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  • “Mmmm morning latte again because of the horrible weather. I seriously have zero desire to go to work today especially since its been late work nights the past couple. While this is pretty tasty,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I just gave my mom some of this mixed with milk, and she’s like, did you come up with this yourself? Hahaha. I will probably make it again for her with a bit more matcha in it since this was the...” Read full tasting note
  • “Okay this is my first review of the awesome cheesecake matcha. So first things first you can buy it at and I highly recommend that you...” Read full tasting note
  • “Oh… YUM! I’ve had this twice today, actually. The first I served traditional style, in a bowl, whisked with water until frothy. It was good like that. But for the serious YUM factor, you’ve got...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

When the much loved cheesecake is combined with exotic Matcha, the resulting Cheesecake Matcha is unforgettable and very delicious. With its creamy and buttery undertones and a hint of Matcha spiciness, a Cheesecake Matcha treat can easily take its place among the everyday favorite snack choices. This versatile treat adapts to the palate and can sometimes taste salty or creamy or sour depending on who is enjoying it. This varied taste makes this delectable treat truly exceptional and very favored among those who prefer non sweet snacks in their refreshment alternatives.

Cheesecake Matcha is an acquired taste that can be developed over time and combined with many other food items to make the experience very enriching on the palate. This delightful snack is perfect for senior citizens looking to expand their daily snack alternatives with low sugar choices. It is an excellent choice in any social setting where different cheese platers are on offer because, its unique taste is unmatched. Its pungent and lingering taste can be sampled by adventurous people who want to partake of the offerings in the world of truly delicious cheeses. This is because, Cheesecake Matcha can easily stand in a class of its own in terms of deliciousness and mouth watering appeal.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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154 Tasting Notes

15103 tasting notes

Mmmm morning latte again because of the horrible weather. I seriously have zero desire to go to work today especially since its been late work nights the past couple. While this is pretty tasty, I for sure need to either bust out the hand blender when I make these or finally go get a matcha whisk and start trying that. My whisking skills are just not quite up to the task. Still, it wasn’t a terrible attempt and its nice to have something creamy and warm in the morning. :)


I am interested in ordering some sweet, desserty match to try. However, I have not matcha experience beyond trying a plain matcha latte at a cafe once. Any recommendations about which of the many Red Leaf Tea flavors you like the most? This one sounds yummy, but so do many others.


pardon my typos above….

ohfancythat Caramel is delicious, a great place to start!! I was not disappointed :)

I second that motion for caramel! Love it!


Thanks! I already put caramel on my shopping list because I was thinking the same thing.


Caramel seems to be one that a lot of people like. I’d stay away from the fruit ones for now – creamier ones seems to do better wen you’re first figuring it out. If you want more flavour than matcha go with robust and work your way back in terms of flavouring. Lol if you want more matcha, start with delicate heh.


If I’m doing it plain latte style I like caramel, vanilla, mocha if I add coffee matcha to it lol

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1220 tasting notes

I just gave my mom some of this mixed with milk, and she’s like, did you come up with this yourself? Hahaha. I will probably make it again for her with a bit more matcha in it since this was the first time she’s ever had it. Cold with milk is seriously the best way to drink this ever.

I also just remembered when writing my review for my blog that the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook has a recipe for liquid cheesecake and when I finally get around to making it (it’s basically undercooked cheesecake filling) I am adding this matcha in!

Except at the same time I wonder if this should be saved for drinking like this, and just unflavored matcha should go into cheesecake. It’s not like a recipe for a full cheesecake so I may have to try it despite this feeling.


Adding cheesecake matcha to cheesecake might be like adding chocolate extract to a chocolate bar. But hey, maybe you’ll get a more intense cheesecake experience! That would be awesome! I plan to use these desserty matchas in creme anglais. It’s going to be awesome! Everyone’s invited!


Mmmmmm yummness


This sounds so good!

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806 tasting notes

Okay this is my first review of the awesome cheesecake matcha. So first things first you can buy it at
and I highly recommend that you do. So now for the actual review. I tried this the modern way of putting a teaspoon in a cup adding hot water and then using my black & decker mechanical frother to get it all nice and foamy. At first sip it didn’t taste that well when it was hot but once it cooled down a little it was great! I don’t eat much cheesecake because it is soo hard for people to get it right but Red Leaf Tea really knows what they’re doing. It is evident in the smell of the matcha powder (which will torture you as you wait for the water to boil) I next tried this tea with milk. I put hot water to about half a cup frothed it and then added milk and frothed it again. It was even better! I did not think it was possible. I also wish to note that the buying was simple and yes they do ship to Canada (YAAAAY).
I got the starter grade Matcha with robust flavouring and only the small 32grams (which I now deeply regret and plan to order more the moment I have more cash!) I also purchased the tin as the bags are not resealable and the tins take up a lot less room than other teas I’ve bought. I bought 3 Matchas from Red Leaf Tea and they all easily fit in my mailbox, it takes awhile for an order to come to Canada but this is true of all U.S.P.S. shipped things so don’t worry it will come! Free shipping comes if you order over $75 (super easy to get that amount so you’ll almost always have free shipping) Honestly I may be new to tea and Matcha specifically but I know what I like and this I absolutely love.


