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Matcha Tea
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Bitter, Cream, Green, Vanilla, Vegetal, Smooth, Lemon, Lemon Zest
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  • “I have really been dragging all day. I didn’t sleep much for a couple of nights, plus allergies are acting up. Youngest had two dental/orthodontist appointments today and got a Herbst appliance,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having an odd day so far. I’ve been at work for…4 hours now, but have accomplished no work, though I did spend some time reading through new company processes so I guess that that maybe counts as...” Read full tasting note
  • “Post workout matcha! I made it a iced latte with bavarian cream matcha, splenda, soy protein and ice. It was a really nice cool day, so I did a jog to the post office. Got home, lifted weights....” Read full tasting note
  • “Work has been so stressful lately… I believe it is driving me crazy. I have a big project in the making and I coincidentally found out that there is another company who seems to be doing the exact...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

From the castles of 18th century French royalty, comes the delightfully delicious Bavarian cream. This vanilla flavored treat also makes an excellent accompaniment to many other desert favorites like fruits, nuts or even coffee. It is also wonderful with chocolate and many other coatings and fillings for cakes. Its warm and creamy taste refreshes the taste of any great tasting treat making it an easy choice for all family members. The very young energetic ones would love its well known and loved vanilla essence in the mouth while the senior citizens would adore the way it melts in the mouth. It is the palate’s dream come true.

Although it can be easily confused for vanilla custard because of the similarity in taste, Bavarian cream can hold its own among an assortment of favorite deserts or snacks. It can be taken as a mid mid morning energizer, mid afternoon rejuvenater or early evening aperitif.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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76 Tasting Notes

3313 tasting notes

I have really been dragging all day. I didn’t sleep much for a couple of nights, plus allergies are acting up. Youngest had two dental/orthodontist appointments today and got a Herbst appliance, and I was trying to wrestle the new shelf into place over my bread table but it was too long to go in the closet, no matter what geometric gyrations I went through. My neck and shoulder were sprung and undone. I even took down the burglar alarm box and the fire extinguisher. I was pooped, and clearly couldn’t do the work I had planned for this afternoon, so instead I thoroughly cleaned the refrigerator. And that was when I found out just how much of a problem I have.

I have been doing the buy three get one matcha deal at Red Leaf. I usually give one to my daughter and one to my best friend. Yet still I have Black Cherry, Bilberry, TWO strawberry (at least), TWO Caramel, French Vanilla, Butterscotch, TWO Cheesecake, Peanut Butter, Belgium Chocolate, and this one, Bavarian Cream.

I also felt very unqualified to be tasting and reviewing matcha since I didn’t know much about it a few months ago, so I also bought four plain from other vendors for comparison. I just ordered another. Oh dear.

Anyway, my reward for cleaning the reorganizing the fridge was a nice, cold matcha latte. It was 71F here and cloudy, but nice enough to sit on the hammock and enjoy a cold drink.

I didn’t know what real Bavarian Cream was when I ordered this and was expecting something like the inside of a Krispy Kreme vanilla cream filled doughnut. I was surprised when I smelled the light and lemony aroma of this one. I didn’t know if I would care for it, but it has turned out to be a favorite, and when I find the right way to start using these in recipes this one will probably be a cooking staple. I can really see it in home made frozen yogurt. This has gone from a what-the-heck? flavor to a “don’t run out” flavor.


My favorite for smoothies. Makes everything taste like pudding.


I had a Herbst too! I remember that the first couple of weeks were painful and I got really good at making myself instant mashed potatoes. It will get better though.

When you figure out how to cook with matcha, this might make a delicious ice cream.


I used this in a pound cake once, totally divine. It makes even a simple recipe taste decadent.


Pound cake! That sounds wonderful! Hubby proposed over the first pound cake I gave him. I asked later if it was the cake he was after. I make one for most of our anniversaries….the day we met, the day he proposed, and the day we married, events that were only spread out over eight months! LOL!


The next pound cake event needs a little Bavarian Cream matcha then!

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772 tasting notes

Having an odd day so far. I’ve been at work for…4 hours now, but have accomplished no work, though I did spend some time reading through new company processes so I guess that that maybe counts as work. I didn’t get much sleep last night so my brain is a little fuzzy and unfortunately caffeine doesn’t affect me so although it tastes absolutely delicious, this matcha will not help.

