Eggnog Matcha

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Matcha Tea
Flavor, Matcha Green Tea
Cream, Nutmeg, Cinnamon
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  • “Made a small amount of this in cold milk. I may have used a bit too much matcha; it’s really strong. I’m trying to catch up to VariaTEA! Everytime I make a new batch I notice that she’s made more...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sil passed this on to me and I am quite grateful. The flavouring in this is great. It’s not too strong, but mixed with cold milk I get that familiar eggnog flavouring that I crave. I think if I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Got a tiny sample pouch of this – can I just say that I LOVE the sample sizes? They’re more than enough for me to try, especially when I’m having mini cups. Opening the bag is like smelling sweet...” Read full tasting note
  • “Get it here: So when I opened the package it was one of those OMG moments – it smelled SOooooo good! I instantly started singing Fa la la la...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

Despite its name, eggnog is a delicious and sweet drink which can be combined with other beverages to make it truly delicious and unforgettable. Combined with exotic Matcha, Eggnog Matcha can easily become a favorite especially at many social occasions where people want to appear trendy and adventurous at the same time. This interesting and sweetish vanilla-like drink is perfectly blended to suit many audiences both young and old and because of its lingering taste, can be very sumptuous on the palate. It can be taken both night or day depending on the audience and occasion.

Eggnog Matcha, despite its name, does not taste at all like eggs but borders more on the taste of vanilla or even custard. This taste is refined by the balancing effect of Matcha to make a mellow treat that is very pleasurable for the palate. Its thick creamy feel in the mouth makes it an easy favorite for those wanting to treat their palates to pure leisure and unforgettable pleasure. It can be an excellent companion to many snack alternatives because of its sweet base and sumptuous feel on the palate. Eggnog Matcha is a heavenly snack for those occasions where guests deserve to relax and enjoy a full bodied sensation on their palates.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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69 Tasting Notes

16088 tasting notes

Made a small amount of this in cold milk. I may have used a bit too much matcha; it’s really strong.

I’m trying to catch up to VariaTEA! Everytime I make a new batch I notice that she’s made more too. Blerg. I think part of it is that I’m accustomed to drinking large amounts at a time though (8 or 10 oz. mugs and a few 12 oz. timolinos full). Smaller cups would allow me to get through more tea quicker…


haha I like how you are devising strategy now. I typically sit in my room however I decided this morning I could make tea faster if I sat in the kitchen by the kettle. Thus I am sitting at my kitchen table doing work and as my cups get low, I start the kettle.


Heh. I’m trying to catch up to you two… and doing the same thing. Brewing as I get low, and small cups as well. ;)

Roswell Strange

Part of what’s driving me crazy is my tooth too – I’m in so much pain right now that it’s getting incredibly hard for me to drink anything because of the sensitivity. But, I have no idea how to go about finding a dentist and, even if I did find one, no way to pay them.

Roswell Strange

Right now I’m in too much pain to physically eat or drink anything, so if that doesn’t let up then I may have to humbly bow out of our competition – despite the fact I’d love to continue. Like, it’s so bad and I’m so close to being broke that I’m currently googling how to pull your own tooth, and if that doesn’t yield satisfying results then my pay from my day at Tea Desire may go towards some alcohol to numb the area.


My brother once decided to yank a tooth out with pliers. I DO NOT recommend it. There has to be a way you can get in to see a dentist.


Also don’t do anything that will put you in pain. Especially not something for a silly competition. I hope you feel better soon!

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1598 tasting notes

Sil passed this on to me and I am quite grateful. The flavouring in this is great. It’s not too strong, but mixed with cold milk I get that familiar eggnog flavouring that I crave.

I think if I bought it I’d probably do 30g instead of 60 because it’s one I would crave more in the winter months…

Thank you!


glad you liked it!


I have a sample of this both in my order which is somewhere in the world and trapped in my fridge in Florida. It is the one matcha with no information on my spreadsheet because it is the only one I own that I haven’t tried. Actually, I should go have some matcha now…

Roswell Strange

Call me crazy, but I like this as tea soda…


Is it really heavy on the nutmeg?


I didn’t think so? I’ll try to pay more attention next time I drink it, but OTOH I really do like nutmeg.


Oh yeah, I really like nutmeg too. I’ve just noticed that most perfumes/beverage interpretations tend to be NUTMEG and nothing much more haha.

