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  • “You know, I keep making this and thinking as I smell it “I think I’m finally sick of this and should give the rest away.” And then I change my mind by the bottom of the cup. I don’t know what’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “Gave this one another go—half champagne matcha, half raspberry ginger ale. You know, for the bubbly feel! As momo mentioned, this is kind of bubblegum-y. It’s not a flavor I really like on its own,...” Read full tasting note
  • “DUDE. My chawan came today and I’m using this to try it out. Seriously BEST thing I have bought lately (ok minus my nail polish). It makes it sooooo easy to whisk. Now I want to try every matcha I...” Read full tasting note
  • “I mentioned earlier that this had a pleasant aroma and I really think it does. A co-worker asked who was ‘boozin’-it-up’ and I had to laugh. Apparently it’s more potent than I gave it credit for!...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

Champagne Matcha is a classy slightly sweet treat that easily become a trend among the adult population. This is because, this rare treat with its sparkling appeal can produce a bubbly taste on the palate that has been infused with the unforgettable Matcha presence. This pleasurable Matcha drink can easily command an instant following and also hold its own in a refreshment offering where elegant treats are on offer.

Champagne Matcha with its unmistakably trendy appeal is the perfect entertainment treat for many special occasions because of its well known reputation to produce deep pleasure on the taste buds. This classy treat is excellent in creating a sensation of deep pleasure on the taste buds and also unforgettable enjoyment for its many takers. This treat is made to go with the great times in life when good times are rampant. It is also excellent as an uplifter on those days when a person feels they need the extra strength to go on.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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40 Tasting Notes

771 tasting notes

You know, I keep making this and thinking as I smell it “I think I’m finally sick of this and should give the rest away.” And then I change my mind by the bottom of the cup. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Put in a bit more than usual, almost a full teaspoon. Added a bit of sugar to the hot latte and it seems to have worked out well. More matcha means more foam.

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470 tasting notes

Gave this one another go—half champagne matcha, half raspberry ginger ale. You know, for the bubbly feel! As momo mentioned, this is kind of bubblegum-y. It’s not a flavor I really like on its own, too sugary-sweet feeling for my taste. I like this a lot more when diluted though, it takes down the sweetness and makes it seem more fancy and, well, champagne-y! It’s also much lighter and airier. Plus the raspberry adds some nice fruity tones. I wonder how this would be mixed with that delicious green tea ginger ale?


I’ve never tried matcha but this sounds amazing!!


My rum was a bit bubble-gum-y too.. I wonder if a lot of the alcohol teas are like that (my amaretto is not).

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1220 tasting notes


My chawan came today and I’m using this to try it out. Seriously BEST thing I have bought lately (ok minus my nail polish). It makes it sooooo easy to whisk. Now I want to try every matcha I have hot! I can actually get it all smooth so easily!

I’m actually on my second cup of this because I was enjoying the whisking too much. Obviously being champagne, it’s more suited to being chilled. It is pretty sweet, probably right around that of a brut, which is the best obviously.

It’s enjoyable hot though! It’s a bit fruity, and it almost tastes kind of like bubblegum, but not as strongly as the bubblegum flavored matcha.

I will have to try it cold with some sparkling water next.

Oh this is my 700th note. Wow.


Congrats on 700 reviews!


When I was trying mine I noticed a fruity/sweet taste that I couldn’t quite identify. Now I know, definitely a bit bubblegum-y!


HAPPY 700 Champagne it is!


Congrats on 700! :)


Happy 700! Champagne is a good matcha flavor for this note then!


700! Only 300 to go to a BIG milestone! I have missed most of my “00” notes, but am rapidly moving towards 1000 as well :D

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6768 tasting notes

I mentioned earlier that this had a pleasant aroma and I really think it does. A co-worker asked who was ‘boozin’-it-up’ and I had to laugh. Apparently it’s more potent than I gave it credit for! Regardless I like this. It does have a bit of something in the aroma that I can’t quite put my finger on…slightly fruity…not sure if it’s peach or berry or a combo but it’s really appealing. It has a slightly juicy flavor to it, too. It’s not really bubbly-texture-wise but fun and festive like a champagne would be, I guess.

Enjoyable from start to finish!


Sounds yummy. I can’t wait for my first order of Matcha to arrive…this is on my list after I try the Bavarian cream.


I’ve been wondering, that since a few people have already detected some fruit in this, if it’s anything like Boone’s. That would be awesome haha.

