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Cookie, Ginger, Spices, Cinnamon, Flowers, Toasty, Earth, Herbs, Cream, Floral, Milk, Sweet
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  • “I believe this was a sample from Lion. This was one of the better light roasted/green oolongs I’ve had in a while. I’m not getting much ginger or anything specific but it is fairly smooth and...” Read full tasting note
  • “Because I’ve come to enjoy scented teas so much I find myself seeking out unique and unfamiliar pairings, which is how I originally stumbled across this tea. What is interesting about it is that it...” Read full tasting note
  • “If I could sum up this tea in one word, it would be bland. The flavor is neither bad nor good it’s just missing. Seriously, it tastes like you’re drinking hot water. I tried brewing it western...” Read full tasting note
  • “Got this tea in the postal teas subscription box. Love that I was able to try three different oolongs from Tea Ave. My favorite out of the three was the magnolia oolong but this one is a close...” Read full tasting note

From Tea Ave

Our Ginger Lily Oolong is prepared using the ancient method, in which the tea absorbs the flower fragrance during the baking progress, producing a scented tea that’s aromatic and flavorful without using any additives or chemicals. It’s good for you and delicious. Ginger Lily Oolong has a mild, soothing aroma.

Ginger Lily Oolong is sweet and smooth, with a light body. Ginger Lily from Taiwan is blended with high mountain oolong tea (Alishan Jin Xuan) to yield a tea that has an earthy oolong taste with a light, sweet ginger finish. Call it summer in a cup.

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32 Tasting Notes

258 tasting notes

I believe this was a sample from Lion.

This was one of the better light roasted/green oolongs I’ve had in a while. I’m not getting much ginger or anything specific but it is fairly smooth and creamy.

That’s about all I have for this one. I’m tired. Haha.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

I miss Lion.


Yeah, I hadn’t seen him around.

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2145 tasting notes

Because I’ve come to enjoy scented teas so much I find myself seeking out unique and unfamiliar pairings, which is how I originally stumbled across this tea. What is interesting about it is that it doesn’t actually contain ginger, but is instead scented with Ginger Lily, a type of tropical flower. Even more interesting is that it gives the tea a faint spicy flavor that isn’t far off from real ginger. It pairs well with the more earthy high mountain oolong used as a base, but the overall flavor of the tea is very mild. This makes it a good choice for those of you who want to steer clear of the more floral oolongs and it’s an excellent choice to serve along with a meal when you don’t want the flavor of your tea to overpower the food.

You can read the full review on my blog:

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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579 tasting notes

If I could sum up this tea in one word, it would be bland. The flavor is neither bad nor good it’s just missing. Seriously, it tastes like you’re drinking hot water. I tried brewing it western style and gong fu to no avail. Western style does however gives a glimpse of what this tea wants to be. There is a faint gingerbread-y, cinnamon-y flavor that reminds me of speculoos cookies. I just wish this flavor were stronger. There isn’t much actual ginger flavor though, nor does the jin xuan come through. Pretty forgettable and my least favorite tea of the TeaAve samplers.

Flavors: Cookie, Ginger, Spices

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Thanks for sharing your Ginger Lily experience, it is too bad that you did not enjoy this tea. Each person has a different palate, and hopefully there was something you enjoyed among the sampler. Please feel free to send us an email and let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your Tea Ave experience.



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105 tasting notes

Got this tea in the postal teas subscription box. Love that I was able to try three different oolongs from Tea Ave. My favorite out of the three was the magnolia oolong but this one is a close second. I love ginger so I was excited to try this one. It has a very subtle gingersnap flavor to it. Very pleasant and smooth. I have really enjoyed all the oolongs I have sampled from Tea Ave so far. I will definitely purchase from them in the future.


How do you like the Postal Teas Sub Box? I’ve heard good and bad.


It’s good. I like that you get three teas from the same company. I ended up canceling it though because for the price you didn’t get as many teas as some of the other subscription boxes.

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84 tasting notes

A lovely tea with a floral and buttery aroma, that tastes creamy and sweet with a subtle hint of warm spiciness. Very gentle and warming. Will brew the leftover leaves in the fridge overnight as I usually do, and expect it will be delicious cold as well.

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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1113 tasting notes

Oolong for breakfast today as I go through Amazon and look at future apartment items and what not… let’s just say I can browse up to 1000 items every 30 minutes and find it enjoyable.

