Cookies & Cream Matcha

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Green Matcha Blend
Cookies And Cream Flavoring, Matcha Powder
Cocoa, Cream, Bread, Butter
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  • “So I can’t remember who it was that ordered this in a black base, and having tried the usual green base, I’m sooooo wanting to try it in the black base now! My matcha order was the following: Size...” Read full tasting note
  • “This was on my shopping list for the better part of a year and finally today I managed to get my hands on some, I feel like Gollum when he had the ring my precioussss! I’m even crouched over the...” Read full tasting note
  • “I really need to drink this down because it’s so very old but I have a thing against throwing out tea so here we go. I think I put in a bit more matcha this time than usual. Hard to say since I...” Read full tasting note
  • “I made a cup of this for my friend but I stole a sip. It is creamy but this package seems to be less like cookies & cream than I recall my last sample was which is sad. It was not bad but it...” Read full tasting note

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Description from website: A person who has not sampled a Cookies and Cream Matcha delicacy, does not know what they are missing. This is because this wonderfully creamy delicacy stands a world apart because of its popular appeal irrespective of age or station in life. Cookies and Cream Matcha is a sweet treat that has been tempered by Matcha’s distinct difference and can be enjoyed by the very young because of its creamy resonance and older people because of its Matcha twist. Cookies and Cream Matcha can easily holds its own among the well-loved desert favorites.

To step up from ordinary and mundane to extraordinary and exceptional, a person needs to experience the taste sensations of Cookies and Cream Matcha. This sumptuous delicacy is interesting in its visual appeal as well as its palate promises. It is the dream come true for those people looking for a fine delicacy that is delicious with subtle undertones of hidden taste pleasure.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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59 Tasting Notes

15113 tasting notes

So I can’t remember who it was that ordered this in a black base, and having tried the usual green base, I’m sooooo wanting to try it in the black base now!
My matcha order was the following:
Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust

I’m running out of red leaf tins to pop my matcha into so I’ll have to pick up some more in my next order! I ordered this matcha because I was curious as to how close to an Oreo it might be. My nickname for a while in highschool? Was Oreo – in part because I could devour entire bags in no time flat and because it became a game with our friends to have nicknames that we could use the letters in it to mean something else. Anyway…i digress, on with the matcha!
Opening this bag up, the kitchen was soon flooded with cookies n’ cream! I was a little excited because it really does smell like an oreo…only a much better quality oreo haha
I think this would be really good hot, but in my usual fashion, I’m trying it first the way I think it will be “less” tasty. No bananas for me today so my smoothie was a little less thick than i like it to be but nice and cold – just the wake up I needed since the time change is wreaking havoc on me for some reason. This is a tasty matcha. I’m beginning to wonder if red leaf can make a matcha that i dislike! Again, this doesn’t compare to cheesecake and caramel but it’s a nice change of pace. I keep expecting to see flecks of black cookies in my matcha!
Buy it here:

Daisy Chubb

I have it on the black base! We should totes do a swap sometime :3

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1379 tasting notes

This was on my shopping list for the better part of a year and finally today I managed to get my hands on some, I feel like Gollum when he had the ring my precioussss! I’m even crouched over the matcha hiding it from the world and examining it’s beauty. Cookies & Cream… there cannot be a better tea flavour out there for me. Well watermelon is a close second.

It’s scent is strong and sweet, it reminds me of some caramel biscuits I had in America last year but cannot recall the name. Oreo is pictured with them which is my favourite cookie/biscuit but the scent is not quite the same, lacks the chocolate to be Oreo. It does smell cookie like though and sweet.

First brewing method will be something deserved…a Cookies & Cream latte me thinks. I don’t have matcha that often but have been craving it lately, had some that tasted like fish and put me off for a while.

Once brewed this has a much more real cookie aroma, baked and warming like fresh cookies and so sweet and delicious.

sip …. HOLY MOLY! I must have died and gone to heaven checks pulse. The milk has brought out the real creaminess and left a sweet pure cookie essence. If I close my eyes and sip it’s like having a very thin Oreo milkshake that has been warmed slightly. Unbelievably good. So worth the wait.