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807 tasting notes

Wow well I am surprised.
I sort of held off reviewing this one as I thought for sure I would have to mix it with something like orange matcha for Mimosa or peach for a sweeter champagne flavor.
I love champagne so I don’t know why but I just expected this to be off somehow.
I should never have doubted Red Leaf Tea!!

This is extremely accurate to a good champagne flavor!

I mixed mine with a little warm water then added cold sparkling water for that champagne bubbly taste!


I tried it both with and without german rock sugar.

I liked it both ways!

This is going to be so much fun to mix with other flavors!

I will still do my mimosa as well as trying it with peach but the options are limitless!

I can’t believe I waited so long for this one and the other rating posted is a 100 as well so how can you go wrong unless you just hate champagne!

I can’t drink anymore due to health reasons and well I probably never should have been drinking to begin with but that is another story.

Oh and if you want your own go here:

Mine was order in basic grade matcha with robust flavoring! I always go Robust unless it is a citrus flavor then I go distinctive.


Glad you liked it! I tried the rum and I was … very disappointed :(


Yeah I was not sure about Rum – I used to enjoy rum but always had to add sweet stuff to enjoy it – although spiced rum was really good. I just think it would be far too intense for me.
This was light – especially adding the sparkling water to give it that sparkling champagne flavor! YUM!


My issue was that it doesn’t smell/taste anything like rum, it’s more like bubble gum. LOL. It’s not a bad taste, per se, but it’s not rum like I was hoping.


Thats odd! Sounds like you wanted it more intense haha and you got bubblegum rum haha. Is it sweet?
I don’t think I would like anything bubblegum flavored very much.


It’s… not bad. I don’t know I can’t really put my finger on the smell. Maybe it’s just too chemical-y. Or maybe I’ve had different rum. LOL.


hope you are not disallowed to drink tea for health reasons. i hope this happens to no one, but especially you love you matcha reviews just have not had the nerve to try it yet( bad experience with sencha has made me leery of greens).


Oh thank you I hope I never have to stop drinking tea!!
I am so sorry you had a bad experience with sencha! :(


Mrmopar, they have a very tasty black matcha base option. :)


wow, this one sounds fascinating! I’m putting it on my ‘shopping list’ :D thank you


:) most welcome!




Its a good one! :)

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615 tasting notes

Today feels like Monday to me because Fiance took yesterday off for his birthday, so I’m all out of sorts. Or at least kind of out of sorts.

I have club soda in the fridge again for tea soda, so while it’s not tea soda I added some to my cold matcha this morning to give the champagne aspect some fizzy bubblyness.

This makes it a much better, and truer champagne flavor. It’s still a bit weaker flavored than the others I’ve tried, but like this, I’m thinking it works better this way. Hot, it kind of tastes almost a little bit like a fruit gum, the zebra stripe kind from the 90’s.

It’s much better chilled though. It’s more like a light, sweet grapey flavor with a bit of raspberry that kind of mixes together. I don’t know that I’m completely sold that I’m drinking champagne, but it does have a nice airy, light feeling and the bubbles definitely add to the illusion.

Thanks for the sample KallieBoo!.

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82 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a champagne matcha. I opened up the pouch, preparing it for the tin that will keep it fresh. The small size fits perfect in the tin with a little wiggle room…enough to be able to get the measuring spoon in. It didn’t really smell like champagne to me, but I didn’t really expect to be able to smell a champagne flavor.
I had thought about preparing this one hot, but it just didn’t really make sense to do so. Instead, I purchased some seltzer (bubbly) water and tried to recreate the real thing. I decided to purchase this with white matcha since champagne is a light drink. I actually wanted to imagine myself drinking champagne.
I prepared a 10oz glass with 1 tsp of matcha and whisked it up carefully. I did add just a touch of sugar for this first time.
You know what? It wasn’t bad! Of course most would prefer the real thing, but when you’re trying to be healthy, this will help you stay on track. I’m imagining all the ways I can mix this matcha…with orange juice…cranberry juice…the options are endless!
Here is how I ordered my Champagne Matcha from Red Leaf Tea:
Size: Small
Quality: White Matcha
Flavor: Delicate
Storage: Air tight refill flat pouch – would definitely recommend purchasing a tin for your matcha to keep it fresh. I did not order one this time since I already had a tin.
To get your own tasty Champagne Matcha from Red Leaf Tea – GO HERE NOW!!!!
A toast to your next matcha creation!


Darby try this mixed with Strawberry matcha or something else berry like add a little milk and non dairy creamer (liquid type) SO SO GOOD!
Add a splash of soda water or sparkling water to get the bubbly sensation!


