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I’m in the mood for some iced tea, and it’s getting late in the day, so I’m going with this herbal blend (which admittedly has been in my cupboard for awhile…not years, mind you, but maybe since spring, or maybe longer…). I’m not a huge fan of citrus or rooibos, but I need to use this up, so I will. I do sometimes like fruity teas over ice.
Dry, the tea smells of dusty fruit loops, and cardamon, & it burns my nose a bit.

My brewing method: 4T in a 1 QT Mason jar. Add about 1/3 jar hot water, let it sit a bit, then fill with ice cubes. (I know this isn’t the classy way to do things, but it works well for a quick cup of iced tea). Strain into my ice cube filled starbucks insulated iced bev cup. Refill the jar with more ice & water & put it in the frig for later. Unsweetened its ok, but in my opinion most fruity teas need some sweetening to bring out the flavors, so I add a little stevia, & the flavors pop! Very Fruit loopey (admittedly, it’s been decades since I had fruit loops, so I really don’t know what they taste like). It’s sweet & fruity, very bright, very ‘juicy’ & lively, with citrus, cardamon, apple, & the rooibus is not too obvious. It’s ok, & it will help to brighten up my afternoon (without adding more caffeine).

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Imagine a Chocolate Malt…that’s what this tea brings to mind when I open the tin & breath in…“ahhh, my love, I missed you over the weekend,” I whisper as I pour hot water into my cup. This is currently one of my favorite teas in the cupboard. It is a dark, dark brown brew, with a chocolate & clay-like aroma, a very slight bitterness to the back of my tongue, so earthy, so good. It isn’t sweet, & there are times when I add a pinch of stevia & some coconut or almond milk, but I haven’t been doing that much lately. On the 2nd brewing, the color mellows to a reddish brown & the flavor becomes more mineral & a little more tannic, but still acceptable & bold enough for my tastes.
This is the kind of tea I especially like when the weather gets cool. Of course, it’s 84 degrees right now, & I was suppose to garden this morning, & I have other things to do as well. “Gratefully, this tea packs a punch & I will probably become mobile in a few minutes”, she said.

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I just finished my first cup of the day, the wonderfully deep & mellow Kenyan from The London Tea Room (oh how lucky I am to live in St. Louis!). It’s beautiful reddish brown color & aroma speak of unsweetened dark chocolate & hints of a coffee-like, but not coffee-like earthiness. This is a tea that I enjoy often, usually with breakfast. It doesn’t have the malty character of my beloved Assam, but it still gives a great caffeine jolt & is not for the faint hearted!
Although I’m not always a fan of re-steeping, what the heck! While it’s brewing, I’ll mention that I love the Teavana app on my iPhone, specifically because it has a really fun tea timer!
So, cup #2: Still mellow, more of an amber color now, more of a mineral taste, slightly bitter, more like a basic cup of tea. I suppose if I were scrimping pennies here (& I probably should, being a musician), I’d re-steep more often, but I don’t drink, smoke, binge on sweets, or do anything else, so I’m allowed to indulge in teas, good foods, & musical instruments!

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It’s Labor day, which for me is Pajama Day, & next on my agenda (of basically doing nothing) is a hot bubble bath, which must be accompanied by a hot cup of tea. I would rather my first post here be about something loose leafed, but I’m at my weekend home (that’s my boyfriend of 12 years house), & my selections here aren’t as varied. I want something bold & rich for my bath, & this one was in my wallet. (I carry a selection of bagged teas in my wallet for when I want a cup & none is available). So Emperor’s Puerh it is.

Let me mention that although I love tea in all it’s varieties & drink it often, I’m not in the habit of putting words to the flavors, images, & emotions I get while drinking it, so please be patient with me, as I’m new to writing these things down. Even more difficult is the idea of rating a tea…that will take some thought!

Of course, I’ve drank this tea before. While I was heating the water, I raised the bag to my nose & breathed in: the smell of salt & clay. Adding the water, I smell kelp as well, with an undertone of mushroom.

The taste is earthy & very smooth, the color dark & rich. I want a more malty, chocolate flavor, but it isn’t there. What is there is a mellow mineral tinged cup with an aftertaste of newly mown hay. I like it. As with other Numi teas, I feel that they tend to skimp on the amount of tea they put in the bag, but that’s the opinion of someone who likes her tea kind of strong.

Just for fun, I’m adding a little stevia to the 2nd half of the cup, and… I like it better plain. Oh darn, I’ve drank the whole cup of tea & haven’t even drawn my bathwater! I guess I’d better brew another cup!


Hi, I just listened to some of your music and it is wonderful! Welcome to Steepster! This is a magical world of wonderful people. It has become a family of friends to me and I hope you will feel the same friendship that I have experienced. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to go to the envelope above and send me a PM (Personal message). I’m the grandmother in the house.

Terri HarpLady

Thanks Bonnie! Even though I just joined the other day, I’m feeling welcome (and addicted) to the place already!

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I’m so excited to have found this community! I’m a self-employed Harpist (acoustic & electric – Originals, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) & Singer/Songwriter. My days & nights revolve around teaching at home, playing gigs, gardening,& fixing awesome food to eat. My schedule is different everyday, but I just go with the flow, & I sip a lot of tea!

My love of Tea began with Herbals back in the 70’s. One of my favorites was a licorice blend from House of Hezekiah, an old tea shop in Kansas City. There was also a tea with mint, rose petals, chamomile, etc called Nuclear Casual Tea.
In the 80’s I gave up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, (& a few illicit substances…), and brewed medicinal blends & tinctures to support 4 pregnancies (all children born at home). In the 90’s my love affair with green teas began when I discovered ‘The Republic of Tea’. Their beautiful teas & packaging inspired my original song, “TeaMind”, from my CD “Zen Breakfast”. If you’d like to hear the song for free, drop by my website.

In general, I drink my teas straight, but occasionally I add a pinch of Stevia & maybe some coconut or almond milk (I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, & various other things & avoid most sweets.)

I’ve explored a variety of teas:
Whites tend to be a little bland…sorry
Oolongs – wonderfully sensual
Roobios – I’m not a fan in general
Puehr – a fairly new direction for me
I’m not a huge fan of flavored teas, but I do make exceptions, & I’ll try just about anything once.

And Black Tea, Oh how I love thee!!
I am on a quest for the most wonderful breakfast cup! I will find you, my Love!


St. Louis, MO



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