I cannot taste any matcha/green tea at all, no bitterness or anything tea like can be detected. I’m going to trick my husband with it later…say it’s a new milkshake for him to try and see if he can tell there is tea in there. Muhahahahaha!

Overall – It’s mine and you can’t have any! :p


Ha! I enjoyed reading this. While I have yet to get into matcha, I have the utmost appreciation for that HOLY MOLY PERFECT 100 YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY OF IT moment! Its the best! I have experienced this myself with another tea (my precious) ended up buying half a pound of it and have forced everyone I know and love to share it with me.


Did you get the delicate, distinctive or robust? I am always curious as I have had a few now where the flavour wasn’t super noticeable and this one is on my radar :)


I think this one would be super good with a black base but haven’t tried anything but with the green base yet.


I had sent the rest of mine to you :( darn postal service




mmmmmmmm. I have a giant list of flavored RLT matcha forming.


@whatshesaid This is the robust flavour.

I desperately want more matcha but just cannot afford it at present. :(


Maybe robust is the way to go. Thanks for the info!


Whatshesaid…..most of my initial matcha purchases were robust until I learned which ones I could back down to distinctive. I’ve found that the coffee/chocolate/creamy ones I tend to want robust while fruitier matchas I like distinctive better.

Kitty – I’m sure ill have more matcha to share at a later date

Remember too if you guys buy one matcha from red leaf, do the review, you get 30% off your next matchas with the 15$ GC you get.. That’s the only reason I can afford most of my matcha heh


Kitty I have 3 other flavours here I just can’t get into. I’d be willing to send them to you if you’re interested.


@tattooed_tea That sounds great. What flavours do you have? And what would you like from my cupboard for them?


i have my first matcha coming in the mail to me via a swap. now i am worried i will fall so in love that i will become poor. very quickly.


Kitty, consider it a gift, seeing as the last package didn’t make it’s way to you.
I have Pumpkin Pie, Eggnog & Cheesecake. All in robust flavouring. & each one has 1 serving from it.


tattooed_tea – I did receive it, came through yesterday…I sent a message to you either last night or this morning (I have a bad memory) to let you know it was received. :)


lol I got it after I posted that, I will let you know :)

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772 tasting notes

I really need to drink this down because it’s so very old but I have a thing against throwing out tea so here we go. I think I put in a bit more matcha this time than usual. Hard to say since I never wrote down how much in previous notes. I know that I did forget to sweeten it before the first steep because it was not at all sweet when I took my first sip. Luckily and surprisingly, it was not bitter and face-making but instead just bland. I should have then put a bit of granulated sugar in my cup instead of rock sugar because getting sugar to dissolve in matcha lattes is really difficult, I’ve found. Alas, I did not and so I wait and stir.

And now it tastes much better, though the distinct cookies and cream flavour is all but gone by now, which is about what I expected. I need to drink down all of my opened matcha, actually. The only one that still tastes like it should is the matchaccino.

For future self reference, used almost 1 tsp of matcha to a few ounces of water and most of a half-pint of milk.

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6444 tasting notes

I made a cup of this for my friend but I stole a sip. It is creamy but this package seems to be less like cookies & cream than I recall my last sample was which is sad. It was not bad but it wasn’t the first matcha experience I was hoping to give her. Nonetheless, she still enjoyed it and I was happy with my sip.

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1759 tasting notes

I’m not rating this as it would lie around 60 somewhere.
Hot. Bottle shaken. I just don’t like the flavour. It’s chemical-ish and there is very little “cookie”, though I do see where one would get that. Makes me sad. I must be defective lol
Anyhow, big thanks to Azzrian for the sample.


We can be defective together. I intend to give it another go, but I had poor results on my first go.


I think I’ll make a banana smoothie next. Otherwise it may have to be re-homed.


I made it into a hot latte with some splenda and its was pretty good, I have it in delicate flavor so maybe thats why its not chemically for me.


wow really? Try mixing it with milk maybe instead of water. Just an idea.


