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Candy, Chocolate, Cocoa, Creamy, Strawberry, Berries, Berry, Bitter, Vanilla, Earth, Tobacco, Caramel, Rum, Sweet, Fruity, Dark Chocolate, Dark Bittersweet, Wood, Earthy, Smooth, Soil, Thick, Dirt
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  • “If anyone is afraid of puer or even actively dislikes it, but wants to drink it, here is the tea for you. Rich, decadent, dark chocolate aroma fills the room and courts your tastebuds. Then...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’ve officially had a terrible day. I decided it was time to break into some comforting tea that does not require thinking. I just need something tasty and uplifting. This tea is doing very well....” Read full tasting note
  • “mmmm another backlog from yesterday. I decided to open this one up since it’s been ages since i had it and i wanted to see if i still love it. and i do. :) I like the subtleness of the...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thank you Ashmanra for this lovely sample! This all came about after a review of Spice and Tea Exchange’s Chocolate and Strawberry Puer…and Ashmanra (probably others also) were wondering if Lupicia...” Read full tasting note

From Lupicia

Decadent with chocolate on the nose, finishing with the juicy tart flavor of ripe strawberries. The rich flavors of puer tea and chocolate also work wonderfully with milk.

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92 Tasting Notes

3313 tasting notes

If anyone is afraid of puer or even actively dislikes it, but wants to drink it, here is the tea for you.

Rich, decadent, dark chocolate aroma fills the room and courts your tastebuds. Then fruity, grown up strawberry flavor follows, not candy like, but think of real dark chocolate covered strawberries. The puer adds a dark, rich note without being being musty and absolutely not fishy – not even a bit.

Tunes: Accidentally Like A Martyr, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner – by Warren Zevon.
(Perhaps I should explain – we were listening to Roland to help my daughter remember some facts about African history, though there are several errors in the song, and it made me remember the other song, which I used to love!)

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525 tasting notes

I’ve officially had a terrible day. I decided it was time to break into some comforting tea that does not require thinking. I just need something tasty and uplifting.

This tea is doing very well. It’s definitely puer, but mildly so. The strawberry is of the creamy frosting-like variety. The chocolate is sweet and delicious. Comforting indeed. It reminds me of those Japanese candies that are kind of cone shaped chocolates, half pink (strawberry) and half milk chocolate.

This might actually make a good latte, though I wouldn’t consider making puer into a latte under normal circumstances, today’s apparently a day for rule breaking.

I’ll report back on the latte.

EDIT: Almond milk added. Tastes okay, but better plain. Tasty stuff.


Sorry about your day. =(


Nothing like a yummy tea to perk you up. :)


I have no excuse to complain really. Others are probably worse off than I am. Nice to have a sympathic ear though. Thanks guys!


Pfft! As sympathetic as we may be about others’ stuff, it’s just that: others’. It doesn’t lessen the crappiness of our own stuff. You’ll always find a sympathetic ear here. =)


Thanks Nik! :)

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15147 tasting notes

mmmm another backlog from yesterday. I decided to open this one up since it’s been ages since i had it and i wanted to see if i still love it. and i do. :) I like the subtleness of the strawberry flavour and how well it blends with both the chocolate and the puerh. It really is just a great cup of flavoured puerh :) i’ll have to try it as a latte before i finish it up, as i think that might be pretty tasty!

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Ashmanra for this lovely sample! This all came about after a review of Spice and Tea Exchange’s Chocolate and Strawberry Puer…and Ashmanra (probably others also) were wondering if Lupicia was close to the same flavor or markedly different. Generously offering a sample for a side-by-side comparison, she sent me a sample.
So, I have 2 cups by my side and have taken time to sip and reflect on what I taste in each.
To be fair, this listing is under LUPICIA and this Puer is super fresh tasting Strawberry! More than anything this is dominant. I wish I could taste some chocolate but I don’t. No mocha, no chocolate at all. I could smell Puer when I placed my nose close to the wet leaves in the steeping basket but I realize the Puer flavor as richness and body in a general soft caramel way. I added sweetening and cream which made a latte which is very delicious. I consider this bright, robust Strawberry Puer. Tasting the Spice and Tea Exchange afterwards I noticed that the Chocolate is definately present up front with a more muted Strawberry woven around it. You can taste the Puer in the background and is more complex.

Both tea’s are worth having as unique flavor profiles. They are not the same at all. I am giving a rating for the Lupicia.


Good to know! When I had the Lupicia one, I smelled chocolate and strawberry but felt l,e I was drinking a flavored black tea sometimes rather than a puer. I can see that the puer could come through as caramel flavor instead of earthiness. It sounds like I should look into STE version. I think they are similarly priced.


I have the Lupicia tea and a sample of the Spice & Tea Exchange version from Indigobloom. I will have to do a side by side, too!


