Sichuan Caravan

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Pu'erh Tea
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Cinnamon, Earth, Ginger, Licorice, Musty, Pepper, Smoke, Spicy, Sweet, Vanilla
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From Verdant Tea

We love pu’er for its multi-dimensional complexity. One of the most interesting and often overlooked elements of the pu’er experience is the vaguely numbing and tingling sensation that fine pu’er leaves in the aftertaste. Our goal with this blend was to highlight this textural quality of great shu pu’er, while at the same time creating a warming, rich and perfectly integrated taste experience.

We start with the incredible Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets. This tea is known for its pastry-like dessert flavors, and its smooth sweet aftertaste. We build on that richness with one of our favorite ingredients to pair with shu pu’er, dried elderberries. The dark sweetness of the elderberries brings out the natural berry qualities of the pu’er itself, and lingers on the sides of the tongue.

Next we draw out the pastry sweetness of the pu’er with a touch of licorice root, which helps highlight and blend the sweet spice of ginger root. Ginger starts to emphasize the tingling texture of this fine pu’er, but on its own, it doesn’t push quite far enough. That is why we added a touch of Sichuan peppercorn to round out this tea and make it whole. Sichuan peppercorn has a uniquely numbing flavor that elevates this blend to a new level. Taken as a whole, no one flavor stands out above the others. They work together smoothly to emphasize everything warm and satisfying that we love about shu pu’er.

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78 Tasting Notes

3294 tasting notes

I am home from the hospital, the surgery went well.
I have a temp cast on my hand, pain dope in my system (in NA we call this a *FreeLapse, & I fully intend to enjoy it, although its not really that great of a buzz…just a mellow vibe…)
I ate some food, & wanted tea.
This one totally hit the spot tonight.
Now I’m going to bed, gonna lay my hands on my chest & turn on the Reiki, & will gratefully accept any long distance healing vibes anybody would like to send my way.
Thanks Friends!


I’m happy to hear that the surgery went well.


Healing vibes sent! Hope you heal quickly and as painlessly as possible :)


Glad you are home! Speedy recovery and (((hugs)))


Speedy recovery! Healing vibes sent your way


glad it went well my darling!


Wishing you quick healing!


Que the Beach Boys – Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations. Thanks for the update, we were all wondering. And just so you know, with the pain meds I would probably go with something more like Pink Floyd than Beach Boys but couldn’t think of a song title that seemed appropriate.


Glad it went well and you’re back home!

Terri HarpLady

KS – the song we’re looking for is “Comfortably Numb” ;)


I’m sending lots of fast healing and pain free vibes in your direction, Terri. I’m glad to hear the surgery went well.


I’m glad everything is okay. Sending some healing vibes!

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15139 tasting notes

le sigh. This is not the blend it used to be. Everytime i have it, it makes me a little more sad. This version is a dull version of the previous incarnation. There is way less punch to this one and the spicy is way milder. That doesn’t make for a bad tea, but this version is not something i need to keep on hand. I suppose i could probably find ginger somewhere to add to it to give it a little more punch, but i am not so magically herb inclined as some heh

Terri HarpLady

It isn’t the same, but I still enjoy it, using a heaping TB


Good recommendation Terri…I have been using 2 tsp and I love it.
I think a tiny bit more puerh would give a little more punch, and while I like
ginger in a blend…I am not wanting it “in my face” …I wish I could taste the other
blend to compare.

