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Pu'erh Tea
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Mint, Peppermint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Fennel, Cinnamon, Earth, Licorice
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  • “Trying this again with sugar and milk just to see what happens. It’s a bit better – I’m getting spices and mint and richness, but I’m also getting a bit of a waxy white chocolate taste from...” Read full tasting note
  • “Everything about this tea should have pointed toward me enjoying it. Vanilla, yes. Mint, yes. Pu-erh, yes. Favorable-ish reviews on Steepster, yes. I should say at this point that something in this...” Read full tasting note
  • “My friend Daniel has a theory about anything food-related: if the presentation and harmony of the colors looks appealing, it usually ends up tasting good too. I think this tea fits in very well...” Read full tasting note
  • “This tea looks so pretty but tastes kind of…blah. Don’t let the pu-erh scare you away if that’s a factor for you not trying it. You can smell the pu-erh, but it’s not over the top taste-wise. ...” Read full tasting note

From Rishi Tea

Nomadic herders in Tibet and Bhutan have been boiling Pu-erh in Yak butter, milk and/or salt for centuries. On a whim, we tried preparing this amazing blend in milk and sugar, in a similar manner to our award-winning Rishi Masala Chai. We were astounded by the resulting flavors of this interesting new Chai; its deep vanilla hit, big body and strong tea taste and color are perfectly accented by cinnamon and sweetness. Tastes great infused like tea or cooked like Masala Chai.

Water: 212°F / Boiling / Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 5–6 minutes / Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Yunnan Pu-erh tea, Organic vanilla, Organic cinnamon, Organic Licorice Root. / Origin: Rishi Blend.

About Rishi Tea View company

Rishi Tea specializes in sourcing the most rarefied teas and botanical ingredients from exotic origins around the globe. This forms a palette from which we craft original blends inspired by equal parts ancient herbal wisdom and modern culinary innovation. Discover new tastes and join us on our journey to leave ‘No Leaf Unturned’.

43 Tasting Notes

911 tasting notes

Trying this again with sugar and milk just to see what happens. It’s a bit better – I’m getting spices and mint and richness, but I’m also getting a bit of a waxy white chocolate taste from before. Much less than the first (unadulterated) try though so that’s good and I can just about ignore it. It is a bit chai-like but the pu-erh adds something a little different that I haven’t gotten from a chai before (I haven’t busted out my Golden Moon pu-erh chai sample yet… maybe I’ll do that today).

The taste has more dimension now than it did with no additives so I’m not so ambivalent about it but I’m not totally in love with it or anything, in spite of the change. But I can now see the attraction it might have for other folks – earthy and rich in a pu-erh hay sort of way, plus spices and a little whoosh of mint. I’m upping my rating a tiny bit but it’s nothing I’m going to miss once it has left my pantry.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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260 tasting notes

Everything about this tea should have pointed toward me enjoying it. Vanilla, yes. Mint, yes. Pu-erh, yes. Favorable-ish reviews on Steepster, yes.

I should say at this point that something in this tea made me feel a bit ill, which is puzzling because mint typically does just the opposite for me and this tea was quite heavy on the mint. This no doubt is going to affect my rating, but I’m hoping that the next time I try this I won’t end up with a stomach ache and a scowl.

I actually wasn’t getting a lot of pu-erh taste on this at first, though I could definitely smell it. It was giving rise to a kind of chocolate-y taste, which was nice, since I like chocolate and mint. And oh, there was mint.

Mint, mint, mint, mint, mint.

The mint was loud. It was doing its best Tarzan impression and I was trying to smother it unsuccessfully to try and get other tastes out of the tea. The pu-erh, and I’m not really sure how to explain this, was giving it this earthy undertone without really being singular. It was giving the mint a little dimension, is another way of putting it, and I guess I found that enjoyable, but here’s where the good ended and things began to sour.

One, I couldn’t taste the vanilla. It just wasn’t there. I convinced myself that, at one point, I could taste it on the tip of my tongue because I was getting just a hint of sweetness, but the mint was doing a really good job of drop-kicking anything else that tried to compete with it in the arena that is my tongue, so there wasn’t enough for me to be happy with it.