Game on!


oh yay!! I am SO looking forward to seeing the results of this :P

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169 tasting notes

Another tea from the gracious Ashmanra
My oh my!
This is on the totally opposite side from my first taste of Puerh tea.
Obviously, this is flavored so it should be in a different category, however the Puerh is still present in this tea.
But, I just want to talk about the smell of this tea for a minute.
It is incredible.
I mean, if I could I would walk around with two mugs of this all day, one to drink and one to make any area that I am currently occupying smell utterly divine.
The strawberry in this tea literally smells like a French Strawberry Cream Tart I had one time.
So fresh, and so creamy!
I only get a little chocolate, which I am totally okay with, since I am not huge into chocolate tea.
More like a chocolate drizzle over the creamy tart.
The puerh in the background is bringing a bit of earthiness to the whole mix.
Taste is a little different.
It moves from Strawberry Tart to Strawberry Field.
Strawberries warmed from the sun with a bit of field dust on them.
Thats what this tea tastes like to me.
Which as I sit, looking out my icy window at the frozen landscape, this tea feels a little like a promise.
Thank you, Ashmanra, for giving me a bit of summer in the middle of January.

Boiling 0 min, 45 sec

mmm i need to try this at some point in my puerh adventure


So glad you like it! I think it is divine!

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4843 tasting notes

This is the sample that I received with my Lupicia Newsletter, and it is SO GOOD! OMG!

The chocolate and puer are perfect together, the chocolate is deep and dark and decadent, the strawberry sweet with a hint of berry tartness, and the puer is not as earthy as I’ve come to expect from Puer (and that’s a very good thing).

I love this!


thats so funny cuz i’m having a cup of it right now! lol

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333 tasting notes

My first puer! Or possibly my second – I feel like I may have tried one at Samovar a long time ago, but if I did I can’t remember anything much about it. Also the first tea I’m trying from my swap with Rie!

So, this tea – the dry leaf smells mostly like strawberry candy (a bit artificial, but not in a bad way) and also a bit chocolate-y and earthy. Rie suggested doing a brief rinse, but in my excitement to taste this I completely forgot about it. So no rinse for me.

For the first steep, I (accidentally – the more I get into different kinds of higher-end teas, the more I realize I am terrible at brewing properly) used less-than-boiling water and steeped for about (yep, my attention to detail could use some improvement!) 45 seconds. Flavor-wise, the first steep is mildly – and very pleasantly – earthy. There’s no fishy smell or taste whatsoever, thankfully. I’m not quite getting the forest floor/horse barn kinds of notes I often see mentioned with puers either, but I’d say this one leans (very slightly) in that sort of direction. There’s also a hint of chocolate; fortunately, it’s quite natural-tasting and blends well with the base. A lot of chocolate teas veer too close in flavor to the abomination that is chocolate soda for my liking, and I’m pleased to report that this one does not. This chocolate flavoring is nicely subtle. I’m not really getting any strawberry notes, although the brewed tea does smell rather like strawberry syrup or pie. I see a lot of mentions of strong strawberry flavor in other reviews, so it could be that my less-than-stellar brewing technique is at fault; in addition to what I’ve already mentioned, I suspect I may have ever-so-slightly underleafed. But strawberry or no, the first steep’s very enjoyable. There’s a bit of sweetness and also a bit of astringency, but the latter is no bad thing in my opinion.

Now for the second steep (1:30) – this is not dissimilar to Steep 1, although the earthy notes from the puer are a bit more prominent. The third steep (2:00) I messed up by using too much water. It tastes weak and weirdly sweet. It’s drinkable but not great. I attribute this entirely to user error. Fourth steep (2:30) is a similar deal – I think I killed the leaves with the excess water in the third steep. Oh well; I have enough left in my sample for one more brewing session and I’ll endeavor to be more attentive when I use it.

Thanks very much to Rie for sending this sample! This is probably going on my list for my next Lupicia order, and it’s definitely made me want to delve deeper into the world of puer.


(-) Glad you were able to try it already!
The strawberry/more flavor seems to be best with longer infusions (starting at 1:30min), I think the longer infusions are a flavored puer thing.


I’ll definitely try longer infusions next time! And even without much strawberry, I did really enjoy it.


Sounds great! :D
I just hope the rest of the Puer world is on the same level (;-;) The horror stories are scary, huh? :D;


Very! I can get behind the forest-floor flavors (in theory, anyway!), and even the horse barn thing might be okay. But fishy tea… just no. Have you branched out into the world of unflavored (or less flavored) puers much?


The first time I brewed the C&S puer that ‘horse barn’ label was ringing through every sip like a nightmare (LOL). But now I kind of ‘get it’, so I’ll just keep trusting… No fish, no fish!

