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Grabbed a cup of this while at the mall. My wife was getting her eyebrows done….so I treated myself to tea. A good call I think. This one is pretty good. The cinnamon just about knocks you over. I could also pick up the apple and caramel. However there was just a funky aftertaste that I had with this one. I think it was pretty good and think my mom would love this one for Christmas or her birthday. I think they should rename it cinnamon bun instead of toasted nut brulee.


Amen about the name change! I have no idea what they thought tasted like brulee in there.


I totally agree.

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I received this one from Batrachoid. I’m really trying to like this one but so far is not happening. There’s is a touch of Oolong and darjeeling in it, but I’m thinking green pu-erh is not for me. It was bitter to me…lacked the smoothness that I like from black pu-erh. By the end of the of the cup I felt like scratching my tongue like Tom Hanks in Big. I am normally not one to rate a tea low but this one just isn’t doing it for me.

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Another offering from Teavivre that I have been excited to try. Tuocha happens to be one of my favorite forms of the glorious tea that is Pu-Erh. I can’t tell you how many times when everything seems to be cramming down on me that I make a cup of Pu-Erh and I don’t know why but Pu-Erh seems to have that Je ne sais quoi that relaxes me and brings me back an even keel. For some it’s a drink of an alcoholic nature however it’s Pu-Erh for me. Now I have tried the rose tuocha from Tao of Tea before and enjoyed it. Again I love the packaging from this company and love how for the shelf life this one says ongoing. First steep the tuocha crumbled almost instantly after a minute. A nice dark liquor was produced. I have noticed with rose teas that the first cup has a bit of bite to it. I don’t know if this is a characteristic of the rose or not. It doesn’t deter from the quality of the tea just a tad bitter. Second Steep lovely and smooth. Third: lighter and tastes more like mushroom water. All said I think this is another fine offering from teavivre. I am enjoying what they have to offer.

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So I am reviewing this one after my second tasting because sometimes with my palette I have to try it a second time before accurately reviewing a tea. First of all I have to say that I am very impressed with the ATD of this company. In the broadcast industry we call that attention to detail. Never on tea packaging have I seen the origin, factory it was produced in, date it was produced and shelf life. Now about the tea. So as I have matured in my coffee tasting and can pinpoint beans from different regions…so it goes with teas. There is a certain taste quality that you get from Yunnan blacks….slightly smokey…a little peppery…hint of leather…maybe even pumpkin. None the less this is a quality tea and I am quite glad to try it.


Hmm, I didn’t get any smokiness at all. How long did you steep it?

Jim Marks

Yeah that’s really a different set of notes from what I get, but you didn’t provide your steep time or temperature of water.

The DJBooth

well maybe I had some lapsang yesterday as well I tend to drink a lot….trying it again today and am not getting the smokiness I had once thought

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drank JavaVana Mate by Teavana
377 tasting notes

Yes this was the start to my day. Still trying to get the house in order and cleaning the kitchen. MMMMM it’s like a coffee shop in a pot. That’s a great aroma to get going with. This is definitely one of my favorite morning starters.

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Twinings
377 tasting notes

There are days when you need comfort food….well like comfort food sometimes you need comfort tea. In my opinion there are none better than Lapsang Souchong. Ahhh!! Happiness.

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I received a sample of this from Batrachoid so I decided to start the day with it. The pot was ghoulishly green like a bucket of slime. The likes of left behind by a famous ghost. That the likes of Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spangler, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Winston Zeddmore take on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2nYqyfDMnQ I’m excited to try this since my resume of Harney & Sons is quite small. Pretty good overall but I was a little disappointed to not have that toasted rice flavor really come out. It’s seems to be more prevalent in the blends that I have found at the Asian market. Not bad but not spectacular either.


Stay-Puft marshmallow tea must not be far behind?


That made my day ghoulish. =)I think H&S was trying to say"Look! See all the sencha? We do sell Japanese tea!" but I freely admit to buying this in part for the tin.

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Let’s face it I’m always trying to find a great deal when comes to high quality loose leaf tea. There are times when paying more is necessary(say the Imperial Pu-Erh), but in general with having a mortgage to pay and etc….as late it’s been hard to justify spending a lot on my tea appreciation(some call it a habit). I’ve had in the bagged version and thought it to be excellent, so when I saw this at Big Lots where I found the English Breakfast for 2.50 can I had to try it. So I thought I would make a pot before heading to the in-laws for Sunday dinner. The aromatic bouquet that permeates the nose is wonderful. It’s one those scents that you can walk by…take in…and be up lifted. I think I brewed it just a tad weak, it was still tasty. I have become a fan of offerings accompanied with the oil of bergamot. Not to mention who doesn’t love a good story like the one behind this tea and the Earl Grey himself. This could definitely be one added to the morning brew.


Twinings Lady Grey is pretty good, too!

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So I have had this one a while and wanted get a week in of tasting it before my review. Trumpet fanfare….or not so much. This tea has very similar indgredients that the good Dr’s coffee tea has but with white chocolate instead of the vanilla. When brewed the matcha is not that noticable. It is a deep brown liquor(like the coffee tea) with oddly enough a green ring around the top of the mug. Not gonna lie that’s cool. The aroma is pleaseant a little roasty…a little sweet too. However I think that there is some sweetness in the aroma when you roast something. The sip. MMMM There is that roasted oolong and hojicha coming through…and the white chocolate. That’s the difference between the coffee tea, and BAM! KA-POW! WHAM! or my favorite KABONG! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os6ptSZFNOk&feature=related The Matcha. What the Matcha gives this is more texture. It’s almost like the consistency of hot cocoa. This is a fabulous tea. It’s definitely a great morning starter after a cup of JavaVana Mate. This adds to why more of my tea money goes to the Dr.

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This is one of the hardest iced teas to find anywhere. I first tried it when my wife and I were house hunting and found this at a gas station. It’s quite tasty. Sometimes the green tea with ginseng and honey can be a tad bitter. However the combination of black and white and ginseng plus honey makes it refreshing, not too sweet, and smooth. I hope more places carry this. It is great. I did see this on Sams club website so here’s to hoping. :)


I haven’t seen one of those around Atlanta in years. I always snag a few cans if I do stumble upon it, though. It’s really tasty. Too bad there’s so much sugar…

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DJ, Work in Radio,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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