Ah and yes Cedes may be right – a lot of people do NOT like the robust flavorings and I do so that is what I always get for them most part except in flavors like citrus.


Hmmm, this sounds awesome in theory (I loooooove cookies & cream). But now I’m not so sure…If you don’t mind sharing a sample, shoot me a PM with anything from my cupboard you’d like to try.

Daisy Chubb

I hear ya – I definitely got that with a few flavours, although I usually go with delicate, at least it’s a good excuse to have a swap! lol


uhoh. I just ordered a whole bunch of robust flavoured matchas. Eeeps!
Charoma: I can send you the rest of the sample I got from Azzrian! :)
Daisychubb: exactly!! I love swaps, they bring so many sampling opportunities and my cupboard gets to turn over a bit!

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6768 tasting notes

Backlogging from yesterday…YUMMO!


Just curious…how do you make your matcha? I’ve been trying to get different opinions because I haven’t fallen in love with mine yet…


I do mine straight up but you could try different milk bases. Maybe almond milk might be nice???


Finn – which matcha do you have? I know i really don’t like straight matcha, even flavoured but with milk it’s delicious! :)


I have the Bavarian Creme. Idk what i am doing wrong lol but i always seem to have chuncks of matcha. I know your supposed to sift (99% sure thats what i do wrong) but i ampoor and dont own one lol. Anything makeshift ican use?

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1501 tasting notes

Inspired by VariaTea and her desiring some of this, I opened up the package (just received this morning!) to try it out.

Flavor Level: Delicate
Size: Large (60g)
Grade: Classic
Type: Regular
Buy it here:

Opening the bag was a pleasant experience. I smelled mostly cream, with a hint of something chocolatey and cripsy, if you can smell crispy. Mixed it up in some coconut milk with the FREE wooden matcha spoon included in this order (thank you!), and started sipping away.

The first thing I taste is the cream, and then a very much oreo-like chocolate cookie. I haven’t had an actual oreo in many years due to grain intolerances, so I can only go on memory – and it actually feels like I’ve eaten an oreo cookie.

There is something that tastes a bit off to me though, and I can’t quite place it. Maybe a chemical-ness to the vanilla/cream? It may however be my coconut milk (the kids have a tendency to leave it out on the counter), so I’ll leave it at that.

A tasty treat, and one I’ll definitely have more of.


haha oh MissB, you are killing me here. Your positive review makes me want to order it that much more. I am glad you enjoyed it though :)


If it helps, I like some of the other flavors more. I adore cookies and cream ice cream, and this is.. good, however I’ll probably re-order other stuff. I can easily send you some, really!


You have already given me so much but thank you for your offer. I really don’t know how I will ever repay your kindness. Although I am wondering what level of flavor your recommend for the Bavarian Cream? Is delicate enough to taste the flavors?


I’m not MissB, but I found Bavarian Cream to be best for mixing with other flavours. It’s essentially a vanilla-y pudding, so faint vanilla, lots of creaminess. I think I had robust but would order one level down.


I am happy to take suggestions from all so thank you OMGsrsly I will definitely keep the level below Robust. Just out of curiosity, what flavor did you enjoy the most? In case I decide to order a few different flavors.


Pineapple, coconut, raspberries and cream, caramel. The French vanilla is more vanilla and less cream than the Bavarian cream. I’ve also had a lot of unusual flavours thanks to CrowKettle. None were bad! Hemp, lucuma, mangosteen (I think), etc. I want to try seabuckthorn.


Thanks to Sil I was able to try Pineapple, Raspberries and Cream, and Caramel. She also sent me Madagascar Vanilla which I thought lacked some flavor. I will look into the French Vanilla and the Coconut though. Thanks for the input!


I’m so out of touch here… was out most of the night. So I’ve only tried two so far (pineapple and this one), and have like 10 others to go through still. Kind of excited to, really… and yet it now seems like a whole lotta matcha. ;)


I want that pineapple so bad I could cry. I can’t wait to get some money together and buy some.