Two, about half-way through the cup my stomach started to become very angry. I don’t know what caused it; perhaps it was mutinying illogically against the excessive mint, but it started to ache unpleasantly. I suspect that it might have been the pu-erh, but pu-erh has never upset me before and I don’t have any way of confirming this.

Because I’m a masochist, I continued to sip the tea, thinking that maybe it was something I had eaten, until I realized that I’d had, like, oatmeal and toast that morning and there’s no way that was what was upsetting my stomach. At this point I had to acknowledge that it was the tea, so I dumped it and brewed up some Moorish Mint, which was both tastier and quelled the stomach leprechauns.

I’m going to give this another try, but on a day when I’m feeling brave and know that the possibility of stomach issues won’t disrupt my day. For now, the rating shall suffer my wrath.

ETA: Picture | http://bit.ly/bqQoti

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 30 sec

Aww booo. I was hoping that this one would be good! It was going on my Rishi order, and now I think that I should take it off. :\

Oh Cha!

Awww… @Tokgoti, I love your reviews! Except for this one :(
I love this tea! And oddly, so does my entire non-tea drinking family.
@Teaplz I recommend you sample it for yourself. :)


@teaplz Don’t remove it on my account! Plenty of other people seemed to like it just fine! This may have been a misnomer – I have yet to try it again. I’ll let you know!

@Oh Cha! HAHAHA, I wouldn’t have rated it so low if it hadn’t left me with cramping aches! Hopefully a second run on it will leave me with happier results, but in the meantime, I need to rate accordingly, unfortunately.


Aww poor takgoti! My stomach always gets queasy with tea. It might be because you didn’t eat enough before drinking it? Pu-erh does help digestion soooo yeahhh….

This is a strange tea. The first time I drank it, I was getting more of the flavors. The second time I drank it, I was getting a strong pu-erh taste to it.


takgoti, it’s less the flavors, and more about the evil stomach issues. D: My stomach is super-delicate, and gets upset fairly easily (and tea can set it off sometimes), so… yeah. Sorry this one made you feel so awful!

I never understood that “aid digestion” thing. Is that a polite way to say that it’ll make you go, go, go, or does it mean that it’ll regulate you? So. Strange.


Haha, no no. The whole aid digestion basically means it helps you digest the food! Well it breaks it down / makes you hungry again. So it’s like hey drink some tea and eat some more food.


I also find that if I don’t eat enough before hand, black tea can sometimes make me queasy. I’ve never tried pu-erh before, though.


@Ricky That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought about that. I had a big bowl of oatmeal a few hours prior to trying this, which is usually pretty filling for me, but maybe I need to drink it RIGHT after I eat next time.

@teaplz Ah, crap, that’s right. Hrm. If you do get it maybe get the smallest size?

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181 tasting notes

My friend Daniel has a theory about anything food-related: if the presentation and harmony of the colors looks appealing, it usually ends up tasting good too. I think this tea fits in very well with his theory.

The leaves, after you remove them from the pot, look beautiful. Bright green mint leaves on a bed of dark pu-erh, with a few smaller light brown pieces of spice and a couple twigs sprinkled on top. Kind of like someone took an oak tree and smushed it into the strainer.

Taste-wise it’s pretty mindblowing. The flavors are distinct too. First you taste the pu-erh and think “hmmm, maybe this needs to be sweeter”, then the vanilla comes in, says “hey guys, what’d I miss?” before the mint sneaks up from behind and leaves you with that fresh, just-brushed-my-teeth feeling.

Which usually means it’s time to take another sip.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

My father says that the beauty of the food’s presentation is actually part of what we taste, so I think that Daniel’s theory has a lot to recommend it.


So this is it, huh? Your top rated tea? Interesting.

Let’s just say this one may have jumped a little higher on my shopping list…


Until I have something even more addictive, yes! Lately I’ve been in a less-caffeine kind of mode, so that may play a factor into the rating…


Pu-erh scares me but this does sound tempting…


Ugh, I really need to put another Rishi order through soon.

