight fruit notes as well like Peach perhaps.
Very good tea, I am pleased to have it.

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, Mineral, Peach, Sweet, Vegetal


Pleased to see you buddy!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

@mrmopar Thank you, i’m trying to be here on Steepster more often again, i’m glad to see comments and likes, it feels like a Welcome Home :)


Indeed you are home and among friends!


Yep, good to see you again!

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So I didn’t see this tea on here for This Year and I didn’t feel like adding it myself blah blah so last year’s tea right here is well fine enough for me lol.

This one is always delicious its malty and spicy with sweet notes and a nice baked goods type thing going, like a flaky pastry. Damn good Tea always.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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