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Black Teas, Flavors, Mango, Pink Peppercorn
Tropical, Apricot, Astringent, Honey, Malt, Peach, Smooth, Spices, Sweet, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Wood, Creamy, Tannic
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  • “Woah. This is an interesting cup. Its a savory tea, with a little aftertaste of spicy pepper. The downside to this is that there is a little bitter undercurrent, but its not overwhelming. This is...” Read full tasting note
  • “Whoa, I was not expecting to like this as much as I do. Had for afternoon tea with R over king cake. I was a bit wary because of its description as a fruity black tea, but it’s delicious. I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Firstly, the description of this tea is just gross. Also, since when are eyelids generally discarded? anyway, as gross as this sounds…. ITS AMAZING! I dont know what kind of fruit is in it, and i...” Read full tasting note
  • “First sip without sweetener – blea. Bitter, annoying, harsh. Then, I added sweetener. And the birds did sing, the rabbits did romp, and all creatures great and small stopped to celebrate the...” Read full tasting note

From Lupicia

Black tea with refreshing sweet fruit cuts and pink peppers which look like Daruma are added.

How to enjoy Tea
Amount of Tea Leaves: 0.10oz(2.5-3g)
Water Temprature: Boiling Water
Brewing Time: 3-5min.

Ingredients: Indian black tea, Vietnamese black tea, dried mango (mango, sugar, citric acid), pink peppercorn, flavorings

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17 Tasting Notes

2967 tasting notes

Woah. This is an interesting cup.
Its a savory tea, with a little aftertaste of spicy pepper. The downside to this is that there is a little bitter undercurrent, but its not overwhelming.
This is going to be an interesting tea to have.

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612 tasting notes

Whoa, I was not expecting to like this as much as I do. Had for afternoon tea with R over king cake. I was a bit wary because of its description as a fruity black tea, but it’s delicious. I don’t know exactly what fruit(s) they allude to, but I get kind of a peach (or is it apricot?) and pineapple vibe, very aromatic. And the peppercorn tinge is perfect, giving the dizzying fruity fragrance and juiciness a little sharpened, edgy zip to adhere to. It reminds me slightly of the sweet-savory-fresh peach, tomato, fresh herb, and pepper salads I like to make on summer’s hottest evenings. I have a feeling this would make fantastic coldsteeped tea once the weather warms up. As is, it’s wonderfully refreshing, interesting, and balanced uniquely between juicy sweet and tart and spicy, a little like some Indian pickles and salads (as others mention, the peppercorn gives the fruit a uniquely yummy savory edge). I really dig it and am glad I gave it a chance. Would restock!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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76 tasting notes

Firstly, the description of this tea is just gross. Also, since when are eyelids generally discarded?

anyway, as gross as this sounds…. ITS AMAZING! I dont know what kind of fruit is in it, and i dont care as long as i can keep drinking it. I cant even describe the fruit because its not like any fruit im familiar with. I originally got it as a sample and bought it straight away. and when its gone i will buy it again.


If memory serves me it has something to do with a Bhuddist legend. The monk was meditating but he kept falling asleep, so in frustration he cut his eyelids off and threw them away, and where they landed tea trees grew, and he then used the tea to help him stay awake while meditating.

Or something of that sort. It’s just off the top of my head. I’d go look it up, but the book I think I read it in first is all the way down at the other end of the flat… ;)


he really should have skipped the cutting off his own eyelids part and gone straight to the tea part.


No, I mean tea trees grew where his eyelids landed because of the eyelids landing there, they weren’t there before. :)


what im saying is that i would try caffeine before resorting to cutting off my eyelids. Or was this the first ever tea? or just the first eyelid tea? cos normal tea would do for keeping him awake.


First ever tea, supposedly. :)


Per the current description on their website, it says this is mango. I’ve got a cup cooling next to me, so I’ll be trying it soon. It smells AMAZING


“Firstly, the description of this tea is just gross.” Seriously! I had to re-read it twice to make sure it didn’t actually have anyone’s eyelids in it. Eew.

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411 tasting notes

First sip without sweetener – blea. Bitter, annoying, harsh.

Then, I added sweetener.

And the birds did sing, the rabbits did romp, and all creatures great and small stopped to celebrate the goodness of this tea.

Fruity, slightly spicy, and sweet, with a hint of bitter on the back-end. I think I’ll need to steep this with more leaf for less time next time (which is a little scary, I used quite a bit this time). Maybe the same amount of leaf with less time. That may kill the bitter and allow for less sweetener, but wow. Very nice once sweetened.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

It’s amazing what a little sweetener can do…“just a spoonful of sugar….” :)

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338 tasting notes

The tea description here seems so weird and wrong! The Japanese description on the official website is a lot more appetizing: it’s an Indian black tea with pink pepper and the sweetness of mango.

