23 Tasting Notes

drank Ice Cream Cake by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

I’m normally skeptical about dessert teas as I find they taste very little like an actual dessert. However, I really really enjoy this Ice Cream Cake tea. It tastes like a cup of orange pekoe tea with milk and sugar mixed in. There is a natural sweetness and creaminess to it that perfectly balances with black tea base. Its relaxing and delicious and it actually satisfies the sugar craving (which is surprising). I bought a sample baggie, but I’m going to have to go back and buy a tin of it now. Its also fantastic iced.

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A really pleasant, calming tea. Reminds me of ‘Mothers Little Helper’ (Davids) and ‘That Time of the Month’ from theteashop. I was originally turned off this tea because of its name. I don’t want to think about “weight loss” while enjoying a soothing tea and no tea will make you lose weight. But I got a bit in my Christmas advent sampler and really enjoyed it.

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Smells so divine there are no words sufficient enough. I think my expectations were quite high going in as I wasn’t sure what to expect from a dessert tea.

It did not taste as strong as it smells, which is a tad disappointing. That said, I enjoyed it immensely and it did fill that after-dinner-sugar-craving that I frequently experience. This will probably become one of my teas that I will always have on hand.

Another reviewer suggested adding agave nectar to it, so I think I might just do that.

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A weird tea. One of the ladies at David’s recommended it to me as the flavour profile is what I prefer (the earthy, bark flavour). And it certainly did deliver that.

It looks revolting when you brew it…..a big mug of mud. Yummy. Didn’t mind it however.

Perhaps I will mix it with something else….like the Santa’s Secret I have.

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Oh my goodness this tea was a delight. Definitely the highlight of David’s 2010 Winter Collection.

It was rich, spicy and tasted a bit different each time. And it smells so Christmasy and actually really British.

I will have to go and buy more before it is phased out for the year.

I was drinking this continuously while undergoing a ‘As Time Goes By’ marathon – so the smell of this tea will always remind me of Judi Dench and Jeffery Palmer.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

I was a bit disappointed with this tea actually. I was really excited to get it, the new seasonal tea and all. And it smells DELICIOUS. Sadly, that scent does not carry over into the tea and all the flavours seem to blend into a generic black blend.

Some of the other reviews have suggested brewing it in some chocolate…which is what I am promptly going to do. After that I will review again.

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This was purchased for a friend, but through some mix up it ended up in my bag. It certainly smells lovely, but I was hesitant to try it as it seemed to me to be a “weak” tea.

But I brewed a cup and it was actually quite lovely. Its definitely an afternoon tea, as its not heavy like you’d expect for a morning or evening tea.

Its quite sweet like the grapes on which it is based, but it is not a fruity tea. The rose and black currents in it persuade it not to be a fruit tea.

I have a rather large bag of it and I may purchase it once I’m finished as its a nice tea to have on hand as I see it being a pleasing tea for guests.

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Growing up this was the go-to cure for all colds and general unwell feelings. This tea has seen me through all of my illnesses and I swear by it.

An excellent product, that tastes wonderful. Its enjoyable even when you aren’t ill.

This is one tea that is always on hand.

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I actually used this tea as a way to spruce up my hot chocolate. I brewed the bag and the HC powder in a mug and enjoyed. It was nice…for a mint tea. On its own….well ya, I do not drink mint tea, I find it a tad revolting. But as an add it was pleasant.

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

It was alright. Didn’t really taste like much of anything actually; it wasn’t gross but nor was it wonderful.

It did deliver on it promise to give you a mental boost. The boost isn’t the same as what you’d get on an energy drink, but it did wake me up in a much more subtle and natural way.

I will drink the rest of the baggie I purchased, but I am unsure whether I will purchase more.

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Jasmine and Earl Grey are my go-to teas. I enjoy teas that taste like bark/dirt/woodsy flavours and I detest fruit teas.

I always drink it black and I always forget to remove the bag/strainer so I always drink it very strong.





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