YAY glad you like it

Autistic Goblin

I like it better with milk but if I have to I can drink it straight :D you made me sooo jealous with your smoothies but now I can make my own (insert evil grin here)


i like all a matcha so far better with milk in either smoothie or lattee form.


I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve only ever made matcha lattes. I’m not particularly interested in drinking it straight :D


Nothing embarrassing about that! It’s delicious with milk. Though I totally scooped up some split matcha last night off the counter and just stuck it in my mouth. It was totally not bitter…it was the cookies n cream one though :)

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4843 tasting notes

Oh… YUM! I’ve had this twice today, actually. The first I served traditional style, in a bowl, whisked with water until frothy. It was good like that. But for the serious YUM factor, you’ve got to do this one as a latte. It gives an added boost to the creaminess of the cheesecake flavor, that if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was drinking a cup of warm liquified cheesecake. So very good.

Just warm some milk, sift the matcha, add the warmed milk, and whisk (I wouldn’t use your bamboo whisk with the milk, as it might encourage bacteria growth. I’d get a wire whisk or a hand frother) until completely incorporated, and drink. …that last part happens very quickly, as my cup is already empty.

Yummy… and certainly glad I got it. Is it my favorite Matcha flavor from Red Leaf? No. Pear is still the best. :)

Daisy Chubb

Have you tried making pear cheesecake matcha yet? :3


No… I try to limit myself to 1 matcha per day… I’m already breaking that limit with this latte. I can’t drink that much matcha otherwise I’ll never sleep.


This sounds like the perfect use for my milk frother fancy gadget thingamabobby. I’ve never had matcha, will investigate.


I just broke down and ordered the Mocha Matcha to make some lattes from eldest daughter and myself. Sigh. I wasn’t going to give in, but Azzrian and the rest of you guys led me down the path…




I can’t wait to get a set of Matcha bowls and matching kettle, even if I don’t like Matcha, still be great to have, when I am feeling especially ritualistic about tea time. I am hoping I can find a better set in person, other then going to Teavana.


@Lynxiegrl – unless you’re really set on having a set like this, might I suggest visiting Etsy? That’s where I’ve bought all three of my Matcha bowls. They don’t match or anything, however, I am sure that if you find an artisan that you like, I am sure that they’ll make you a matching set. Maybe not the kettle … but, the bowls will match. I prefer to buy handmade stuff direct from the artisan, that way I’m supporting an artist rather than Teavana … and as an artist myself, I like doing that. :)

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6444 tasting notes

This is a weird experience because I know I am having cheesecake matcha but if I don’t pay attention, it sort of seems like I am drinking very creamy milk. There is no strong cheesecake flavor so it sort of just bumps up the creaminess and makes the milk sweeter. It is very tasty, don’t get me wrong, but it is not cheesecake. Perhaps it would be more pronounced if it were distinctive or robust? Nonetheless, this is still very good so thank you MissB for sharing this with me.


This is one of those flavors that I think needs a distinctive or higher flavoring to really pop.


I can see that.

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171 tasting notes

Hello, heaven!
Red Leaf ships seriously fast! I ordered this on Black Friday and they shipped the next day. Considering I’m in Canada this is crazy fast! I obviously had to make a cup. i jumped the gun though. I assumed it needed agave and milk and I obliterated the flavour.
I ordered royal grade with “there’s matcha in there?” flavour level. I taste no cheesecake. Will try it again soon.


bahumbug! I ordered mine on black Friday as well. In a suburb of Toronto and still haven’t gotten mine. Impatient here…


lol, I’m in NWO you should get your tomorrow I would think!


Fingers crossed!

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516 tasting notes

I have to say, I’m sitting here tonight and feeling happy and grateful for my Steepster family. I love this place we can come and feel so at home!

I’m also grateful for Red Leaf Tea’s matcha program – it’s allowed me to try so many amazing teas that I otherwise could not afford at this time – and I and SUPER grateful for this cheesecake matcha!