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1501 tasting notes

Got a tiny sample pouch of this – can I just say that I LOVE the sample sizes? They’re more than enough for me to try, especially when I’m having mini cups.

Opening the bag is like smelling sweet eggnog right off the bat. Oh, yay! Made it with 1/4 tsp matcha, 1/4 cup whipping cream, and a grain or two of sweetener. Hm. Definitely got the eggnog in here – it’s delicious and bang on – however it’s… too much of something. Maybe somewhat chemical-tasting? Added cream to the 1/3 cup mark, and that’s PERFECT. Tastes identical to eggnog in every way possible. Perfect marks, because it’s perfect.


This was the first flavored matcha I tried, and I loved it. I’m going to try a few more samples of other flavors before placing an order. Yay samples!


Hmm…got me thinking. If you are adding it to whipping cream, can you whip it up like for a dessert topping ? Might be fun to try.


Great idea! I do really enjoy cooking with matcha, or making ice cream out of it too.

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807 tasting notes

Get it here:

So when I opened the package it was one of those OMG moments – it smelled SOooooo good! I instantly started singing Fa la la la la …
A huge smile came to my face. 
I knew this was going to be a re-order SOON!
Then I took my first sip.
It needed sugar.
I was a little deflated.
I mean it was good and all but its one of those flavors you just know needs a little push to make it POP.
So a little sugar was added.
Better but it does not have the wow factor I was hoping.
Now please, bear in mind, I about had a special moment when I smelled it in dry form. My eyes literally rolled back in my head so my expectations were REALLY high!
It is quite pleasing nonetheless but its not going to knock Butterscotch or Macadamia Nut out of my top two list.
I will play around with this one some more though to see what I can do with it. It may be better iced as I had this one straight with a little milk which made it sort of luke warm.
Still, this is going to score in the high 80’ as really there is nothing bad you could get from Red Leaf its just now that I have tried so many I do have my favorites that others need to stand up to.


pondering this one, too, sista!


Will add to list! :)

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516 tasting notes

Alriiiight I am so glad I decided to get this one now! ( I definitely debated as to whether I should drink it before Christmas. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to open it when it arrived. Oh! The smell is creeeeamy. It reminds me a lot of Bavarian Cream matcha but with a hint of allspice.

I whipped it up and added a bit of sugar. Eggnog as a beverage is usually thick and creamy and coats your throat! I routinely cut mine with milk to make it a little more thin. This technique also makes the Eggnog last longer! The taste of the matcha reminds me a lot of my “milked” down version – the texture as well!

For my next cup I upped the creamy ante and added cold milk (I’m not a hot Eggnog drinker, always has to be cold!). This helped a lot with the eggnog taste! It was sweet and just a tad of allspice was present. I’ll admit the taste does remind me more of the Bavarian Cream than Eggnog – but that is not a problem in this household!

All in all it’s a very tasty matcha – does leave a bit to be desired when it comes to associating with the name, but the amazing flavour certainly makes it worth it. Once I get some spiced rum, it’ll be splashed in with vigor!


Going to have to get this one soon too.

Autistic Goblin

It’s on my Christmas list :D

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1271 tasting notes


I made an iced soy latte this morning with the eggnog matcha. Tried it on the tea hating husband (who dislikes any form of tea taste). He’s tried the bavarian cream, caramel, cookies and cream, cheesecake matchas – all of them he disliked as he could taste the tea.

He took a sip of my eggnog matcha. Long pause, looking confused.
“I guess I could drink this..” he quietly said.
“Really? How about I make a cup for you with your whole milk?”
He pauses again. “Maybe on a weekday to keep me awake.”

I then asked him what it tasted like. “Sweet egg? I dunno.” DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!

Well, I guess this was a success.


Eggnog Matcha i have to get some of that for the holiday !

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6444 tasting notes

So I was planning on doing the whole large review but my roommates brother came to visit and he brought with him some snacks from Momofuku Milkbar. Snacks I probably should not have but were so incredibly delicious (,,

Then my DAVIDs order arrived and all hope was lost when it came to a thorough review. Mainly the issue was I drank this during the excitement and don’t really remember what it tasted like. Oh well. There is more to the sample to enjoy.

