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I don’t know exactly what my problem is with this, but absolutely no.

Full disclosure… I’m not particularly fond of s’mores as they are normally served (I always made mine with a reese’s cup instead of hershey’s and a cinnamon graham cracker instead of plain). But, this doesn’t even taste like s’mores to me! So….I don’t think that’s it. The taste was just weird, especially considering that it smelled pretty promising. I don’t think I screwed up the steeping either. I just didn’t like this at all. I nursed it for about an hour and only got maybe 4 sips down before deciding I shouldn’t have to drink tea I don’t like.

Thanks, Ost, for the chance to try this one. Sorry I didn’t love it.


That’s okay. I didn’t think it was that great either…some people really seem to like it though :O So figured I’d give it a shotwith you :P

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I’ve been wanting to try this one ever since TeaSipper wrote a note saying it seemed to have actual pumpkin puree bits in or something along those lines. Then, the lovely Ost sent me some to try! Yay! I love when it works out like that where I get to try something without having to buy a whole 2 oz.

Does this taste like pie? Yes, it does. Does this taste like pumpkin pie? I don’t know and I don’t care this time. I’m not even 100% sure I’m tasting everything accurately as my nose is still recovering from being sick this past weekend. I think this tastes like cinnamony crusty bits with some kind of sweetish something that I’m willing to call pumpkin. I’m having this plain right now, but I’d wager there’d be more pumpkin flavor with a little sugar added. Ost sent me just enough for a second cup, so I’ll try it that way. I’m glad I found another one from Della Terra that I like since I haven’t had the best of luck with the samples I’ve tried.

And it’s so quintessentially fall outside right now. This was a perfect choice for my noon tea :)

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drank Un Momento by Tealux
199 tasting notes

Let me start out by saying that it really irks me when I forget to put rooibos blends in a T-sac and instead put them in an infuser because oh.my.gosh I hate little floaty rooibos bits. When it’s actually tea floating in my cup, it’s no biggie. But….little scratchy bits of rooibos that stick to the sides of your mouth and under your tongue…ugh. I don’t mind the flavor of rooibos usually, but feeling pieces of it in my mouth while drinking it is just unbearable.

Now, I made this for my boyfriend to try and stole a couple of sips from his cup. He didn’t seem to mind the pieces (thank goodness because I wouldn’t have finished the cup due to being so annoyed). The flavor and smell, however, were wonderful! I definitely see myself seeking out other coffee-flavored teas now. I liked that there was the slightest hint of warm, roasty, comforting coffee-ness in both the fragrance and taste. I also felt this truly encompassed the flavors of tiramisu. The most prominent parts were the espresso, vanilla/cream/custard, and almond. Is there normally almond or amaretto in tiramisu? If there isn’t, perhaps there should be because it tasted great all together.

I just have to make sure that I always brew this in a bag. I’m rating this solely based on flavor, since any rooibos/honeybush blend finds its way out of my infusers, making it not the fault of this blend.

Flavors: Almond, Cream, Espresso, Vanilla

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This was another of the Butiki teas I tried today. Honestly, upon first sip, I was simultaneously impressed and weirded out…..this tastes exactly like tamarind to me, which is super impressive in that it is a fantastic accomplishment…..until I realize that I’m not so sure I like drinking something that tastes like plain tamarind. I should have sweetened it probably. It grew on me by the end of the cup, though. I didn’t buy more in the order I placed today, but I feel the package I have will really hit the spot occasionally.

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I steeped three big cups out of the same leaves of this today at work and enjoyed them all so much that I figured I’d better come home and place another Butiki order to get more of this before it runs out….only to find that Stacy’s been out of this one for a while now and I just hadn’t noticed! Being that this was my first time trying it, I guess it wasn’t really on my radar so much. I didn’t even really remember ordering it the first time. I just grabbed one of the little black bags out of my box of other little black bags on my way to work today without paying attention. Now I’m sad I can’t get more :( That’s not to say that I didn’t end up placing another Butiki order anyway…..