Terri HarpLady

it’s been awhile since I had a cup of this. Might have to break it out later :)

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1186 tasting notes

So I was looking through my tea cupboard and wanted some pu’erh, but I don’t want to open a new sample tonight, so I was pondering which one to have. And this one just popped out! I’ve been hoarding my last 2 cups of this ever since it went out of stock, but hey, I might as well drink it! Hoarding it doesn’t do much good, there will be more amazing teas that come out! This is lightly spicy and the sweet aftertaste of the licorice is really nice tonight. The pu’erh tastes delicious here, light yet satisfying. As it’s cooling the spiciness from the ginger is coming out. I steeped this first cup for 1 minute with a 25 second rinse. I’m looking forward to a few more cups tonight, there was a nice big chunk of pu’erh in this cup too, I actually broke it in half and saved the rest for the last cup. Ahh I hope Verdant does more pu’erh blends, this is awesome! See previous notes :)

ETA – forgot to mention, this is another tea that goes good with LOTR. Rich and earthy, with some spice and mystery, perfect for the Two Towers. :D

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

How I love it so!


It is soo good!

Terri HarpLady

It is! I’m still hoarding some : )


I wish I had ordered more than 7 g of it when I had the chance :( I could totally hoard 2 oz of it hehe it’s just so smooth yet spicy and very drinkable. And ginger! I’m such a ginger fanatic :D


You can add puerh to the Winter blend and Laoshan Black in the meantime. Tastes great.

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174 tasting notes

I’ve been playing around with my new yixing that I got a few weeks ago and I’m drinking this western style. I have two yixing teapots, one little 3.7 oz from Zen Tea and a 10 oz one from Teavana that I got a while ago but mostly because I liked it, not for its actual purpose. so, that one is dedicated to Jasmine silver needles and the smaller one for dancongs. The Teavana one is surprisingly absorbent.

Anyways, this tea. I can taste the puerh just fine, the nice pastry notes. I just realized I don’t think I’ve posted a note for the puerh by itself even though I’ve been drinking it…later. This tea now. I like this puerh by itself, so that’s a plus. I hate licorice, but I can’t taste it in this tea, a blessing in its self. I’m not a big fan of ginger, I like it, but in small amounts; i find it easily overdone, same with peppercorn. They are not overdone in this blend. The peppercorn is light, the ginger is warming, the elderberry adding a taste of sweetness. There is a slight numbing sensation on the tip of the tongue that tingles slightly in the aftertaste, from what I’m not sure, I just know it’s there.

I find that I really Verdants puerh blends more than the puerhs by themselves. I have enjoyed all the puerh blends that I have tried, too. I have to admit, this is my least favorite puerh blend that I have tried from them. Even at that, I still really enjoy this tea.

Playing with my yixing teapots, my typically mug I use for western style brewing, and my new teacups from Verdant.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Pretty, Pretty!


very inviting display :)


I love those! Thanks for sharing!


Nice photo :)
I hate I licorice too and I’m very cautious about spices in my tea but I did enjoy Sichuan Caravan.

Invader Zim

Thank you all!

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1759 tasting notes

Hey! I’ve reviewed this baby before. Where did it go! Odd. Well darn, I didn’t really pay attention to this cuppa, I just remember enjoying my three steeps immensely!
It was a little spicy, too much for my liking so I did add some milk. That made it into a wonderful brew that I could not get enough of!
Funny, I don’t recall it being so harsh. I must have got a different blend of spices in my spoon this time. Ah well, it was super delish!
(Big thanks to Sil for sharing!)

Terri HarpLady

Oh, I miss this one so much! I hope they hurry up & make the new version!


Terrry, it’s already available.

Terri HarpLady

Huh?? When? It wasn’t there yesterday…
(headed over to the verdant website now…)

Terri HarpLady

Well well well!!! Yay!

Sil never listen to meeeeeeeeeeee lol

Terri HarpLady

Sil, I did listen to you! I kept looking & waiting…sigh…and now it’s THERE!!!


haha i picked up 2oz…aaaalmost picked up 4.


LOL I go away for an hr or two and look what happens. You gals are awesome :)


well yes, but you didn’t need to go away for 2 hours to find that out haha!


Now now, grandma Bonnie is looking out!