I haven’t had an unflavored Puer yet, I have some samples but didn’t have enough reason to open them because I loved drinking this C&S so much. I’ve set aside time to try one today, now that my C&S is gone. :c What about you? Any straight puer planned?


I don’t have any straight puer, but I do plan to pick some up once I work through my stash a bit more – I know I don’t have as many teas as a lot of people, but even seeing my cupboard count inch toward 50 is getting me nervous! I’m not ready to commit to a large cake, or to anything really pricey, but I’ve identified a couple of options from Teavivre and Upton that seem like decent places to get started. I’ll be curious to know how you like the one you’re planning to try today! And yeah, that C&S is really good! I probably shouldn’t order from Lupicia again for about six months, but I’ll definitely be tempted once I finish that sample.


Haha, yeah, I’m nervous about the same (approaching 50). I do have a good selection in my stash as it is though, so I’m not in need of anything new. But then a lot of it is oolong, which I only brew gongfu less than 100mL at a time… hnn.

In that case, I’ll brew that Teavivre Puer today. :) What Puers are you drawn to in particular, just at face value? And yes, Lupicia is so tempting, I love the company so much. ;-; I already have a cart ready haha ;;


I haven’t put a ton of thought into future puer selection, but I’ve been eyeing this one ( and/or this one ( Mostly just because neither sound very fishy, or otherwise very intense. The Mandala Phatty Cake seems really good, but I don’t think I’m ready to spend $20 on an untried puer just yet. I’d also like to try Lupicia’s Sunny Fruits puer. Which Teavivre puer do you have?


They seem solid! I wish I had the Mengku Ripened Golden Buds 2007 one from Teavivre too. I have the Fengqing Ripened Golden Buds 2005. ^ -^

I plan to pick up Lupicia’s Sunny Fruits on my next order (semi-near future), I can send you a sample of that if you’d like. :D


I must put in a good word for the Organic loose shu pu-erh from the Tea Spot. I am the only one who has reviewed it on Steepster and I know that the Tea Spot isn’t one of the trendy top sellers among most of you, but you should consider it; if only because they sell a 5 serving sample for $4 (or for $2 more you can get a small tin and ~10 servings). This was the very first pu-erh that I ever had and I’ve had quite a few nasties after it. I think if I didn’t start with this one, I would probably never give pu-erh a second chance. lol. I can’t comment for its gourmet pu-erh connoisseur quality, but I do like it! And so does most of my family.


Rie – I would love to swap for a sample of the Sunny Fruits when you get it!

Shelley_Lorraine – That sounds great, especially the part about the $4 sample. I’m not too familiar with the Tea Spot, but am always interested in recommendations for less hyped sellers. Going on my shopping list now.


Thanks for the recommendation, Shelley! Need all the help for Puer possible, haha.

Sure thing, Emily! Can’t wait till then. :’D

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1629 tasting notes

When I saw the packaging, I saw C&S Puerh and I was confused. What was C&S? It smelled fruity in the bag, and it tasted fruity in my mug! It definitely needed milk and sugar. There was a hint of berries as well as bitterness. It was nice and sweet with the slight cocoa notes coming from the puerh. Delicious blend!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Absolutely, love this one! Reminds, better have some soon. :)

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985 tasting notes

Post workout tea…..

This one is good. It amazes me how well chocolate flavor pairs with puer. I get hints of the strawberry along with a chocolaty richness, and then the earthiness (in light amounts) of puer. The taste is very close to coffee. For those of you out there that are puer beginners, this one definitely has training wheels! And I enjoy this one so much better than the Sunny Fruits Puer which I also liked.

(I am wondering if I am now ready for real pu’erh……;D)

Mug method with a 2 minute steep.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

It looks like nearly everyone I follow here on Steepster is logging and loving this tea – which of course means it’s now officially on my wish-list!

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392 tasting notes

I can’t remember when I had this to be honest…a few days ago I think. I have been crazy swamped with school stuff before spring break starts so its been a lot of bagged tea and old staples the past few weeks.
Anyway, the smell of this tea blew me away. It literally smells identical to a chocolate covered strawberry. I doubt I could tell the difference if I did a direct comparison. It smells juicy and delicious. I am always a little wary when a tea has a steep time of under 2 minutes, mostly because I would much rather have an oversteeped tea than an understeeped one. But I was good and followed the instructions and I am glad I did. It came out the perfect combination or strawberry, chocolate, and an earthy flavor that I am assuming is the Puer. It was delicious. This one is gonna have to go on my mental shopping list :)

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I still need to try my sample of this. Sounds good.


You should definitely try it out. It is quite enjoyable and I am really picky about chocolate flavored tea – haha.


Rachel-it is really good. One of the best chocolate teas I’ve tried!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Alright, you have convinced me. I will try it tomorrow. I am picky about chocolate teas as well. Can’t wait to see how this tastes.

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