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I’m so glad I grabbed this from Ost when she was selling it because it has definitely found my favor more than it did hers! Perhaps this is because I have yet to try Lupicia’s famed Golden Honey Dew. For now, I am quite happy with this. I had it hot and probably would continue to have it hot. It reminded me of this wedding I went to in San Francisco. They had their reception at an Asian restaurant that served tempura-fried honeydew pieces. Oh man. That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten, and yet I’ve never again seen it on any menu anywhere. Someone needs to get on that! Anyway, because this tea reminds me of that, I will greatly enjoy drinking each and every bag I can!

Flavors: Honeydew


Glad you liked it!!

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drank Paradise Green by Lupicia
199 tasting notes

I had received two bag of this from momo back when I purchased from her stash sale, and then a little loose leaf from JennKay when she sent me some teas. I finally tried it the other day and have to say that I am not as impressed as I’d hoped to be with this. I guess it’s because I really didn’t taste anything other than the green tea. I wanted more of the “paradise.” I only tried it hot and, since I often find that fruit flavors in green tea come out more for me when cold, I won’t rate this until I get the chance to try it again.

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Whoa…so…this is not going to be a particularly coherent tasting note since this.is.so.freaking.good.

Like really. I don’t even know what I’m tasting. All I know is it’s addictive. I guess if I had to choose some flavors, I’d say malty with a mellow sweetness at the end like I would expect from maybe dates or figs.

It’s so ridiculously comforting. This is going to be the perfect everyday fall/winter tea for me, which means I’ll need to order from Butiki again to pick up more :) I’m definitely okay with having an excuse to order again!

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I got a sample of this in a swap with TeaBrat because I’d been wanting to try a lemon dessert tea. I’m really glad I did! This was a nice, sweet, creamy lemon flavor. No tartness here and just the right blend of vanilla to really hit the spot for me. Not to mention how good it smelled when brewed! I personally don’t have a problem with the lighter flavor I get from using one bag of this, but I know many other prefer to use two bags when having tea from RoT. I could see how that would be tasty with this particular flavor. I’ll be picking some of this up when I order from them again.

Flavors: Cream, Lemon, Vanilla


Glad you liked it!

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This tea was…not very memorable.

Of course, I’m having a bad day. One in which nothing went as it was supposed to.

So….I won’t rate this because maybe it’s not the tea’s fault.

However, we may never know since I drank all of the sample Ost sent me. :(

I’m finding that I haven’t liked as many of Della Terra’s teas as I’d hoped I would.

Flavors: Spices

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I am a teacher for an after school tutoring program serving grades 1-12 and the Assistant Director of an English language program. Dealing with people who are just learning how to communicate can be stressful. Since I’ve never been (and never want to be) a coffee drinker, I was happy to have found a tea I liked when I started college. Bigelow French Vanilla was my first ever favorite tea. I am just learning to love loose leaf. I drink tea both hot and cold every single day.

I’m not too much of a fancy-pants when it comes to tea drinking. As long as it tastes good and doesn’t take up my whole paycheck, I’m happy. I find I am mostly enjoying flavored blacks and oolongs, as well as whites and the occasional green tea. I’m struggling with plain greens. I take to fruit-flavored greens much more readily. The only reason I ever sweeten a tea is if I hear it brings out a particular flavor in that tea. Otherwise, I don’t usually add sweeteners. When it comes to milk, I again don’t usually add any. But, when I do, I only use almond milk or coconut milk (the thin kind that comes in a carton from Trader Joe’s…not the thick canned kind).

Love: Floral (especially jasmine and rose), caramel, maple, nuts, cream, cake/cookie flavors, chocolate, and fruit (especially peach, pineapple, berries, raisins, and coconut)

Loathe: Peppermint, licorice, really strong vegetable flavors, mint/chocolate combo, heavily spiced teas

Aside from tea, I also really REALLY enjoy reading.

NOTE: I haven’t been putting my one to two cup samples in my cupboard because that’s really only enough for tasting and experimenting. If it’s in my cupboard, it means I have enough to go back to it if I’m craving it (or if somebody wants to swap).


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