Holy tasty! Creamy and tangy and sweet – without the feeling of a heavy stomach afterwards. so… I can have as many cups as I want. I like that.

I will definitely be trying this flavour with other matcha bases, because I am in matcha heaven right now!


Yummy. :D


Sound delicious. I really want to try matcha. This sounds like a good first time matcha flavor.


Aw man. I really wanna try a matcha because of all the awesome reviews. Maybe if this one comes on sale I will order it!


Cheesecake matcha sounds lovely! I’m a fan of cheesecake :) I’m going to have to order some matcha from Red Leaf! Thanks for the review


I am super great full as well DaisyChubb! I love this place!


This is next on my list (I think lol)


Just bought some myself. Can’t wait to try it!

Daisy Chubb

eee exciting!

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3259 tasting notes

I had a matcha marathon! This was one of the flavors in my latest order that I had never tried. (Two were refills of old loves!)

I like cheesecake but I don’t love it unless it is the kind I make myself. I don’t want it dry and dense, or heavy. I actually prefer the easy, super creamy kind that has a sour cream, sugar, and vanilla topping on it.

One of the main aromas that hit me when I opened the pouch was vanilla. That is great, because I love vanilla!

(By the way, I haven’t seen anyone address the best way to open these pouches to prevent the loss of any precious matcha powder. These pouches are vacuum sealed so tapping it lightly on the counter is not going to jiggle the powder down lower. If you start cutting or tearing the pouch from the side a little poof of your matcha might escape, or even more.

There is a little half circle notch on top of the pouch. Make a tiny cut right there with scissors, just big enough to allow air to enter the package. Now the matcha powder will obey the call of gravity and go to the bottom of the pouch so you can safely cut a larger opening and pour it into your container without losing any!)

So on to the tea! We made hot matcha lattes and they were excellent! I think this would be awesome for mixing with MOST other flavors, too, to lend its creamy vanilla goodness. I really want to try this as a cold latte tomorrow. Almond matcha is still my favorite of all (right now!) but this is running a close second, maybe tied with butterscotch!

You can buy it here:


Have you ever tried Japanese cheesecake? It’s much lighter but still super creamy:


I don’t think I have ever had that! I think one of my kids may have had it, though. Maybe I should give the recipe a try!

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1271 tasting notes

Sipdown, yeah!

I had to cut it with another matcha, Cookies and Cream black matcha, so I had enough matcha. I made it with soy milk and ice cubes – very tasty! I did like the cheesecake flavor, but I think I prefer more in your face stuff like the fruity or chocolate flavors.

The matcha really got me focused on studying the drivers handbook. I learned something new: You cannot do a U turn on a one way street and you cannot shoot firearms at signs. Well, yeah.. /facepalm


I’m kind of curious to know why they had to put the second in the book. And when!


I wouldn’t be surprised if more people go out and do it because it’s in the book. I’ve seen bullet holes in signs before. Unintentional reverse psychology!

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709 tasting notes

Full disclosure: I won this as a prize from Red Leaf Tea for helping to rename their Sugar Destroyer tea so I am not sure what the flavour strength is on this one. Thanks RLT! I would guess it’s not very strong as I didn’t get much aroma from the bag. There was some definite sweetness, but it smelled sort of generic, much like I found the cookie and cream matcha to smell. Actually, they both sort of smelled like the caramel matcha. For a non-green tea drinker, I think I need really high levels of flavouring in my matcha to make it palatable. Otherwise, what’s the point in flavour, eh? : )

The taste is..something else altogether. It is sweet. Not sugar sweet, but naturally sweet, rather than an addition. Sort of like how fruit is sweet but candy is cloying? Anyway, it’s yummy. Smooth with a sense of richness. I wouldn’t call it cheesecake if I hadn’t seen that on the label but it IS nice. Once again, a stronger flavour level would probably help distinguish the taste for me but that’s a personal weakness. I do get a bit of bitterness that lingers on the tongue – I’m not loving that. I think I will add a hint of honey to nix that.

Okay, honey may have turned into grapefruit agave. So sure me, it’s delicious. With the sweetener, the bitterness is muted and barely noticeable, which I prefer. I think this mixed with the caramel matcha would be super delicious – though it’s good on it’s own, it needs a little something to take it up a notch for me. It would be super yummy as an additive to a smoothie or cookies or something like that.


And just when I think they won’t tempt me with matcha again. Now they have a cheesecake flavor? That sounds like it would make a great matcha blending flavor.


Whoa! Congrats!! What was the new winning name you came up with?


I think it went from Sugar Destroyer to Sugar Buster. Not much of a change, but it was a thrilling win! : )

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