Red Leaf Tea is a company that I wish I could buy loads and loads of things from but I just can’t afford their costs. Their flavored matcha is amazing but even their buy – get – free options are costly. However, I was able to snag some Bavarian Cream and Cookies & Cream at half price so that was nice. One day, when I am not a student, and I have money, I intend to place a glorious Red Tea Leaf order with all the flavors. haha.


The small pouches (30g) seem so small to me – I’m scared to give it all away before I’ve even had a chance to try one, so my second order I grabbed large pouches. With Robert’s discount for reviewing, it makes it much more affordable. JennyFur, I’ll see how much Pineapple I have to send you a sample.


MissB, consider that you apparently only need 2g matcha per cup. (Apparently! I had no idea.) So you get 15 servings per small bag, which isn’t too bad.


Heh. Let’s just say I went a bit overboard when sharing samples… and then trying to figure out how much I needed per cup. Once Robert sent me a matcha spoon though – well now it’s perfect every time. I wish I could say it’s 1 tsp, or 2g, or whatever it is… it’s just a heaping spoonful of this really cute bamboo spoon.

Still, this is good to know OMGsrsly. I can now parse out some more for sharing.

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1598 tasting notes

I had this earlier today and I’ve got enough for one serving left. That’s good too because I’m just not a fan. It’s a bit of cream, and not enough cookie.


And here this seemed to be such a popular one last year. My gut told me there wouldn’t be enough cookie in it!


Naw…there’s something about it that makes it not quite there

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62 tasting notes

So Red Leaf Tea posted that they were coming out with a whole bunch of new flavors. So everyone got to vote for which new matcha flavor would be first to come out and go on sale. The winner was Cookies and Cream. So when I saw this i was so excited and just had to pick some up to try for myself. How can anyone say no to cookies and cream. So this is the second matcha ive ever tried.

Now a little information before i review this. About 2 years ago I found out that I have a gluten allergie, so I cant eat cookies at all. So when I saw this flavor, I knew I needed it. I miss cookies so much! And gluten free cookies dont even begin to compare to regular cookies. I love when I see things like this, cause I can feel like I’m cheating on the no gluten diet and not get sick :)

So what I ordered was… Size: Small (30 grams), Quality: Basic Grade, Flavor: Delicate. This is where you can get it . So this time I thoguht I’d try it as a iced latte first ( thanks to Azzrian for giving me her recipe, I tweeked it about but mostly its her recipe). So what I did was took 1 tsp of my cookies and cream matcha and put it through my sifter. Added 2 oz of hot water and started whisking away until its all was blended. Added ice to my glass, then mixed about half a cup of milk into my bowl with the matcha. After everything was mixed together I poured it into my glass with the ice. Mixed once more a viola! Iced Cookies and Cream latte. Its tastes as great as it sounds. I found it a little bit bitter so I added half a packet of splenda to see if that would help and yum! Yup defitly not as bitter now. I wouldnt say it taste exactly like cookies , but hey cookies dont have matcha in it, so for a matcha flavor definitly a great flavor! Its got a nice sweet creamy flavor. I find with this one I dont taste the matcha as strongly as I do in the caramel matcha, but im not complaining at all both are amazingly delicious. But I think I prefer this one over the caramel one.

For all you gluten allergie or sensitivite people, this didnt make me sick at all. On the ingredients list it just says cookies and cream flavor, so I wasnt to sure if any of the ingredients would have gluten in it. But so far so good.

Terri HarpLady

Nice review, Cedes! I’m waiting for my first flavored Matcha, Caramel, to come. It’s a real walk on the wild side for me (I’ve only ever had Matcha plain, which I love), but I’m looking forward to the adventure. Re: the gluten free topic, I’ve found a few really fun paleo/gluten free sites, one of them being I can’t really much sweet stuff either, but I have made a few of her recipes (the meringues…ahhhh…& a few muffins…& her bread is interesting & doesn’t have a bunch of crap in it like most gluten free breads).


