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refreshingly bright, orchidy and pleasantly vegetal. it is such a great light oolong.

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The flavor of Huang Shan Mao Feng is still a bit too subtle for me but this one is definitely better than the last one I reviewed. The taste is rounder and fuller than the one I previously reviewed. But there is a weird sensation that is left on your tongue and in your mouth after a sip…I can’t quite figure out what it is.

This is was just packaged on April 22, 2010 and is considered their Grade 1 (which is high but there are still 4 higher levels than this). I gave away one that I had that was two levels higher, but I still have the top (Tea King, Cha Wang, 茶王) from the same harvest from the same company to try. So I’ll put up the review once I try that.

Also still have at least five other grades and companies’ versions of this season’s harvest of Huang Shan Mao Feng to try.

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this is supposed to be one of the prized green teas of China (from one of the most sacred ancient mountains—the Yellow Mountain (黄山)but I was honestly a bit underwhelmed by this one. the flavor wasn’t that intense or noticeable—a bit too light for my taste (not a nice flavor with light presence you get from good longjing’s or biluochun’s).

It could just be this batch. I have about 8 other varieties of this Spring’s harvest from different tea gardens, producers, and companies just waiting to be compared. Will review those as I try them.

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nice flavor—light and smoky, complex but not overwhelming—toasty notes at the end. I usually don’t drink such strong tea (like to stick to greens, whites, and tisanes) but thought I would try something different this morning and I enjoyed it. Tea Master Zhao gave this to me so I could become familiar with good Da Hong Pao.

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I am starting a social entrepreneurship project in China bringing together two personal passions: tisane/tea and genuine women’s empowerment. I have been a tea fanatic since I was in third grade and tried to recreate Victorian high teas in my childhood home’s dining room. I have been avidly seeking out a great heated cup of water flavored by dried tea leaves, herbs or flowers ever since.


Beijing, China

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