Don’t be put off by the problematic English description… this is a nice, sweet tea! The fragrant fruity flavours completely steal the show – nothing tastes really like mango, but instead it’s like apricot + sakurambo. The addition of pink pepper leads me to expect spiciness, but there’s only a hint of pepper which adds an interesting twist to the tea. I love this blend!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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83 tasting notes

Another fruity Lupicia black from the Book of Tea. It has small pink peppercorns which Lupicia says look like the namesake Daruma dolls, as well as sweetened mango pieces (my bag had a minimal amount of these.) The peppercorns do not impart any peppery sensation or flavour.

It’s a very familiar Lupicia tea, a standard tannic black tea blend with a zingy vaguely “tropical” fruit flavour. It reminds me a lot of Sakurambo as they both share the pink peppercorns and a vague sort of tropical black tea suggestion. Daruma is much milder, though, so if you like Sakurambo but thought it was a little too powerful, this might be a nice choice. I would not be unhappy to get this in a tea house, but I personally prefer a little more flavour in tea that’s supposed to have it.

All together, a nice cuppa of classic Lupicia.

Flavors: Tropical

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 150 OZ / 4436 ML

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4183 tasting notes

Thanks again Cameron B for a sample of this one, from the Lupicia sample package! I also received your awesome package of teas today!! Thanks so much for sharing! I went with a teaspoon and a half of this one, which was a risky move, since there are CTC black tea leaves in this blend. But the result is delicious. I’d prefer it this way. The brew is very dark but isn’t too brisk. This is probably my preferred strength of a black tea: malty yet sweet and smooth. There is plenty of fruit flavor that lingers. I love mango and that’s what this tastes like, with possible undertones of peach. The second steep is just as fruity! This would be a fantastic tea in summer. It’s so thirst quenching. The description says the peppercorns look like daruma, so I HAD to look that one up. Turns out daruma is a doll head. The google picture does show a red doll head that could look like a big peppercorn. Wouldn’t have guessed that one! This is a tasty tea anyway, though I would have liked it to be more strictly mango than remind me of peach.
Steep #1 // 1 1/2 teaspoons for a full mug // 16 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
Steep #2 // 6 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
2019 sipdowns: 2


Forgot to mention in the steeping note, I’m trying to sell some teas before shipping goes up on the 27th, but if anyone is interested, I’m mailing on Friday so you’d have to be quick about it! Posting it here as I’m not sure how many are following the thread these days: https://steepster.com/discuss/6840-official-stash-sales-thread?page=23

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1217 tasting notes

Happy New Year! This is one of Lupicia’s New Year seasonal flavors, though I picked mine up as a box of tea sachets last April in a mottainai sale… yup. So, from the (rough) stats I kept in 2018, I spent waaaaaaaay too much on tea last year, tried 288 new teas, and sipped down 251 teas. And by “sipdown”, I mean teas I actually finished. Things that left my collection via gifting, teaboxes, or being trashed (for any reason, though bad coconut was the typical culprit) didn’t count toward that stat. So this will be new tea tried #1 for 2019!

I actually started my New Year’s Resolution back in December: to significantly cut down my tea spending this year, and make a huge push towards sipdowns to get the amount of tea in my tiny one room apartment back under control. It is out of hand, and really bothering me. Honestly, I’ve considered quitting Steepster for a year, because it almost feels like an alcholic trying to “get under control” but still going to the bar every night, because I’m constantly having sales, free shipping promos, group buys, tea boxes, etc. shoved in my face and feel guilty when I have to say over and over, “No, I’m serious, I’m not ordering/collecting tea right now. I mean it.” It’s like the peer pressure is everywhere. But I truly, sincerely, love sampling tea, and collecting my thoughts about it, and trying to expand my palate, and reading everyone’s tasting notes (I legitimately read every tasting note that comes through my feed if I’m Following you, even if it can sometimes take me a few days to catch up!) So I really don’t want to do that. I really hope you will join me on my journey of the Year of the Sipdown, as I try to clear space in my apartment, get my collection to a more managable size, better decide which teas I want taking up permanent cupboard real estate so the other space can be allocated to a “rotating” sampling collection, and only then I may feel up to getting some new things to try. (Plus, this will really help me recoup funds for some massive car repairs that hit at the end of the year! In the grand scheme of priorities, my transportation is a bit more important to me…)

So, onto this tea! It is apparently a mango flavored black, but the dry leaf smells like a really juicy apricot to me? I steeped the sachet for three minutes, then noticed it had a rip in it… bah! Had I noticed before I would’ve cut it open and let the leaf steep in my gravity well. I’m not against grandpa style for those of you that like it, but I’ll admit… I’m one of those weird folks that just can’t stand getting leaf in my tea, and I spent a while fishing loose peppercorns out of my cup, hahaha. The tea was a lovely dark brown color, and still smelled more of sweet apricot to me than mango (considering I have a bad run-in with many mango flavorings, this is not a bad thing to me!) The black tea had a medium astringency, but the fruit was so soft, sweet, and ripe tasting, that it actually didn’t have a very tannic quality to it, and the sweet fruitiness left on my tongue actually seemed to counter a lot of the dryness I would’ve experienced from the astrigency. It was a really nice flavor! There is a very, very subtle spice note, but mostly it’s a very smooth maltiness with a honeyed juicy apricot/peach flavor. I’m liking this one, it’s a lot less potent than some other Lupicia blacks I’ve had and the fruit flavoring in this one is really nice.