Oh congrats on coming on the matcha train. You will be hooked! The caramel was the first I tried as well and now I need all of them. I will need to try some of these recipes, thanks so much! I find it hard to find good gluten free food that doesn’t taste like dust or have no taste at all.


Cedes, do you like snickerdoodles? I got these gluten-free snickerdoodles, once, that were fantastic. As a result, I think would feel comfortable trying other products from the same company. It’s been a while since I had them, but I think it was this one:


I’ve never had a snickerdoodle. Ill look into the company thanks!

ashmanra has a lot of gluten free foods, too. Fast, cheap shipping and I got great service from them.

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807 tasting notes

I sucked this down so fast its hard to even do a review on it because it is SOOOOOOO GOOD! You can get some here:

The smell of this one was absolutely spot on for Cookies and Cream.

There is a chocolate note that is so perfect and the creamy notes of cloyingly sweet cookie filling! And OH YES cloyingly sweet is GOOD in this case!

Obviously this is a dessert matcha! But if you are like me and don’t mind having your dessert for breakfast then its A okay!

Granted we still have this beautiful matcha base for our health kick and no guilt right!?

I am one happy camper slugging down my cookies and cream for breakfast!

My matcha from Red Leaf Tea is as follows:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage: Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g)
As I always mention because you never know when a new steepster may be reading – remember to grab up one of the screw top tins when you place your order! Excellent tins – air tight and keep you from making a matcha mess when you scoop!
This is the first matcha that I got the larger 60 gram size of! I normally buy the small in 30 gram but when I saw this available on sale nonetheless I grabbed up a large! I have NO regrets!

I would have got the large tin but I wanted my growing matcha collection to be uniform so I put the overflow in another container I had and put it away for safe keeping. I am sure once I suck down all of this in light speed I will be glad I hid a little from myself!
When I was at the store the other day I grabbed some Sweet Cream creamer to use in my latte blends instead of the vanilla. Today I mixed up a latte with the sweet cream which complimented this matcha perfectly! I only use a dash though to give my latte a thicker consistency as I don’t want the creamer to overshadow or cover the true matcha flavor. It was divine! I don’t know how I will keep myself from making a second cup! I am sitting here sucking on the ice cubes that still have some matcha clinging to it and I just want to dive in and be one with the remaining goodness!
I love the grassy vegetal creamy flavor of matcha and I realize purists would cringe at all the flavors being added but life is too short not to enjoy everything Red Leaf has to offer! I have yet to try a straight matcha from Red Leaf and that is in the plans for the near future but for now I am going to keep indulging in all the flavors I have yet to try and the new ones that are being slowly (painfully) released! I want them all NOW!
Remember you can get some of this right here:


you can just send your overflow to me… you know so everything looks the same in the cupboard lol I missed this sale…curse you for making me regret it!


Don’t worry THEY ARE ALL SOOOOOO GOOD! Tiramisu will be on sale this weekend which I can’t wait for! You should try to get in on that! :)


thank for the info i like tiramisu gonna be a good time to try if white matcha trigger allergy or not ( i hope not since they have so much flavor i want them all)


I pray for you that it does not trigger an allergy! I want you to be able to enjoy matcha with us! :)


well i still can drink green one since it take 5 to 10 minute to trigger so for 5 minute i’m like that was good i should take another cup then it’s trigger and become why the hell did i drink that ? i don’t want to learn i like matcha too much :P ( and it’s not like it is deadly ) but still if i can find one that i can drink without allergy i will be really happy :)


Yikes I mean at least you “can” drink them but still what a bad deal. Is there anything you can take before hand to help defray the symptoms?


well it is really seasonal allergy so i take the same thing i take all summer and the symptoms go away after some times ( any allergy treatment work ) people with bad summer allergy tend to get away from what give them reaction ( like i’m not gonna go roll in a flower field that would be real bad lol ) i just can’t do that with tea even if the matcha i have is probably far from the better it’s still tea

Daisy Chubb

Aw Zoltar that sucks! Definitely try a different matcha base – the white and black bases should hopefully treat you well <3


“Dive in and be one with the remaining goodness!” LOL! Awesome!

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