Today I found out that ‘rape blossoms’ are a real thing
Which means I could make a ‘Rape Blossom’ tea, but wouldn’t that sound sketchy ;p

Anyways, this is a rather smooth liquid with some nice sweetness to it. I’m not sure if I should have detected some ginger taste as I did not, but the leaf is beautiful and the liquid taste rather good so I have no complaints wit this tea except it probably isn’t a morning cup. I should have drank this outside later in the day, this is my error.

Leah Naomi

I am also browsing apartment items, and in the back of my mind prioritizing them as I move in next week, haha.

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122 tasting notes

Number three on the gong fu marathon with Dinosara!
No rinse, 5 second first steep +5 seconds for each subsequent steep.
First steep: In the aroma cup, the smell is that of fresh gingersnaps! The scent translated into the flavor, I even tasted cinnamon and brown sugar sweetness coming through when it cooled!
Second steep: A more baked/toastier ginger cookie!
Third steep: Toastier, yet again, but less cinnamon this time. I have decide that the ginger flavor is not a fresh ginger root, but dried ginger powder, with none of the ginger spice.
Fourth steep: The floral flavors of, I think, the base are coming through, now. There is less ginger.
Fifth steep: Ginger is faint. The aroma cup contains a much more floral scent, but the tea is weak.
Overall an interesting flavor. I was not actually that big of a fan of the ginger flavoring, but the cookie in the beginning was really nice! I’m not sure where the lily came in, but if you like ginger, just not the spice, than this one may be for you!

Flavors: Cinnamon, Cookie, Flowers, Ginger, Toasty

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 88 ML

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2201 tasting notes

As I mentioned in the other note, this was one of several teas Equusfell and I had today at our gongfu session. I’m not going to write notes for the others just now, to keep interruptions to my cupboard sip-through to a minimum, but since this is the only time I will likely have this one a note is in an order.

Anyway, this is totally like drinking gingersnaps. Definitely baked ginger cookie flavor going on here. It became a bit more floral as the steeps went on, but overall I definitely got a gentle, not spicy, ginger flavor, with even a hint of cinnamon. Very tasty; it would be interesting to try it as a western brew too.

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306 tasting notes

Alright, I’m excited to try this since this tea seems to be exclusive to Tea Ave… that is I haven’t seen any other companies in America who have tea scented with ginger lilies.

Sticking my nose into the pouch, the dry leaves smell like EGGNOG. Oh man, how I love eggnog. I’m excited. The dry leaves in the warm gaiwan smell like honey and toasted sesame. Yum. The wet leaves after the first infusion have the classic high mountain oolong aroma with a hint of gingerbread in the background. It’s faint.

The first infusion is a pale green-yellow. I’m using Taiwanese aroma cups to drink this. The aroma cup isn’t holding much scent on this infusion, and the aroma coming off the tea is very faint as well. The tea definitely has a soft hint of ginger taste. I’ve been so curious about this tea, wondering, will it just taste like ginger? Will it taste like some kind of flowery ginger? I’d say it tastes like a subtle, creamy ginger, and I do mean subtle. Though, I will say the ginger is the dominant flavor over the oolong leaves. So far the whole thing is subtle. It reminds me of banana bread a little bit, or ginger cookies.

Second infusion, the leaves still smell like high mountain oolong, mostly, with a subtle ginger hint. Again, the aroma is so subtle I’m hardly getting anything from the aroma cup. Just the faintest hint of ginger. This tea seems to be more of a flavor tea than an aromatic one, so I think from here on I’ll do slower pours, aerate it less and try to get a thicker liquor and longer aftertaste.

The second infusion tastes again rather light, but the ginger flavor emerges more, there’s an earthy quality as well, substantially less creamy taste than the other scented oolongs Tea Ave has used this Alishan Jin Xuan cultivar for, making me wonder if a lot of the creamy taste of those were coming from their respective flowers. There’s a subtle warmth to this tea like the warmth of eating ginger, but really diminished.

Alright, third infusion, still not aromatic, and still quite a subdued, delicate taste. I like it, but boy is this tea ever light. I could have probably used a larger amount of tea leaves than I usually do with this one. To be fair though, a subtle tea is not a bad thing. This tea is relaxing and has a very unique character. It’s a comfort tea, for sure.

Compared to tea that has fresh ginger added, the flavor of this is much more mellow and calm. It’s nice in that way, with a warming touch, rather than a spicy and invigorating one.

