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From Tazo

One of Tazo’s Herbal Infusions, Refresh™ is a blend of northwest grown peppermint and spearmint leaves and features the sweet licorice-like taste of tarragon.

Even though this type of beverage is often described as an herbal tea, there is actually no tea in it at all. Instead it’s a blend of leaves and herbs that has been used for centuries to enhance health and well being. As a result, it contains no caffeine.

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95 Tasting Notes

357 tasting notes

I drank this tea last night to help soothe my stomach after it had a “run-in” with a tea that didn’t agree with me. This refresh tea eventually helped to ease my discomfort. I finished the last teabag and I plan on purchasing another mint tea, but not necessarily this brand. It was pretty good while it lasted, but I’m just too curious to pass up the opportunity to try something new.


So I went into starbucks today ( like an hour ago… lol) and decided to try the refresh tea. It was I guess, like you said the better the of TAZO collection. It was really the only tea that I was able to enjoy finishing, the others have been painful to get to the end of the cup. I am not the biggest fan of mint, but it was pretty cool. If I am stranded with Starbucks and have no way to get one of my own teas, Refresh will be my go to.


I’m glad you found Refresh to be the better of the TAZO collection also. I have a 5$ gift card for Starbucks so I might eventually cave and get Refresh again. I’m a little scared to try any other TAZOs. I always find I have to choke them down or toss them out and feel guilty for wasting. I guess I could always get a non-tea item.


Dot worry. I feel thhe same way. I used to LOVE the earl grey TAZO but then I think the company started puttring tomany leaves in one bag. it would just get overpoweringly strong in no time. ive also tried te chai. it was so dificult to inish this tea to the last drop. i def had a hard time nd would never have it again. te taste was nic but then there would be a horrible after taste. ive also tired zen , its a green tea with lemongrass. it was alright but i didnt really like it. a friend gave me orange blossom . i have yet to try it. so ill keep u posted on it.


Yes, definitely keep me posted, thanks Calla

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1186 tasting notes

So today was my engineer ceremony woot! I am now officially an engineer (in training, but an engineer nonetheless). So a pretty exciting day, busy, but they did have some tea there, a Tazo assortment. I had a cup of this and it wasn’t too bad, my stomach was a bit yuck from waking up so early but this tea helped calm it down for the rest of the day. A standard mint taste, but you can’t really go wrong with mint in my opinion. Now I’m thinking of what tea to celebrate with now that I am home!


Woo! Congratulations! :)


Thanks! I can’t believe my schooling is coming to an end so soon O.o lol

Sweet Canadian

Congrats! Now you have to get a real job so that you can get your hours… my husband is also an EIT, but he is still looking for that perfect permanent job that will give him the experience he needs to come a PEng.


Congrats!!! did you get a pinky ring?

Terri HarpLady

That’s awesome Lena! Congrats!


Sweet Canadian – Huzzah for engineers! I’ve so far found a job for my first permanent position :D I will for sure be able to get in the technical parts, probably the management parts after a few years as well! Pretty excited to start :)

Indigobloom – yes, I got my cute little ring, it’s really tiny haha but I like it

Terri HarpLady – Thank you! :)

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558 tasting notes

Bought this last winter when I had a really bad cold. I like it better now that it is more leaf in a sachet than the prior tea bag form. Nice minty relief. Great relief for a sore throat and stuffy nose.

Decupboarding this tea today.


Yay for decupboarding!! Time for more tea!!

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59 tasting notes

Today my tea making experience was the epitome of teamwork! I poured soy, boyfriend poured water, I added mate bags, he topped me off with mint bags. I was too delighted he was helping to comment on how you’re supposed to pour The water OVER the bags not dunk them IN it… But before you get all “aw” about him helping, it was 4:15am and I am 99% sure he just wanted me out the door so he could go back to bed Haha. Anyway, the tea:

Had a date with my mommy last weekend and we found ourselves at Whole Foods for lunch. I cruised down the tea aisle to see what caught my eye. Saw BULK yerba mate tea bags, 75 for $12! Last time it was $6 for 25! This was like buy 2 get one free!

Anyway, since my morning blend has been 4 mate bags and 2 mint bags, I had to refill on mint. Tazo was on sale, so Tazo it was! I had been using Trader Joes mint which tasted more like authentic mint. This one is a little sweeter, but also a more aggressive mint. It definitely makes my mouth feel more refreshed. I don’t like the almost sugar aftertaste, though.

No rating since I mixed it up!

Edit: I reviewed the ingredients… Pretty sure it’s the tarragon giving it the aftertaste. I thought that before, too, but I didn’t know if I was spelling tarragon wrong so I had to check Haha

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1353 tasting notes

Look at me with a tisane! Be sure to pay attention, Steepsterites, as this is not something that happens that often, but it’s too late really for tea when I’m trying to re-learn getting to bed at a proper hour, and I wanted to try something else of what TeaEqualsBliss sent me.

I dipped my sleeve in the cup (no, not on purpose), so it’s not starting well.

It smells strongly of spearmint and I can’t really find any tarragon. It’s like a mix of toothpaste and that chewing gum that my mother prefers. Daunting… Maybe it can help on my stomach reflux though. (Oh avocado… so yummy, yet so deceitful!)

It tastes a bit like that chewing gum too, but it’s not as overwhelmingly spearmint-y as I had expected. I think it’s because the tarragon is lying down a base and controlling it. It’s just spearmint-y enough to give me that prickling on the tongue and brief fresh mouth sensation. The latter doesn’t seem to last very long after swallowing, but then again, it’s a tisane, not a tooth-paste replacement.