I got my Verdant TOTM yesterday and thought I might try it all today but I’m just not feeling it. So I went with matcha instead. I even went downstairs to the cafeteria and bought 3 things of milk in anticipation of having 3 matcha lattes before lunch, the next opportunity to buy milk. I may not drink any ‘normal’ tea today at all. Just not feeling it, which is quite odd for me. I looked over my selection of teas I have available at work and even the ones I’ve never tried before just don’t interest me. I think I’m going to have to try the Verdant teas at home which means I’m going to have to dig through my unopened boxes of tea I have in the entryway and find the one that has the gaiwan I bought. I don’t remember which company I even bought it from. This happened when I tried to buy another electric match whisk too, I had to buy an entirely different model because I just couldn’t find the one I bought before. Hopefully they’re of comparable quality.

Anyway that was kind of babbling and not really talking about the matcha, which was delicious as always. Well always the two times I’ve had it. I was experimenting with adding mint matcha to my different matcha flavours yesterday but I think I’m going to spare this one that experience. I just don’t think this one will be improved by mint.

To recap: very tired. feeling stupid and off. matcha good.

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1271 tasting notes

Post workout matcha! I made it a iced latte with bavarian cream matcha, splenda, soy protein and ice.

It was a really nice cool day, so I did a jog to the post office. Got home, lifted weights. Annoyed as I had to deload due to spraining my knee the other week and too much time off lifting, but I still did a decent job with 100lb squats. Of course, right now I’m sporting a taped up sprained finger from Friday. Sigh. Now to work up again to 150lb, BLEH!

The matcha tasted almost like ice cream here! Probably from the ice, and thick consistency of the protein powder.

I’m running low on this matcha and a couple others. Looks like another RLT matcha order in a month or so. Boo, so much to save up for!


I think I ordered this one! I guess it’s one I’ll look forward to trying.


This has turned out to be a surprise favorite! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do, but I do!


This is my favorite one to use in smoothies. Makes everything taste like pudding.

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160 tasting notes

Work has been so stressful lately… I believe it is driving me crazy. I have a big project in the making and I coincidentally found out that there is another company who seems to be doing the exact same thing. So, I have to work harder and faster to make sure my project gets out there first… The most stressful part is that I am not entirely sure when they intend to launch…. All I can do is my best! Wish me luck!

On to the tea… This tea smelled incredibly creamy today. It was great to just sit and sniff it while relaxing. I love how creamy it smells and the green tea  scent that mingles behind completes the deliciousness profile of this tea. 

I still get hints of citrus in the flavor. The aftertaste reminds me a bit of lemon. What makes this tea great, more than the flavoring itself, is the creamy mouth feel. The smell, with the sensation of smooth cream is enough to make you wonder if cream has somehow been hidden in this blend. If only it had a bit more vanilla it would make it into my favorites… 

I love that matcha has become a night-time tradition for me. For some reason, I get no effects from the caffein… In fact, it helps me wind down and relax!  Thanks Red LEaf Tea for making it possible for me to get matcha delivered to Ecuador and for fueling my nightly matcha habits! 

Hesper June

Good luck! I know you can do it:-)
So glad you have tasty tea to help you unwind at the end of your stressful days.


Thanks Hesper June! I can use all of the motivation I can get! :)


Best of luck with that project! this sounds yummy


Good luck with the project! This tea sounds terrific. I should probably just give up and give Red Leaf Tea my money. :)


Veronica – it’s inevitable lol


Thanks indigobloom and Veronica!

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6444 tasting notes

The more I have this, the more I enjoy it. Thank you MissB for sharing with me.


I was the same way with this one.

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807 tasting notes

I am reviewing a Bavarian Cream flavored White Matcha found here: you will of course get to make your own selections for matcha base, flavor strength, etc.
This matcha was composed of the following: White Matcha, Royal Quality, Robust Flavor. I also opted for the small metal tin.
This is the first Matcha I have personally ordered from Red Leaf Tea although I have been desiring to make an order for some time now. I was very lucky to have some wonderful tea trade partners that have sent me samples of Red Leaf Tea Matchas so I have been lucky to try the Orange, Madagascar Vanialla, Caramel, and Peach, but so far, this is my favorite! Perhaps it is because it is my first matcha that I bought for myself, or maybe it is because I got the Robust flavoring, or maybe due to it being my first White Matcha! Maybe it is simply because Bavarian Creme is an amazing flavor all unto itself! I mean when I saw this as a flavor option it was in fact a toss up between this and cotton candy, then I was even more confused when I saw they had Butterscotch! But what won out in the end was this, and I won’t deny it was mostly because when I select a doughnut I most always go for a Bavarian cream filled one! I mean come on they tempted me with the picture of a bavarian creme filled doughnut right on their site! Who could resist?
When I received my package in the mail it came in a white envelope clearly labeled Red Leaf Tea! I was surprised at how quickly my tea arrived! The matcha itself came in a shiny golden envelope with lovely labeling and the type of matcha I ordered printed on a smaller label stuck on it. I paid an extra 3.00 for a small tin which held a small package (30g) of matcha. The billing receipt and a colorful flyer which included some information about Red Leaf Teas and instructions on how to make matcha were also in the package.
When I opened the bag containing my tea the smell was intoxicating! Vanilla, Cream, Butter. Those were the aromas that struck me.
After placing the tea into the container and cutting the small label from the golden bag and taping it to my silver tin container I was ready to make my very own first Red Leaf Tea Matcha! Bavarian Cream!