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161 tasting notes

This tea looks so pretty but tastes kind of…blah. Don’t let the pu-erh scare you away if that’s a factor for you not trying it. You can smell the pu-erh, but it’s not over the top taste-wise. It’s earthy and minty…and smells very cinnamon-y, but I do not taste too much of it. This does leave my mouth clean and minty as any good mint tea should, but this one is lacking in the taste department. It’s thin and weak despite having a very dark liquor. It should be called Pu-erh Mint because I taste absolutely NO vanilla. Rishi’s description (all of it) is WAYYY off on this one.

This tea might indeed benefit by being brewed like a chai, but I recommend saving your money for Samovar’s Moorish Mint instead. Mmmm….Now that tea can do no wrong.


I was also a little let down by the description on this one. I really expected to like it, but, eh… I got Rishi’s Maghreb Mint at the same time which I ended up liking a lot more than expected. It is described similarly to Samovar’s Moorish Mint, so you might want to give it a try if you haven’t yet. I think I need to try the Moorish Mint.


YEAH MOORISH MINT! I’m going to make some now. The light of inspiration has struck me, and its name is Lena.


STOP! I need more moorish mint now!

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6768 tasting notes

I’m really trying to remain open-minded about this (and other Pu-erh’s) BUT…with it smelling like a creek bank with a peppermint field next to it and the color of a muddy tar looking color – it’s HARD.

Pu-Erh is the first and foremost scent in this…then the peppermint. I can also smell cinnamon, licorice, and vanilla…

Bottoms Up!

Thankfully the Peppermint shoves it’s way thru for the taste and is the main flavor. I can taste a little bitterness of the Pu-erh underneath. I can also taste licorice and cinnamon but can’t really tell which ingredient is winning the taste war. I cannot taste Vanilla even if I cross my eyes, tie one hand behind my back, and look to the sky.

Surprisingly I think I will be able to finish this one, tho. It’s ok. Nothing I would EVER purchase for myself but certainly glad I got to sample it and will most likely be dishing some out in swaps, etc. But all-in-all…somewhat drinkable – thanks to the mint!

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec
CMT 雲 山 茶

I think too many tea company’s just cant leave a tea alone. They have to throw Vanilla or some other scent in with the tea. I think if a tea cant stand up for itself no amount of gilding the lily will make it drinkable Just my humble opinion.


Hmmm…I haven’t tried crossing my eyes to help figure out a tea. I shall try that next time! ;)

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84 tasting notes

Oooooooh! Update from the last time I had this! So… I got the POUND of Pu-erh Vanilla Mint that I ordered! Mwahaha, I was so excited!
So to celebrate, last night I did as Rishi recommends, and I brewed it like a chai. Half milk, half water, and 2 tablespoons of tea per 12 ounces. It was very good (when you smell it you’re going to think of Andes Mints or Girl Scout Thin Mints!) but I, personally, prefer it just brewed with water. It creates SUCH a dark brew, but it’s not bitter at all, and it’s just… awesome. It’s awesome. You should try it. It’s awesome.

Have a great day!


I’m seriously slacking on the Pu-Erh tea drinking, I’ve had Rishi’s, but I don’t remember what kind, it was too long ago, I’m not even sure I have it. Good info Oh Cha!


but is it awesome? :)


@LENA F. Good question. But did she say that THIS one was awesome? Maybe TeaCast is better off sticking with his possibly awesome possibly not-so-great pu-erh, because it sounds to me like Oh Cha didn’t care for this tea.

@Oh Cha A pound?! That’s dedication. This is totally going on my list.

Oh Cha!

Seriously! It’s so good! I have at least one cup of this a day! The pound is going quickly!! LOL

I’m working on recipe possibilities for this tea… I’m thing about trying to make it into some sort of ice cream topping… but with frozen yoghurt of course… because I’m a health nut!! Maybe… a twist on a grasshopper you know???