I won’t shout from the rooftops about this one. It’s good, but not particularly complex, not very dynamic from one infusion to the next. It feels a bit lacking for a high mountain oolong. On the other hand, it has an earthy, herby, very root-like flavor that isn’t terribly common in tea. I can even sense a little similarity between this taste and radish.

Good stuff. I probably won’t buy more from what I have purchased in this order, but I do enjoy it.

Flavors: Earth, Ginger, Herbs

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 45 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

I did not get eggnog, but in retrospect I can totally see that!


It was only when I stuck my face in a whole bag of it and inhaled. Didn’t get it s much after that.

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921 tasting notes

Today was a good tea-filled day, I got a big ol’ pile of tea in the mail, I went to International 888 and finally restocked on Oksusucha (my all time favorite before bed tea) and best of all, I got to blend my love of tea and gaming by taking my tea gear to Tabletop with me. Not only did I get to have a gongfu tea party with one of my friends, I also introduced several others to a puerh I really like, so it will be easier to justify buying a large amount, since I can share it with them. Now I need to see if there is a small amount of cabinet space for rent, because if there is I am getting a small kettle and storing it there, along with a gaiwan and cup!

Today we are finally getting around to the last of the Tea Ave Oolongs, last in review, but first in the ones I tried, Ginger Lily Oolong, an Alishan Jin Xuan scented in the traditional way with Ginger Lily, along with Ginger Lily bits blended in as well. If you are like me, you are probably wondering, what the heck is a Ginger Lily? Well, a bit of googling reveals that it is Hedychium coronarium, a fascinating flower with quite the history! The aroma of this tea is warm and beautiful, it combines the slightly nutty aroma of chestnut and a hint of sesame, with warm ginger and strong floral notes of honeysuckle, lilac, and a finish of hyacinth. It is not really heady and heavy, but gentle and warming, like sitting in a patch of sunlight.

Adding the leaves to the gaiwan for a nice ste seping, and hello flowers! Now it is heady, and gently spicy, with notes of hyacinth, honeysuckle, and lilac. The spicy notes of ginger play nicely with the floral notes and the underlying notes of creamy chestnut. There is also the faintest note of fresh, sweet, tomato, surprising but not unpleasant. The liquid, using my fancy aroma cup set, is mild and sweet, with notes of ginger and flowers, it reminds me of a more flowery version of a much loved Chinese ginger candy that I have eaten many times. I used to always carry it around to help with nausea, because ginger is amazing at that.

The first thing I noticed about the first sip is how warming and creamy the mouthfeel is, it starts out creamy and smooth and as it hits the back of the tongue takes on a warming sensation. So, funnily enough, at the end of the note for the first steeping I drew a little heart, yeah, I liked the way it tasted. The notes are subtle, with gentle notes of ginger and honeysuckle, next are notes of lilac and spicebush, and finish of creamy chestnut. Om, nom, nom!

Onward to the second steep, and still loving these aroma cups, I suggest getting one if you do not have one, it really makes appreciated the aroma of Oolongs just that extra bit special. I will be honest though, not sure if it is because the tool is awesome or just because I really think it is cool, clearly I need to test more. Anyway, the aroma is sweet ginger candy goodness mixed with creamy honeysuckle and chestnut. The taste starts off sweet and gingery and just builds to creamy floral and chestnut, I am loving that ginger note, it just lingers long after the other notes have faded off my tongue.

For the third steep, the aroma is still pretty sweet, the ginger aroma has diminished a bit, but the floral and chestnut notes are going strong. The taste starts out with ginger and creamy honeysuckle, but the ginger is not as strong, it is more the memory of ginger’s warmth and taste. At the finish there is a hint of fresh vegetation and chestnut, and a bit of lilac that lingers. In a nutshell this tea is sublime, a gentle and beautiful thing that does not ever outstay its welcome, also I need more of it, this tea and the Cape Jasmine Oolong really knocked my socks off, I look forward to trying more of their teas.

For blog and photos:


I just ordered some of this and am eager to try it. The reviews seem varied and mostly remark that the ginger flavor is light. I’m curious what I’ll think.
I definitely think aroma cups are a useful tool. They don’t make a huge difference for every tea, but they definitely do for some. I have one Jin Xuan Dong Ding oolong, for example, that smells like hot chocolate when you use the aroma cup! Otherwise it mostly smells more like cream and milk.


Woo, I tried and reviewed it. That was nice.


OMG that is amazing, I need to do more comparisons with teas I am familiar with, for science!

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