I did notice that this matcha did not froth up as well as the previous ones I had tried from Red Leaf. Being that I have never had a white matcha before I can’t be sure if it is due to it being a white tea base or perhaps I was just too eager to taste it and didn’t put as much effort into it. Also I noticed the base was not quite as light in color as I was expecting but it was not the bright green of a typical matcha either. It was sort of a light brown color. For a Robust flavor I do think I was expecting a slightly stronger flavor from the tea but that is not to say it is not delicious! The flavors matched the aromas perfectly! Creamy, Buttery, Vanilla, Rich, Decadent!
I am very pleased with the flavor I choose to begin my own matcha journey with. It is a pleasing flavor if you like rich, and creamy with a full lingering after taste!
After trying my matcha in its raw state, hot, I opted, as I usually do, to make it into an iced latte using only the tea itself, some ice cubes, and some all natural vanilla coffee creamer. Its just that I prefer my matcha in this manner probably because my first introduction to matcha was this way. Granted matcha purist may be cringing but I enjoy it.
So here I am sipping my first very fine Matcha from Red Leaf Tea and I am thinking oh yeah this is the one! Yet I can’t help secretly to be thinking of all those other flavors yet to be tired.
So my next question to self is, do I stay with white matcha or do I go back to green. I honestly think it will depend on which flavor I choose next! Some I can see being wonderful either way while other flavors seem to beg more for one or the other. I will say that I am happy I went with Robust flavoring as I am one of those people who want an “in my face” flavor especially when it comes to matcha since I mostly make iced lattes with mine. Next time I may opt for “there’s matcha in there?” but then again I do also love the natural flavor of the matcha itself and Red Leaf Tea does provide a quality matcha base!
Thank you Red Leaf for all the flavor options you provide to us! I am looking forward to my next selection!
Here is the link once again where you can purchase this amazing matcha!


curse you woman! must. resist.


LOL don’t even try to resist!

Matcha Outlet

Wow! That’s a LONG review. One note about the flavor: we only use natural flavor which is much weaker than artificial one. There is a point where adding more flavor will not give you much stronger result. I guess it’s more of an art than science when it comes to mixing matcha and flavors. I know some of the flavors could be stronger, but we just do not want to use artificial flavors in any way.
But there is hope – our supplier is working on new method of making natural flavors that suppose to give better, stronger flavor. Unfortunately they don’t know when it will be ready…
Until that day, let’s enjoy what we have now… :-)


And I totally want all natural so this is a good reason and happy to hear it! Exciting news that a stronger all natural flavor may be in the future but let me just say that I am very happy with as it is now. :)


Oh and I wanted to ask DOES white matcha usually froth as well as green? Honestly the froth is not THAT important to me personally because I make mine into cold drinks anyway however I am curious if I did something wrong lol perhaps in my haste or if this is typical of white matcha. THANKS so much you have excellent customer service!

Matcha Outlet

Your review had me thinking. A new contest: Extra small size matcha ($15.99) for anyone that can beat your review of 856 words. Any ideas on how to spread the word?


Oh make a new thread about this right here on Steepster! I am sure many will jump on that!!! :)

Matcha Outlet

White matcha comes from powdered white tea which is made a bit differently than green tea and does not give you the froth you’d expect from matcha, but most people prefer it to green matcha since it has a bit lighter flavor, not so grassy. Problem is that a LOT people don’t realize that white matcha does not have a snow white color they expect from the name but rather grayish looking.
I’m working on new option for the flavored matcha 50/50 white/green matcha + flavor. I wonder if this would be something people would like…?


I would absolutely try the 50/50 health benefits of both and flavors of both.