Sil- of course not! but I had to say it anyhow :P
Bonnie, just another reason I’m grateful for you!!


hugs? yes!! hugs!! :)


hugs? yes!! hugs!! :)

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1501 tasting notes

Hm. My first order from Verdant, and what do I choose to drink? This one, of course. The pu-erh! :)

It’s less.. than what I was expecting however. Did I brew it wrong? I mean, it’s nice and quite fragrant. The base is lovely, I can definitely taste licorice and faint ginger. Still, there’s less kapow here than what I was hoping for. I used 1.5 tsp for 12 ounces. Do I need to overleaf?

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Sil has mentioned it’s not as spicy and wow as the last batch. The last batch she sent me a tsp of, and it’s… amazing. I have a tiny bit left if you’d like to compare!


If you’re willing to spare, I’d love to compare!


You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it!! :)


LOL MissB… I love this one but that’s because I can’t tolerate too much ginger.. for me it’s just right.


Ok, it’s on the shelf and I’m marking it in my spreadsheet! :)


I think I used 2 tsp…I love it, but I have to admit that I like ginger in tea in smaller amounts… I like this even as it cools…it has a slightly mineral taste to me :-)


Ok…I need to take back the “slightly mineral” comment…lol…ya’ll are gonna laugh…
I needed to clean out my electric hot water pot…lol…I am a BlondTard…lol…
I love this tea ;-)

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470 tasting notes

After the min-disaster with Laoshan Genmaicha I decided to go for something I knew I’d like. I’m on a mission to go through my Verdant samples, which I have been hoarding for some reason. I guess I was just worried about messing them up, or waiting for the right time to enjoy them. But I realized that’s a bit silly—no reason to squirrel away tea!

Ginger is hands-down my favorite herb, so of course any Verdant blend with it becomes a must-try. This is a rich, earthy brew backed up by the sweetness of elderberry and the heat of ginger and peppercorn. It’s not really a spicy blend in the sense that it’s not hot-spicy, but more mouth-tingly spicy. The description says they were going for mouth-numbing qualities and they are definitely here! My whole mouth feels tingly after a few sips in a pleasant way.

The ginger is definitely the strongest element, followed by the smooth pu-erh. There are some whiffs of cream and pastry here, a surprising contrast to the bright, spicy ginger. I think this blend would be a favorite if not for the licorice. There’s an unpleasant sweetness that is lingering in the back of my throat, and to me it just clashes with the ginger. Licorice is okay in small quantities, but I think there were a lot of chunks of it in my sample. Still a very delightful experience! Also, after about roughly a million steeps (okay, more like 8) the nuggets still have not unfurled all the way! Tenacious little fellows.


Good bounce-back!

Terri HarpLady

I love this one & am still hoarding some!

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807 tasting notes

Loving this!
I do not like licorice but you don’t get licorice in this as you would eating licorice.
There is a leathery aspect, nicely balanced spices, lovely elderberry!
I am going to be doing a full review for SororiTea Sisters this evening.
Perfection thank you Verdant for always offering such complex and delightful blends!

Daisy Chubb

mmm can’t wait for the full review!


Thank you it will be posted on the 10th :)

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125 tasting notes

Well, this turned out to be a pyjama day. I love pyjama days! I read, I played, I ate delicious things and I’ve been sipping on this yummy tea through it all.

To me this is a very well balanced blend. It has a spicy and sweet aroma and a smooth taste with a bit of sweetness and just right amount of ginger. Yum!

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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1442 tasting notes

Happy New Year!

I thought I would have this tonight after being without caffeine for two days but it wasn’t meant to be. First the sample bag split open on both ends, and half the tea fell on the dirty floor. Then I unintentionally dumped the rest down the drain when I attempted a rinse. Definitely up their with my top embarrassing sleep deprived moments. I guess the first caffeine beverage of the new year will have to wait another day!

Luckily, I had some a week back via glass gongfu session, although I only got up to 3 steeps. I liked the spice but I wanted to play around with the puerh parameters, as it wasn’t too my taste (too much sweet earth dirt).



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