Oh darn I guess you did do the sparkling water thing sorry I missed that. Bummer.


You are SUCH a Matcha enabler! LOL I’m so ordering the strawberry to mix – YUM!


:) The strawberry CAN be a slight bit chemical ISH just FYI but I also drank mine up SUPER fast – its like that strawberry quick you mix in milk as a kid or if you are like me – as an adult :)

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892 tasting notes

I am slightly surprised that this was not on here so I’m sorry if I accidentally made a double! Anyways I’ve never officially tried champagne except for that one time on New Years.. But that was long ago(and not very well remembered), and I can no longer remember what it tastes like haha You can find it here:

When I opened the package I got a lovely, sweet smell. I actually felt like I was smelling the top of bottle of actual champagne. I even felt like I could smell a bit of that alcohol smell that makes you crinkle your nose, which made me think twice about actually drinking it… But when whisked it has a beautiful sweet, grape smell to it.
Oh my goodness. This is actually REALLY good. It’s very sweet has a bit of a natural grape flavor to it. It’s very light tasting. The flavors kind of mix together in this one. There is a little bit of both present. This is PERFECT if you are just looking for a light, after dinner tea. This one is also missing that bitter aftertaste, or I just found the perfect temperature or water-to-matcha ratio. This is a very unique matcha and I would recommend it to anyone feeling a bit adventurous! Here is the link:

170 °F / 76 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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2238 tasting notes

What have I got to celebrate? Absolutely nothing. I’m back at work, I’ve got a cold, and I lost the flat I spent three months thinking I was buying because “estate agent” is apparently a synonym for “liar”. But I’m still going to treat myself to some champagne matcha, all the same.

This one came to me as a sample from Roswell Strange, and I actually should have started it ages ago. A combination of factors put paid to that, but better late than never. I think I held off on this one for so long because I only drink my matcha in milk, and champagne and milk seemed like an odd combination. I’m surprised to say that it works, though. It tastes like champagne. Which is obviously not the most helpful or descriptive tasting note, but it is a fact. It’s not bubbly, and there’s no hint of effervescence (I wasn’t excepting there to be, because…how?) but it’s definitely champagne and it even stands up to the milk. We’re not talking super-strong, but you can tell that that’s what it is.

I’m hoping a matcha latte will perk me up a bit, because something honestly needs to. I think I might buy some tea this evening. That’ll do it, for sure.

Evol Ving Ness

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost the flat you thought you were buying because of a less than honest agent. It’s a terrible feeling. May this pass smoothly and easily and may the right flat be just around the corner.


I hope so! It’s been an epic waste of time and money. I was pretty angry at first, but now I’m just sad. It would have been a good fit for me.

Super Starling!

But is there a violent champagne headache? That’s my main question. Ugh. Champagne. So tasty but so vicious on the brain.

I one rented an apartment from a company and then, when they blasted out the “renew your apartment!” mass-mailing to everyone, asked to renew. Turns out they’d rented out our apartment to someone else without asking us to renew first. But the apartment NEXT DOOR was available. So my friend and I had to just spend a day with both doors open hauling everything across the hall.

Turns out the new apartment was MUCH BETTER, though. Sunnier and a better cross-breeze.

I suppose this is to say “those people are shady monsters, but it might turn out for the best.”


No headache, thankfully :) You’re right, though – the real stuff is vicious!

It seems like you don’t have to look far to find a housing horror story. I’m just hoping it all comes right in the end (and hopefully this year, because I’m not much enjoying being back with my parents at my age.)

Super Starling!

I’m not sure I enjoyed living with my parents at any age. My parents, mind you, are excellent people, but I have a strong resistance against being told what to do. And against making the bed (WHY?). I basically came out of the womb a full-fledged, impetuous adult.

Roswell Strange

Glad you enjoyed the matcha, and sorry to hear about the awful housing situation. I can only imagine how frustrating it’s been. It’s a good thing we’re all hooked on the most relaxing beverage there is, apart from alcohol. Though you can always top off your tea with something stronger, and no one has to know ;)

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6324 tasting notes

Roswell Strange sent me this many months ago and I have been at a loss for what to do with it. Usually I drink my matcha with milk but Champagne milk just seemed like an odd choice. However, for some reason, a champagne vanilla smoothie seemed like it would work better. In hindsight I’m not sure why but that’s how I made this and unfortunately all the champagne flavor is drowned out by the vanilla smoothie mix. Seriously, I am getting no flavor at all and seeing as it’s distinctive flavoring, I should be able to taste something but alas I got nothing at all. Still, thank you Roswell Strange for the share!

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