I can get white matcha? The whole green thing & grassy issue was why I never had matcha. If I can have a less grassy & white flavoured matcha I am in.
Damn you all to hell! I must not give in to temptation!


But why not? I mean you get it then you review it and you get another free! :) done and done! GO FOR IT!

Dylan Oxford

Hrmmmm… Missy and I were just talking about these matchas… I’m pretty wordy, I might be able to out-gab Azz ;)


Challenge Accepted!


Tattooed! Don’t doooo it! Resist the dark side! Lol kidding of course ;)

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2291 tasting notes

This one just tastes SO creamy and milky. I made it as a shaken latte with unsweetened almond milk this morning, and 1/4 tsp of sugar.

Really delicious, but I still like the French Vanilla more.

Thanks, CrowKettle for sharing the rest of this one with me! I have a couple more morning lattes, and then I’ll finally be done!


I really wasn’t sure on this one until I had it as a cold soy latte. It just works so well that way! Now I’ll have to try the French Vanilla.


The French Vanilla is just.. more. :) I really like it, and it would be such a good mixer in smoothies and stuff.


I will have to remember that for my next matcha order. Have you tried the Madagascar Vanilla?


Nope. :) I rely on the kindness of friends for my Red Leaf, and I don’t think that one has made it through my cupboard yet.


Remind me…I can add matcha to the box going out that way….as long as I’ve opened the flavour I can send it


All the matcha? LOL. I’ll message you and let you know which ones I’d LOVE to try. They’re in your cupboard?


I haven’t gotten to this one yet.

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6768 tasting notes

Okay…so…for a bit more on this one…

The aroma before, during, and after is amazing…just like the bavarian cream inside a donut! The flavor is very creamy and sweet but still a true green matcha tasting base.

This is quite impressive in every way! I really like this one!


Bavarian Cream OMG!!!! How could this NOT be amazing??

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516 tasting notes

Let me begin by saying that I’ve read all the reviews for this matcha, and although it sounds delicious, I never thought Bavarian Cream would be a flavour I crave. I love donuts with fillings, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t something I jones for in the middle of the night. (I haven’t been pregnant yet, so that could change! Haha). I guess what I’m trying to say is – I already have the Cheesecake Matcha, how amazing could Bavarian Cream be?

The answer? Extremely amazing. Absolutely amazing. Exclaim it to the heavens! I got the delicate flavouring as usual (

There’s something about this flavour that took me by surprise and wooed me. The smell is sweet and creamy, no mistaking it for “vanilla” or something generic, it’s quite a specific scent. The aroma is true to the taste, hallelujah! There’s almost a “thickness” to it, and certainly a richness, that is reminiscent of its namesake. Creamy creamy creamy! The smell and taste of biting into that perfect area of donut where all the cream is. I personally like to save that part for the last, if I’m lucky. ;)

Thankfully with this matcha, I get the best part all to myself!

My personal favourite way to enjoy this matcha is as a hot latte with a pinch of sugar, to make the flavour pop and enhance the cream (if it can get any creamier – my goodness!). That said, I also shook it up in a water bottle and took it to work as an iced tea and again it really surprised me! No sugar added + true Bavarian Cream flavour = a happy Ash-Lee servicing customers with a buzz! Thanks Red Leaf Tea!


This one really does have a creamy consistency! It’s so tasty.

Daisy Chubb

I know right? I think we can all agree on its deliciousness ;)


Yes I do love this one. Very nice when mixed with the Strawberry Matcha too.

Daisy Chubb

Well well Liberteas, I know what I will be bringing to work tomorrow :D


I am about to mix this with orange!

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292 tasting notes

I think this is my favorite of the two flavored matchas Courtney sent for me to try. They are all delicious, though… I might have to actually order matcha at some point, I really enjoy having a cup after my workout. So fresh and yummy!


I’m glad you liked this one :) This was probably my least favourite of the ones I ordered – it was delicious, just the others were amazingly delicious haha!


Hahaha! I liked the creaminess, I thought it was delightful with the grassy matcha taste. It was still light, and the caramel one seemed a bit heavier. I’ve only had that one once, though, so maybe I’ll change my mind.


The caramel adds seriously awesome flavour to smoothies :)

Jackie O

I have green apple Matcha that I don’t love, if you’d like to swap I’d be happy to include samples of others! The green apple is almost the full 30g


I don’t really have a lot of matchas, Jackie… just little bits that Courtney has sent me. Check my cupboard and see if there is anything you’d be interested in, I’d definitely give the green apple a try. :)

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