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!! :)

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69 tasting notes

Making a pot of this in my new Breville One-Touch. That thing is worth every penny peeps! I still love this blend. I have a full review of it posted on Teaviews. The puerh is largely overpowered by the flavor profile so even if you don’t love puerh (I really don’t), you should still give this one a try and buy an ounce next time you shop with Rishi.


Isn’t the One-Touch amazing? It’s almost magical. And I’m going to have to try this. I love the pu-erh that I’ve tried, and vanilla and mint.


I was going to get a one-touch for my birthday, but I opted to take an art class with my favorite artist instead. I figured, the one-touch will still be around next year, but, who knows if the artist will be teaching a class in Portland next year… you know?

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127 tasting notes

I read their suggestion of preparing this like chai with a bit of doubt. Mint chai? But the husband wanted chai and it was the only thing I had enough of to do 2 cups (then I opened the box from Adagio and remembered that I ordered a sampler of their Thai Chai, so I guess that will be next).

This is… WEIRD. Instead of that sugary (dirty) mouthfeel of most chais I’ve made, this leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

There’s tea/chai flavor, and a hint of vanilla, but mostly mint. I have enough to drink this prepared as a regular tea, so we’ll see how that turns out.


This has to be one of the more interesting tea/chai/flavor combos I’ve ever seen! It sounds… INTERESTING.


Hee, I ordered some of this on this last Rishi order. This log feels like it shouldn’t make me excited to try it, but it kinda does.


I’m going to get a sample of this tea on my next Rishi order. I’ve been flaking out the last few times. I’m a huge chai fan, but I think I would prep this like regular tea. Can’t wait to see what you think about the Thai Chai. I gave it a pretty high rating.


I think I still have plenty in my sampler if anyone’s interested.

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412 tasting notes

Hoo, that brews up dark! (And I even used less leaf than recommended). Normal for puerh, I suppose, but the strongly minty smell makes for a disconcerting combination. The taste is very minty also. As in, I can taste the pu-erh, but barely – I have to hunt for it. There is a faint dash of cinnamon in there, but I’m not really getting the vanilla. I can’t taste the licorice either, but that’s a good thing.

Second steep (6 minutes) is still quite dark, and smells more cinnamony. I like it better than the first – the mint flavor blends in a bit instead of completely overpowering everything else.

Third steep (10 minutes-ish) is better still – I can actually taste the cinnamon now.
A fourth steep was also good, but getting weaker.

This is interesting, and hard to rate, because I loved the third steep, and liked the 2nd and 4th well enough, but the 1st was just overpoweringly minty. Unless I have someone on hand to drink that first, I won’t be reaching for this too often. Or I suppose I could rinse and dump? It seems wasteful, but might fix the balance issue for me.

1tsp (2.1g) leaf to 4oz water

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

I’ve been debating getting a sample of this one, but was worried about the licorice. Nice to know you can’t taste it!!


Yup – I hate licorice, so this is the sample I was most dubious about. I really wanted to try the Emerald Lily and Moonlight White, though, so it was cheaper to just get the Mannong Manmai sample set


I have never noticed the licorice either. It plays nicely. But, I also enjoy the first infusion.

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355 tasting notes

Thanks to Ricky for a sample of this!

I was genuinely scared of this one, though I had no reason to be. The only other pu-erh I’ve tried was another Rishi one, their Pu-Erh Blood Orange, and it was really, really good. But I’ve been holding off on this one for awhile nonetheless.

I’m sad that I waited this long, because this is fantastic. The mint is the prominent smell, but the taste is a wonderful blend of mint, creaminess (from the vanilla), and cinnamon. There are some minor cocoa notes, too. I don’t really get any earthiness from the pu-erh, though.

Might at least buy a sample of this next time I make a Rishi order.


Glad you liked this one =]


It’s been recommended that I try these 2 as well. I also want to try the strawberry one from Teavana. If you like chocolate you gotta try Numi’s Organic Chocolate Pu Erh. I had the bagged version, but it also comes in loose leaf.


@Cofftea Are you talking about Teavana’s Strawberry Slender? I’d definitely recommend it. It’s very good.


Yep. That’s it.

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