Tisanes don’t really interest me at all, and I don’t buy them unless for someone else or because I want to mix with stuff. Although I’d be unlikely to purchase this if the brand was available here, I still like it rather more than I thought I would.


This is one of the few TAZO ones I have on my repeat-buy list! Glad you liked it!


Be careful Angrboda, mint actually has the reverse effect on reflux/GERD that you are looking for: it relaxes the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus, making it more likely you will have reflux problems. I have not noticed this as a longer-term effect (i.e., if I have mint tea in the early afternoon, it doesn’t make me more prone to reflux for the whole evening and night); I just don’t drink it in the hour or two before bed, or when I know I’ll be lying down for awhile.

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323 tasting notes

My Starbucks was all out of the China Green I usually get when I’m there, so I decided to try something new. I was under the impression that this was a mint green; but I found out when I tasted it that it definitely was not. First whiff: the sharp, cold smell of peppermint. My Starbucks has the full-leaf satchets, and the leaf pieces were small but uniformly cut, bright green and very fragrant.

Brew: mid-range, green/brown, very warm.

Taste: the peppermint hits first, and then there’s the licorice flavor from the tarragon, and then its followed by the coolness of the mint.

I really don’t like licorice – it just upsets m stomach. It was palatable when hot, but as it cooled, the licorice flavor became much stronger and I couldn’t finish the cup. I won’t be trying it again, I don’t think, but at least I tried it.


Tarragon seems like an odd flavor to pair with mint—in fact, it just seems weird to put it in any tea.


It was strange. It’s still sitting in my stomach making me feel sick :(

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36 tasting notes

Got this (along with a few other) tea in a box my mum sent over for Christmas!

Holy crap is this tea minty. Almost numbs the tongue! I wish I would have had this a few days ago when I had a nasty flu. This would have cleared everything right up in a jiffy. It’s nice, though. Refreshing… so I guess that’s why it’s named Refresh. Would be nice mixed with a little bit of green tea and some honey!

5 min, 0 sec

Definitely one of my favorite cold remedies.

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188 tasting notes

I enjoy my mint in tea, but up until recently it has been fresh spearmint from my garden in my iced tea. Since discovering loose leaf teas early this winter, I have come to really enjoy peppermint in teas, but haven’t had too many with spearmint yet.

Last evening my stomach wasn’t so happy with the pizza I’d had for lunch, so I decided a mint tea mint be good thing to try. I got a box of this at a “white elephant” Christmas exchange with my family, and a sample from hapatite – Thanks :)

I used a big mug with this and probably should have used 2 tea bags, but went with one and a long steep time. The result was nice, mild, and minty. As it cooled a bit, I noticed an aftertaste that I was familiar with.. not a great taste, but not offensive. I recognized it as the flavor my iced spearmint tea gets if we don’t drink it fast enough and it sits in the fridge too long… so it must be a residual flavor from the spearmint. I haven’t noticed it with peppermint blends thus far. I think this a great tea for when you need to grab something easy, refreshing, and caffeine free.

I think I’ve decided that I need to plant a peppermint patch somewhere on our property… far enough from the spearmint so as to not cross each other. I could dry the leaves and play with some of my own blends next winter, and of course use it fresh during the summertime :) I might even seek out a chocolate mint plant to experi"mint" with… Sorry! Couldn’t resist!

carol who

I had a chocolate mint plant last summer and I enjoyed with several of my teas. I felt it added a mild chocolate flavor to my teas but was weak on its own. I may have under leafed it. I’m planning on trying it again this summer (which seems very, very far away! Expecting 5-8 inches of snow today. Oh yeah! Sarcasm intended)


Thanks for the info. I will have to see if I can find some of it locally. I know I’ve seen it before, but not every summer. I hope they stock it tho year :). I’ll keep in mind to use plenty of leaf. Mint grows so well that shouldn’t be a problem.

I understand the summer being so far away! Kids are coming home from school early today (they were supposed to have it off for President’s Day, but had to make up too many snow days so they went to school), country roads are drifting shut-again, and ice/snow mixture expected to start anytime. I think I’d rather have your snow… But then again, that drifts here and shuts school down too much.

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2036 tasting notes

I’ve been experimenting with different mints and I really like this one. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, but right now it’s leading the pack on the mint front.

The mix of peppermint and spearmint, unexpectedly (to me anyway), seems to have a synergy that makes this tisane more enjoyable than a straight peppermint or spearmint, without tasting like Wrigley’s Doublemint. The spearmint smooths out and mellows the peppermint, and the peppermint gives a jolt to the spearmint that keeps it from being too passive and dull. The tarragon is just a touch, fortunately, as while tarragon has a place in my spice pantheon I don’t love it if it is too overbearing. But it is present and may be what prevents the Doublemint effect — if so, I’m grateful to it.

I’m drinking the “full leaf” Starbucks tin version of this, using two bags in 16 oz of water.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

LOL you are on a great peppermint experiment right now aren’t you! I say that seeing as you’ve had 3 cups of peppermint posted just today (well yesterday actually). Enjoy! :P


Hah, yes! I have been having peppermint in the evenings before bed, and last night I decided it was the perfect time to do a comparison between Refresh and straight peppermint.

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6768 tasting notes

Finished my stash of this today too…in a mug while ringing bells in the freezing cold…

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