0 OZ / 0 ML

OH! Sorted Food did a crack pie recipe. Make your own! :)




oohh, too many yummy distractions! :)


I am on a diet. I should not be having any crack pie :P


lol. I was just looking at that pie…and I can see how you forgot to taste the tea!


Share it with friends! :)


Well we split each of the listed things three ways


oh man, i love the milk bar! yay christina tosi!


I have never actually been there but their baked goods are pretty amazing.


They look really good, but I’m lucky I can’t eat any of them. Haha. Gluten intolerance is good for something, at least. :) I might make the Sorted Food version, because that looked tasty.


Maria Emmerich has some excellent cooking eBooks with zero gluten, grains, or sugar.. and there’s a version of crack pie in one of them. Cookie Dough Ice Cream, too…


MissB, you enabler! ;)

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871 tasting notes

Made this with just regular hot water today. It was ok. There is not much eggnog taste. Mostly just a vanilla, caramel, creamy taste. This one was definitely better as a hot latte.

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1759 tasting notes

Hmmm. I’m not sure about this matcha! I made it hot, with a dash of milk and it was nice, and had the texture of eggnog, but not the thickness or flavour. Well, maybe some of the taste, but it was only halfway there. Adding some sugar, all I really got was the sweetness from the sugar! Plus a hint of creamy nog. Am I missing something here?!
Anyhow, it was pleasant, and I found nothing wrong with it at all. The base seemed a bit smoother, so I suspect this is Royal grade? shrugs
I’m glad I didn’t order any for myself is all.
Thanks to the traveling tea box!

Tommy Toadman

I drink my matcha with cold milk, i bet this one would be awesome that way :)


You’re probably right ya know! I’m picturing it with almond milk as well


Funny, I tasted my daughter’s gingerbread matcha today because she thought something was wrong with it, and I thought IT tasted like eggnog instead of gingerbread.


Maybe I should taste the gingerbread one then! That was in the swap box to. Hmmmm


Glad you got to try it at least!


Same here! thanks Azzrian :P

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470 tasting notes

I can’t believe I am the first to review this one! Crazy! I mean, it’s eggnog, a tasty delicious dessert-type treat. And the dessert matchas really do seem to get the most attention (for obvious reasons haha) BUT not this one! Maybe because it hasn’t gone on sale yet? I’ve wanted it for a while, and decided to just go for it in my last order. I needed one more, so eggnog hopped into my cart! I got:

Size: Small (30 grams)
Flavor: Delicate
Base: Basic Matcha

I’ve only gotten one matcha with the Delicate level of flavor: caramel, my very first one! I’ve found I really like the Distinctive, though I did get a Robust one in this order that I haven’t tried yet . However, eggnog is a REALLY strong flavor and I wasn’t sure if it would meld well with matcha so delicate it was. Just a regular starter base this time, since I adore my Pumpkin Pie with the green and thought eggnog might be similar in feel. You know, fall desserts! I plan on mixing them together very soon, mm pumplin pie eggnog.

Eggnog has a very distinctive taste: creamy, vanilla and almost custard-like with nutmeg and other fall spices. Much like the Bavarian Cream, this matcha actually captures the creaminess! Vanilla is dominant, along with a custard taste and nutmeg coming in at the end of the sip. Like pumpkin pie, it melds well with the grassiness of the matcha, keeping it from being so heavy. Honestly, I can’t even drink a mug of real eggnog, it’s wayyyy too rich. In fact, as much as I love it, it makes me nauseous. So this matcha is perfect! All the eggnog flavor without the eggnog ickiness. I love it! You can get some here:

And while it doesn’t seem to be super popular, I think it’s definitely worth a try! A very special flavor.


Maybe people associate eggnog with Christmas and everyone will buy it then in droves so it sells out! LOL!

Autistic Goblin

yeah the only time I touch eggnog is Christmas time :D


I guess it is a Christmas-y flaovr, I guess I just buy it as soon as it gets in stores and associate it with fall! Even though it makes me sick, I can never resist that creamy goodness.


You brave soul! Eggnog matcha pioneer! =P I also buy it (well, not eggnot, but Silk soy nog) as soon as it’s available in my supermarket. I get so sad that I can only buy it through the holiday season. This sounds like it might satisfy the ’nog craving the rest of the year! =)

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