Flavors: Apricot, Astringent, Honey, Malt, Peach, Smooth, Spices, Sweet

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 350 ML

Hey, I get it. My collection of tea is insane. If it weren’t for Steepster, I really don’t think my love of tea would be THIS severe. (But I do love Steepster for my love of tea anyway.) So I’ll try not ‘pushing’ any tea on you…for a year. And if I am, just tell me to stop. :D I’m TRYING not to acquire any more tea myself, after what I’m already expecting shows up (and I’m also eventually buying some teas from Cameron). I have to be more strict about it. There are just so many lovely teas and so many kind Steepsterers. haha.

Mastress Alita

Hopefully I can get this mess I’ve created under control within a year, hahaha! Then watch me go on another collecting binge because I let the floodgates open and be like, “Oh no, what have I done…” and have to have another year of purging…


Yeah, but just as long as you’re enjoying the tea as you’re drinking it. :D

Mastress Alita

Hahaha, depends on the tea. Sometimes the enjoyment comes from the sipdown itself, like it’s a great accomplishment because I didn’t really like the tea much, and just wanted it gone, and worked my way through several cups of a meh tea so it would be gone, but that last cup just feels like I won the damn Olympics because of it. Others the last cup feels like sadness because every cup before that is so freaking good and I don’t want to let it go, hahaha!


Yeah, exactly that.. you don’t have to tell me… the accomplishment or pain of the sipdown. haha.

Mastress Alita

It’s a vicious cycle we put ourselves through.


I’m in for the sipdown challenge!


Yes, I’m also trying to not buy anything else for a while! (other than maybe a Steepster cupboard sale or two) I’m constantly forcing my very patient family members to drink my…less favorite teas because having tea around that I don’t want but can’t get rid of really stresses me out. I guess I just can’t feel like I’m wasting it! Good luck to all of us!


Yep, I will be joining the sipdown goal too… after I try any new teas. :D


Please forgive my offerings, Mastress Alita, but it’s just a joy to share tea. You seem like the type of person to stick to your word. You can do it! Sip it all down, baby, and find some new loves in the process!

Mastress Alita

It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the offerings, I find a great joy in sharing tea too! (If only my coworkers weren’t all adamant that it is coffee or the highway and won’t try my tea! Sigh…) But I honestly don’t have the space in my tiny apartment until I make it. I simply can’t enjoy offerings until I can make space in which to store offerings. At least tea is a consumable collectable! That gives me the option to just not collect for a while and drink, drink, drink. I suppose most people that collect tangible things would have to keep moving to bigger and bigger homes to house their ever-growing collections of stuff, ugh. (I hate moving…) So there is that!

Lexie Aleah

I have the opposite problem Lol I have like 900 teas on my Steepster wishlist but cannot convince myself to buy them and pay for shipping. When you have some more space and have sipped some of your stash down. Let us sSteepster’s know! (I’m going to then send you some tea as a Congratulations!) :)


Me: currently keeping tea in a box sitting on the bottom of my bed. Not the floor, the actual bed. And I’m just a newby, so I can only imagine your challenge and frustration. Courage! You will overcome!


Lol, lizwykys, you sparked my imagination with some Steepster motivational posters now running through my head. Is there a graphic designer in the house?

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3986 tasting notes

Sipdown! (4)

This is one of those blends from Lupicia that has a hilariously vague description. The ingredients do list dried mango though, so I’m assuming it’s meant to be mango-flavored black tea with peppercorns…

The base tea has a nice malty flavor with a pleasant tannic bite. There’s a hint of astringency as well, even with my conservative steeping parameters. The flavor is fruity and tropical in nature. I do taste mango, but it’s a softer version than usual, and it’s accompanied by peach and banana notes. There’s also a nice creaminess that makes it taste like a smoothie.

Very tasty! But not one that I felt the need to restock since I already have some lovely mango and peach teas from Lupicia that I prefer to this one.

Flavors: Astringent, Banana, Creamy, Malt, Mango, Peach, Sweet, Tannic, Tropical

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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15061 tasting notes

boring. another teabag from variaTEA no spicey note to be found..no peppery taste. just a kinda of weird fruity like black. meh

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